*Short Story for the 'Tape' Competition.*

I gripped my head tightly as the pain had kicked in again; it was a repetitive thumping feeling. The bleach white walls and constant smell of disinfectant reminded me of where I was and what happened. Being flung from a car just before it burst into flames isn’t the nicest experience.Most seventeen year-old girls wake up in crisp cotton sheets surrounded by pink walls and teddy bears. But not me. I didn’t choose this is just has kind of always happened. I was dozing until I saw it. My stomach dropped, paralysis kicked in and parched mouth. It had been gone for years, lost, stolen, I don’t know. I thought that I saw it at the car accident but I thought I must have been hallucinating. I was definitely not hallucinating now. It was my great-grandmothers token; she always carried it until she was murdered.


4. I know what you are

I shattered with rage, “What have you done to my mum!” He must have been no older than 40, with dark brown hair but the hair close to his face had turned grey. His fists were bruised and scabbed and my mothers face and body was the same. His eyes were amber shining gold in the light. Caleb spoke slowly as if he was trying to keep his temper,

“I know what you are. He was once a nice man, respectable but you claimed him and ruined everything. This child won’t have a father and all because of you and your kind are greedy” I was confused, he talked as if he wasn’t a person.

“Caleb, what are you talking about?” I raised the pipe and held it with both hands just in case.

“Cary, he is a possessor, he is no longer a man but a dead body kept alive by a spirit inside of him. Listen to me Cary, I will need you to get mother while I capture it okay?” I nodded.

“Simon, run!” He did and I ducked as the possessor went for Caleb, I pulled the fabric away from my mothers swollen face, she gasped for breath.

“Mum just wait, we haven’t got time for excuses. Let’s just get out of here.” She nodded and as I untied the last knot she pulled out some kind of baton and swung it at the thing that took her lover and then Caleb pulled out what I thought was going to be a gun but it wasn’t. He pulled the trigger, which sent me flying, and I hit the ground with a thud a crack of a few bones. Glancing up I saw the thick fog escaping his body and into Caleb’s device. At that moment Caleb fell and the possessor was gone and the body of my mothers lover was dead on the floor. She sat up,

“Listen Cary, I had to leave because I realized you were a bonder too, I had to keep you safe. You don’t remember each other because we convinced you both that you were imaginary friends. Children believe anything.” Simon ran in and fell into his mother’s arms.


“Simon listen to mummy, you need to live with some other people for a while to keep you safe. When you are a little older we will come and get you okay, and we can live together but when you are a little older.” He stood like a soldier who was collecting his orders. She kissed his head and turned away. I pulled out from my pocket great-grandmothers token and placed it in her hand. Caleb, my mum and me are special; to survive we need to stick together.


This was 5 years ago. Since then survival has been hard; but we have a new job, to protect people from possessors. Bonders can see through possessor’s disguises, that’s what we do. We kill them; protect our kind and humans alike. This is the beginning of our story, but a new story is about to begin. Training a new bonder, Simon.

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