Meant To Be (5SOS)

Hi my name is Ashley Moore. I love the band 5 Seconds Of Summer. I hope to meet them some day. What happens when Ashley meets the boys? Does she meet them? What happens in the end? Read to find out


4. Them

I walked to the doors, and handed the guards my ticket. They lead me back stage to the boys’ dressing room. When I got in there I froze. I don’t know what came over me. They looked over at me and had this ‘WTF’ look on their faces. The first one to speak was Luke. “Hey. I’m guessing you are the winner of the ticket give away?” he asked/ said. I just nodded because I was too shocked to say anything. Plus if I did speak I would faint. “Well you know our names, but we don’t know yours, love” Calum said. Oh my fries! His accent is perfect. “Thanks. Yours to.” he said again. “Oh I said that out loud. I’m sorry. I’m such a weirdo. My name is Ashley Moore.” I said while blushing in embarrassment. They looked at each other with this look that I couldn’t understand. All of a sudden they ran over to me, and gave me a group hug. I started having a panic attack. I forgot to mention this but I’m really Claustrophobic. They all let go as soon as they noticed my panic attack. “What’s wrong Ashley?” Ashton asked me. “You idiot she was having a panic attack.” Michael said and hit Ashton in the back of the head. I laughed at that, and calmed down. “You ok now Ash?” Calum asked with worry written all over his face. “Yeah. Thanks. I should've mentioned this earlier, but I’m Claustrophobic. I’m fine now though.” I said with a fake smile on my face. They all frowned with guilt because they thought it was their faults. “Guys don’t be guilty. It’s not your faults I’m Claustrophobic. Just don’t have me in a really small area otherwise I will have another panic attack.” I said with a real smile this time. They all nodded, and sat down. I just stood because I didn’t know what to do, and there were no more seats left. “Ash, you can sit down.” Mikey said. He is so oblivious that there are no seats left to sit in. “Urm. Mikey there are no seats left for me to sit. Unless you want me to sit on the floor.” I said sassy like. “Wow. Beautiful and Sassy. I love it.” Calum said causing me to blush. “Come here, love. You can sit on my lap.” Cal said. I walked over to him, and sat down. I just met them  few minutes ago and already feel like I have known them my whole life. “So what do you want to do while we wait for our hair stylist to get here?” Luke asked. “Get to know Ashley some more, tell her about us, and eat.” Cal said. “I agree with that. Especially   the eating part.” I said. Mikey go up, walked over to their little cabinet thingy, grabbed something out of it, grabbed a spoon, and walked over to me hiding the food. “What do you have?” I asked him. “Only the best thing ever!” he yelled and handed me the spoon and Nutella. I yelled and jumped up and down. I totally forgot I was sitting on Calum. “Ow!” Calum yelled. I stopped jumping and looked back at him. “Aw. Did poor old Calum get his balls crushed?” I asked in a sweet innocent voice. I he nodded and held his crotch that was under my ass. I have to admit it felt pretty weird but awesome at the same time. I think the boys could tell I liked it because I was blushing, and they started teasing me which made me blush even more. “Aw!! Is Ash blushing because Cal has his hands under her bum?” Mikey asked. Note to self kill Mikey later! “Shut up Mikey. I will get you back, and I have awesome revenge coming your way.” I said back. He ran over to Ashton and hid his face in his chest. I laughed so much I fell on the floor. “So Ashley. Tell us about yourself.” Luke said. “My full name is Ashley Renee Moore, I love to sing, I play the guitar, my favorite color is Red, my favorite superheros are Superman and Batman, and I am 18.” I told them. “You play guitar and you sing? I love you even more.” Calum yelled and tackled me into a hug. “Can’t. Breath. Cal.” I said and he let go. I got up and took his seat on the couch next to Luke. Calum got up off the floor, and sat on my lap. “Man Calum! How much do you eat.” I said joking around. “Lukey! Ashley called me fat.” he pouted and sat on Luke’s lap. “You are fat. Get off me.” Luke yelled, and pushed Calum off his lap onto the floor. I busted up laughing and gave Luke a high five. “Ashley! We all have a question to ask you. Well besides Calum because he doesn’t know about it.” Ashton said. “Shoot it.” I told them. “We would like to know if you wanted to go on tour with us, and when the tour is over you come live with us in Australia.” Mikey finished off the question. “Let me think about it, and I will get back to you after the concert.” I told them jokingly. They all looked down with sad faces. “Just kidding! I would love to.” I yelled the last part. “Yay!” they all cheered. They gave me a hug, but one at a time since it didn’t go too well with a group hug last time. “After the concert we will go back to your house, you will pack a suitcase with stuff you need for tour, we will have people come pack the rest of your stuff, ship it to Australia, and we will have your car taken there too.” Luke told me. “Thanks. Oh and why didn’t Calum know about this?” I asked. “Well we got to pick the winner of the contest. Cal didn’t want to help so us three picked you by your personality, we also decided that we would ask you to come on tour because us three have a girlfriend and Calum doesn’t. You are really beautiful and you put that your favorite is Calum. So we knew that Calum would like you the first minute he saw you.” Ashton said. “You guys are going to get it later.” me and Calum said at the same time. I looked over at him, and then looked down blushing. When I looked back up all the boys were gone. I knew it was too good to be true.  I grabbed the Nutella, the spoon, and sat down on the couch where I had previously sat. I just knew it was too good for a band like 5 Seconds Of Summer to hang out with me and ask me to go on tour with them. I started to cry because I knew I was just daydreaming.  All of a sudden Luke jumped up from behind the couch that I was sitting on. “You scared the shit out of me, Luke!” I yelled at him. “Haha.” he kept laughing until he saw that I was crying. “Are you ok Ashley?” he questioned me. I just nodded and turned away from him. “Ashley you are clearly not fine if you are crying. Tell me what’s wrong, love.” he said concerned. “Well when I looked up I noticed you were all gone. I kept thinking. I thought I was daydreaming, and I didn’t really win the concert tickets to meet you guys. I started crying because I really love you all, but I love Calum the most.” I whispered the part about Calum, but Luke heard me. “Aww. I thought you loved me more than Cal.” he said pouting. I just laughed at him. “There’s the reaction I was looking for.” he said smiling at me. “Come here.” he told me. I stood up and walked over to where he was sitting and sat beside him. He pulled me on his lap, and held me close to his body. “Where are the other boys?” you ask him. “They are all with the hair stylist. I am in here because my hair is already done. I do it myself.” he told me. I just nodded. To be honest I felt safe in his arms. I know he has a beautiful girlfriend, and I love Calum but I felt safe with Luke. “How are you and Tomhi?” I questioned him. “We are great thanks for asking.” he said smiling. I can tell he loves her because when somebody mentions her name or he is around her he has a huge smile on his face. “Tell me Luke. Do you like anybody else besides Tomhi?” I asked looking back at him. “I can’t say yet because I met this really pretty girl not that long ago. I don’t really know her, but I know she doesn’t like me back.” he answered truthfully. Wow. That was all I could think. “Any girl would be stupid if they didn’t like you back.” I told him trying to cheer him up.

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