Fezzes and Bow-ties: A Doctor Who Fanfiction

Fezzes. Fezzes and bow-ties. That's all Willow Shine can remember. Someone telling her that fezzes and bow-ties are, indeed, cool. She must find that voice, before she forgets again...


2. Chapter Two

(I have a Doctor Who game on my tablet that inspired me to update. Lol. It's called Doctor Who Legacy, surprisingly good for a bubble game. And Clara and the Ponds are not included in this story but may be referenced (this is an AU). River might make an appearance at one point. And Willow is the youngest biological daughter of the Doctor and his wife on Gallifrey and Susan Foreman's aunt, though she doesn't know it - even with her memory intact.)

Meanwhile, somewhere in the vortex, a young man with a distinct chin and fabulous hair wearing a bow-tie and suspenders was operating the console of his time machine, a device called the TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimensions ISpace) that was bigger on the inside.

The TARDIS hummed gently, and the man sighed. "I know, Sexy, but it's best to just let Grace take care of her. I can't do much. Too dangerous."

The TARDIS hummed again, more forcefully this time.

"Would either of us be able to forgive ourselves if something else happened to her? I might bring her to travel with us again when she's older, but for now it's just too dangerous."

The TARDIS hummed, and apparently she was telling him that Willow was a legal adult or something of the sort, and that Rose was only 19.

"I know, I know! But she never had to go up against a Sontaran battlefleet."

If the TARDIS could speak, she would've mentioned the Dalek overlord and the whole Bad Wolf epidemic, but she couldn't. She could tell her thief's temper was on edge anyway, so she just let it go.

The man twisted a few knobs on the main console. "I guess we could go and watch her from afar for a while. Just . . . just to make sure she's okay. It's been three days her time, I think."

The TARDIS hummed. No matter how stubborn he felt like being, she knew that he wouldn't be able to stay away from the other remaining Time Lord.

He let out a half-hearted "Geronimo," and they were off to modern-day Detroit.

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