*Short Story for the 'Tape' Competition.*

I gripped my head tightly as the pain had kicked in again; it was a repetitive thumping feeling. The bleach white walls and constant smell of disinfectant reminded me of where I was and what happened. Being flung from a car just before it burst into flames isn’t the nicest experience.Most seventeen year-old girls wake up in crisp cotton sheets surrounded by pink walls and teddy bears. But not me. I didn’t choose this is just has kind of always happened. I was dozing until I saw it. My stomach dropped, paralysis kicked in and parched mouth. It had been gone for years, lost, stolen, I don’t know. I thought that I saw it at the car accident but I thought I must have been hallucinating. I was definitely not hallucinating now. It was my great-grandmothers token; she always carried it until she was murdered.


3. Don't do anything stupid, okay?

His eyes opened and he breathed heavily and sat up slowly.

“Simon is hiding at the bottom of a stairwell at the supermarket on the west side of town.” I was so happy I flung my arms around him and kept muttering “Thank you, thank you, thank you.” Pushing me off him he pulled us both up.

“Right listen Cary I have something for emergencies. Stay here.” He was gone for about 15 minutes. He snuck back into the medical room with something concealed in an old handkerchief. I knew what it was. He slowly started to unfold the material.

“Stop. I know what it is, I don’t need to see it.” We hopped into Caleb’s old truck. It was an ugly dirty orange colour, the driver’s side door was scrapped up bad and it had various dents to the back ranging in severity from very minor to very deep. It looked like it had never been washed and must have been as old as he was.

“Cary, listen, this could get dangerous. I don’t want you to get hurt, if you are my sister then you’re all the family I have. But even if you’re not, I still care about you. Just, don’t do anything stupid. Okay?” He turned his attention back to the road and drove. I still looked at him, he cared about me, and no one had done that in a long time. The drive was silent except for the thumping of my heart against my ribcage. All I could think about was Simon, the more I thought of him and his chances of survival, the more sick I felt. The chaos started again, she was screaming and screaming and I felt sick and light headed. It had never been that strong and as hard as I tried I couldn’t fight it.

A violent shaking woke me.


“CARY! LISTEN TO ME!” I fluttered my eyes open and muttered,

“Caleb, I’m fine but- I don’t know if she is.” He helped me out of the car, I was unsteady on my feet but I stabilized as soon as I saw where we were. An impulse ran through me that I couldn’t stop.

“SIMON! SIMON!” A faint cry sent me speeding towards his direction. I saw the metal spiral staircase and ran down it as fast as I could. Simon was curled up in a ball at the foot of the staircase. I encased him in my arms and he sobbed into my body. I stroked his soft brown hair and glanced up to find Caleb with a relief stricken face. He crouched down next to Simon and spoke very softly to him,

“Simon, listen we need to find your mother, we think she is in trouble. Can you take us to her?” He nodded and took my hand, and we walked down a quaint road. Simon must have been no older than 6, his eyes were green and he was small in every way. He stopped about 10 feet away from a little house and pointed sharply towards it. It was crisp white, with flower boxes on the windows with carnations and daises filling it with life.


“Simon, listen to me, I want you to stay behind Caleb and if I say ‘run’ go to your neighbor and ask them to call the police, Okay?” He nodded and hid behind Caleb. On the porch was an old piece of piping I took it and held it tightly before knocking on the door hard. There was no answer, then came a muffled scream. I kicked the door as hard as I could and it swung open. At that moment I froze, you know when someone goes pale, and lifeless, like they saw a ghost; that what I did and so did Caleb.

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