Meant To Be (5SOS)

Hi my name is Ashley Moore. I love the band 5 Seconds Of Summer. I hope to meet them some day. What happens when Ashley meets the boys? Does she meet them? What happens in the end? Read to find out


5. Concert, Record Deal, And Packing! Oh My!

        Luke’s P.O.V.


When Ashley asked me if I liked anybody besides my beautiful girlfriend I didn’t know what to tell her because it was her that I liked. I knew she wouldn’t like me back because she likes Calum. Which is my best friend, and I can’t take Ashley from him. Plus I don’t want to break Tomhi’s heart. I know what she as been through in the past, and I don’t want to put her back in it. I think I will call her up after the concert, and ask her if she wants to come on the rest of the tour with us because I know she loves One Direction, and after our U.S. tour we will be opening for One Direction. “Hey Ash?” I asked. She didn’t answer so I looked down to see her asleep. Well we still have an hour before we go on stage so I will let her sleep. Just then the boys walked, saw how we were, and Ashton and Michael laughed but Calum looked hurt. “What went on in here?” Mikey asked me. “Well when you guys left I hid from her as a joke. She looked around then sat down on the couch. I jumped up and scared her. I didn’t realize she was crying until I looked at her. I comforted her, and when she calmed down she told me why she was crying. We talked for a bit until she fell asleep.” I told them honestly because I didn’t want Calum mad at me. “Why was she crying?” Cal asked with worry written on his face. “She thought she daydreamed meeting us and us asking her on tour. She thought she was a nobody who would never meet us.” I told him. He nodded and sat down beside me and Ashley. “Hey guys. Do you think I should call Tomhi after the concert tonight and ask her if she wants to go on the rest of the tour with us?” I asked them since I couldn’t ask Ashley because she was asleep. They all nodded. “Plus I think Ashley needs a friend that’s a girl to talk to while on tour.” Ashton said. “True.” we all said.

*half hour later*

                    Ashley’s P.O.V.


I was awaken by Calum gently shaking me. I groaned because I didn’t want to get up. “Hey Sleeping Beauty. Time to wake up. You don’t want to miss the concert.” he whispered in my ear. I sat up and looked around. “Where is my Nutella?” I asked Mikey because he looked guilty. He held it up and ran out of the room. I was too lazy to chase after him so I started to pout. Luke walked somewhere in the room, and came back with a full HUGE jar of Nutella and a spoon. “YAY!” I yelled and the three boys that didn’t run off just laughed at me. “CalBear will you carry me to where I am going to watch you guys?” I asked him sweetly. He nodded, turned around, and bent down. I hopped on his back and put my head on his shoulder. He started walking backstage. “Wait I don’t have tickets to watch from here. I have front row tickets.” I told him lifting my head off his shoulder. He just kept on walking. “Cal, where are you going?” I asked him. “I’m taking you backstage. That’s where you will watch every show.” he told me. “I want to watch front row for just this show. Since that’s the ticket I won.” I said to him. He nodded and had a security guard take me to my seat. Front row in the middle. The lights went dim, everybody started screaming, and I knew the boys were about to come out. I joined in with the screaming people. They went through most of their songs except my favorite one which is “She Looks So Perfect.” Luke started talking. Towards the end of the speech Ashton took over. “We would like to have a very special girl up here on this stage with us. We have only met her today but we knew who she was before we even met her. We asked her to go on tour with us. Gladly she said yes. Her and Calum like each other so please no hate. If you hate on her we will flip out on you guys. Can Ashley Moore please some on the stage?” Ashton finished off. They all looked at me. I climbed over the gate and walked forward. Michael came and pulled me onto the stage. Calum handed me his microphone. “Hey guys. I’m Ashley Moore as you already know because of Ashton over here. Cheeky Lad.” I said they all screamed. “Okay. I will pick a few people to ask me questions.” I said and hopped off the stage. I walked over to this girl who looked to be my age and as big of a fan as me. “Do you have a question for me?” I asked her. “I have two of them. One- Do you had a twitter and Instagram? Two- Can you sing?” she asked. “Yes I do have a Instagram but not Twitter, and yes I can sing.” “Would you guys like to hear Ashley sing?” Luke asked everybody. They all screamed. “Okay. I take that as a yes.” I laughed and walked back to the stage where Luke was waiting to help me up. “ You guys play She Looks So Perfect and I will sing.” I told the boys and they all nodded. They started to play. When I was done with the song the whole crowd was screaming. “Okay guys. That’s all we have time for. Bye.” we all said Calum sharing his microphone with me. They fans booed us. We laughed, waved at them, and walked off stage. When we got backstage somebody came up to the guys. He looks like somebody I know. “Boys! Why is she coming on tour with you?” the man yelled at them. “John, calm the fuck down. We already told you that we were going to invite her. Plus I’m going to call Tomhi and invite her too. We wouldn’t want Ashley to be alone with 4 teenage boys.” Luke told the guy whose name is John. John just shook his head and walked away from us. “Okay?” I questioned. “That was our manager John. I guess he didn’t remember saying it was ok for us to invite you on tour.” Ashton said. With that we walked back to the dressing room, Luke grabbed his phone from the couch, and walked out to call Tomhi. “CalBear, what is Tomhi like?” I whispered in his ear. He giggled at the nickname I gave him. “She is really sweet and pretty like you, but you are sweeter and prettier than her.” he told me. “Suck up.” I laughed, and ran over to Ashton for safety. “Ashton save me. CalBear is trying to get me.” I said and jumped on his back. Calum came running after me just as I knew he would. “Ashley what did you do to Cal for him to try and get you?” he asked looking back at me. “I called him a suck up.” I smiled proudly. Ashton put me back on the floor “You’re on your own with this one.” he told me before sitting down on the couch. I ran out of the dressing room with Calum coming after me. “Luke! Save me. Calum is chasing me because I called him a suck up.” I yelled as soon as I saw Luke at the other end of the hall. He was walking back to the room so I’m guessing he just got done talking to Tomhi. Luke ran to me, picked me up bridal style, and ran to the stage with me in his arms laughing my head off. Calum was following us so was Mikey and Ashton. When we got on the stage Luke put me down, handed me a microphone, and his guitar. “Play and sing for us.” he yelled when the other boys got on the stage. They all sat at the front of the stage looking at me. I started to play “Beside You” by the boys of course. When I was done I heard clapping from in front of me and fro backstage. I looked up at the boys and they were all sitting there with big smiles on their faces. They were up to something. I looked over to my left and saw One Direction and Simon Cowell standing backstage clapping. They walked on stage, 1D walked over to 5SOS, and Simon walked over to me. “Can we go backstage to 5SOS’ dressing room to talk about a record deal?” he asked me. I simply nodded and had a huge smile on my face. I set the guitar down on it’s stand, and followed Simon back to the boys’ dressing room. He let me in and closed the door. “Please sit, Ms. Moore.” he said as he started to sit down. I sat down across to him with a smile on my face. “As you know I’m Simon Cowell, and I would like to give you a record deal because your voice is amazing.” he said getting right to the point. I nodded “How did you even know about me?” I asked because if it was the boys they are so getting in later. “Well I have been getting tweets about you from 5SOS’ fans. Then I started to get text messages and calls from the 5SOS boys. Everything was the same. It was all saying that I need to hear you sing and give you a record deal. The only reason I agreed is because the 5SOS boys sent me a recording of you singing. That’s when I realized I needed to hear you for myself.” he told me. “Well I would love you have a record deal.” I said smiling ear to ear. “Just to let you know I will be going on tour with the boys and when the tour is over I will be living with the 5SOS boys in Australia. Will that be a problem?” I asked him hoping it won’t be a problem. “That will be ok because we have a studio for you down in Australia. Hope to see you there when you get to Australia.” with that he got up and walked out of the room. The 5SOS boys came in, and we all jumped around because we were happy. I stopped jumping, but the boys didn’t notice. “You boys are so getting it later.” I said to them with a serious look on my face. They all stopped jumping to look at me. “You are going to get us just because we got you a record deal?” Calum asked me. “Yes. That is correct CalBear.” I said while nodding the whole time saying that. “You are getting it because you sent him a video of me singing, and wouldn’t stop texting and calling him.” I said while sitting down on the couch. They all looked at me weird. “What?” I asked somewhat annoyed with them starring. They all shook their heads and sat down. Calum was on the left of me on the loveseat, and the other boys were sitting on the big couch. Ashton, Michael, and Luke were just staring at me and Calum with smirks on their faces. “What?” we both said at the same time clearly getting annoyed. “CalBear, when are we going to my house so I can pack my stuff to be taken to Aussie, and my stuff to go on tour?” I asked looking over at the sexy beast. “I guess we can go whenever you want to.” he said looking into my eyes. “Can we go now before it gets too dark?” I asked him, and he just nodded. “Boys, Let’s go. We are going to Ashley’s house to help her pack all of her stuff.” Calum said to the three smirking boys who were just looking at us the whole time. We all got up, walked outside, and went to the tour bus. I gave the driver my address, and he put it in the GPS. After he did that I walked to where the boys were at. Instead of sitting down with them I walked to the little kitchen thing. I started to open all of the cabinets because I wanted some Nutella. I couldn’t find it so I closed all of the cabinets. “CALBEAR!” I yelled through the bus. He came running in to see what was wrong. When he saw that nothing happened he looked at me. “Why did you yell for me?” he asked me. “I can’t find the Nutella anywhere in this kitchen.” I said looking innocent. He just shook his head “That’s because Mikey has it. He was trying to hide it from you because he knew you would want some.” With that he walked out of the kitchen. “MICHAEL FUCKING CLIFFORD! GET IN HERE WITH THE NUTELLA NOW! UNLESS YOU WANT DOUBLE THE PAYBACK!” I yelled to the white headed Aussie.

All I heard was the shuffle of Mikey running in the kitchen with the Nutella and a fearful expression on his face. I snatched the Nutella from his hands and started shoving it down my throat. Mikey just stood there staring at me. “Why am I still looking at you?” I asked still shoving Nutella down my throat. I closed my eyes enjoying the taste of goodness until I heard a camera sound and Mikey running away. I threw the Nutella on the counter running after him. “MICHAEL GET THE FUCK BACK HERE AND DELETE THAT PICTURE OF ME RIGHT FUCKING NOW!” I yelled chasing him around the tour bus. “TOO LATE, LOVE. IT’S ALREADY POSTED ON INSTAGRAM, TWITTER, SNAPCHAT, AND FACEBOOK. I ALSO PUT A VIDEO ON KEEK AND VINE!” he yelled back to me. Well fuck me. I have all of those, but Twitter. He probably found my account on them. “FUCK ME!” I yelled because I hated my life right now. “THAT’S CALUM’S JOB!” I heard Ashton yell to me. “SHUT THE HELL UP ASHTON! BEFORE I COME IN THERE AND RUB NUTELLA ALL IN YOUR HAIR!” I yelled back to him. I heard him scream. “JUST KIDDING! I WOULDN’T WASTE MY NUTELLA! IT’S JUST TOO GOOD TO WASTE” I yelled laughing my arse off. “ASHLEEEEYYYYYYY!” Calum yelled. “CALLLUUUMMM!” I yelled mimicking him. He walked into the kitchen where I was at, “We are at your house. Let’s go pack!” he told me. I nodded, washed my hands, put the Nutella up, and walked off the bus to my house. “Shit! My car is still at the arena.” I said looking back at the boys. “No it’s not. We had somebody ship it to Aussie.” Luke said smirking. I just nodded. I unlocked my house and let the boys in. “Ashton you start packing the kitchen, Mikey you pack up my music room, Luke pack up all the movies and cd’s you find in the house except my room, and Calum you help me pack up my room and all the bathrooms.”  I said showing the boys to the rooms they will be packing. I started Luke in the movie room. I started to pack my drawers and Calum was packing my closet. “How much stuff do you have?” Cal asked in shock. “That’s not even half of it, Boo.” I said while still packing. I finish packing all 25 of my drawers in 15 minutes, and Calum was still working on my first closet not even half way done. “Need help CalBear?” I asked with a smirk. “How did you finish all of those so fast?” he asked amazed. “I’m used to packing stuff fast and neatly.” I shrugged. He just nodded. I started to help him pack my closet. While he was working on my shirts I walked over to my dresses.




A/N: Sorry I unpublished this chapter. I thought It wasn't done. But I am working on the next chaper. I haven't made any changes to this chapter. Just to let you know. 

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