Fezzes and Bow-ties: A Doctor Who Fanfiction

Fezzes. Fezzes and bow-ties. That's all Willow Shine can remember. Someone telling her that fezzes and bow-ties are, indeed, cool. She must find that voice, before she forgets again...


3. Chapter Three

Willow finally pulled herself out of bed when Grace disappeared back into the hallway. She'd tricked her adoptive mother into thinking that she needed to rest, when in truth she was feeling fit as a fiddle. And determined to find out about the mysterious man that liked fezzes and bow ties.


Agh, crap! She dove back under the covers and tried to sound groggy. "Yeah?"

"I'm going to go call Dr. Firenze. He'll come in and have a look at you."

Willow's hearts sped up at the word 'doctor.' Why was that? Maybe the guy's a doctor! She realized she'd been silent for too long and quickly replied. "Yeah, okay."

"Just sleep, honey. I'll wake you up when it's time to go."


"Love you, Will."

"Love you too, Mom."

She heard the clacking of Grace's high heels disappear, and she jumped out of bed. She immediately forced the large window open and jumped out, landing in the flowers a story below, unharmed besides maybe a couple of scrapes and bruises she could ignore.

She rose to her feet and dusted herself off. That was easy.

Suddenly, she heard a wheezy sound that gave her a sense of extreme deja vu. Willow hid behind a tree and watched as something big and blue appeared faintly, then disappeared, reappeared, and finally solidified.

She watched as a man in a tweed jacket exited the blue box, looking up at the window where her bedroom was.

If she'd been closer, she would've recognized him. She would've seen the panic in his eyes when he realized she wasn't in her room.

And above all she would've noticed the red bow tie he wore.

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