true love conquers all

Anna was just another ordinary girl living in Dublin, One day Anna's mom comes home from work with three backstage passes to the 1D/5SOS concert in Croke Park for Anna her sister Laura and her cousin Abby. What will happen when the girls meet their idols? Will they find love? What will happen when two of the boys fall-out over one of the girls? Read to find out? :)


9. Anna, Laura & Abby

Anna, Laura & Abby

So this is kind of how I pictured Anna, Laura and Abby to look.






Anna: Looks kind of like Emma Watson who plays Hermione Granger in Harry Potter except her hair is a small bit longer

Laura: Looks like Evanna Lynch who plays Luna Lovegood in Harry Potter except she is a small bit more tanned

Abby: Looks like Bonnie Wright who plays Ginny Weasley in Harry Potter except her hair is brown rather than red, it's inbetween the colour of Anna's hair and Laura's hair. 


Your probably thinking that I am obsessed with Harry Potter, well I kinda am but that's not the reason I  picked these look-a-likes for Anna, Laura and Abby I had an image in my head all along as to what they looked like and after looking through loads of pictures of loads of different people I thought these people looked most like the images that I had in my head! Oh and sorry this isin't a chapter but I am working on the next one. It's just the party and it won't be very long cause I want to get on with the rest of the story! Love ya guys! :)

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