teenage runaways (5sos fanfic)

Hailey and Charity your average crazy blonde teens have gotten into enough shit to last a life time. When there mother gets fed up with their bad habits she ships them off on tour with their older brother Michael Clifford, this tour will be full of love, drama, romance, betrayal and hurt Which leaves them heartbroken and MAYBE runaways


9. Chapter 9

Charity's POV

I woke up with a huge smile on my face I can't believe he did that, i turned around and saw Calum sleeping soundly, I placed a hand where his neck meets his shoulder and I leaned in and pecked him on his lips and he opened an eye, 

"Good morning,"I said.

"Good morning,"He mumbled.

"do you guys have to do something today?"i asked and he closed his eyes, thinking and then he shook his head no.

"Good i wanted a lazy Cal and Charity day,"I mumbled snuggling up into him.

"Mmm that sounds good,"He said kissing the top of my head.

"CHARITY!"I heard Hailey scream in her oh my god this is so awesome tone and i groaned before getting out of Calum's embrace and pulled one of Calum's shirts on which reached till Mid-Thigh and Calum slipped on his pajama pants and we went downstairs downstairs where everybody was.

"what?"I asked grumpily, 

"Look at this!"Hailey said passing me her laptop as i sat down next to her on the couch. She was on twitter I was about to ask her what was so amazing about twitter when a tweet caught my eye. 

'I don't know what @Calum5SOS did but you sure are a dick for making a beautiful girl like @C_Cliffford upset/angry at you' @Real_Liam_Payne


"what?"Michael asked

"OH MY GOD!"I said and michael just looked at me with a raised eyebrow, Hailey showed him the tweet and Michael just looked at me weirdly.

"you're freaking out because Liam decided to tweet bout Calum being a dick to you?"Michael asked and Calum raised his eyebrow.

"what?"Calum asked getting up and looking at the tweet he narrowed his eyes before pulling my waist, he grabbed his phone and started typing and my phone made a noise, I looked at it and it said I was mentioned in a tweet, I went onto twitter and saw it

@Calum5SOS : I know I was a major dick but she's mine ily @c_cliffford


@c_cliffford: @Calum5SOS since when was I yours? 


@Calum5SOS: @c_cliffford since the second I first met you. <3


@c_cliffford : @Calum5SOS awe that's so sweet, but you never asked me anything


@Calum5SOS: ok give me a second then


he sat me down on the couch before getting up and standing in front of me and he got down on one knee and I raised an eyebrow.

"Charity Clifford I have absolutely adored you since the second I saw you, I know I can be major dick but I promise i never and would never mean to be a dick intentionally, I'm very protective and possessive but I'm asking you to over look that, Charity I love you and will you please be my girlfriend,"Calum said and I sat there shocked my mouth hung open, that was so sweet. 

"Yes awe, you are so cheesy,"I said hugging him "but I like it when you're a little cheesy," I whispered in his ear. He smiled cheekily before pecking me on the lips. We sat back down on the couch and I laid my head on his shoulder.

"Ugh,couples." Ashton rolled his eyes as he walked downstairs.

"Aw Ashton."Hailey said walking over to him. I raised an eyebrow at her.She whispered something in his ear and he went wide eyed. His pants got tighter and he walked upstairs.

"YOU BETTER NOT BE JERKING OFF TO MY GIRLFRIEND!" Luke yelled pulling Hailey close to him by the waist. Hailey just laughed and kissed Luke's cheek.I was looking through one of the boys fan accounts and found a picture of Hailey.

"OH MY GOD HAILEY REMEMBER THIS?!"I yelled laughing,showing her the picture.She went wide eyed and closed the laptop straight away.

"Yes,I remember.NO NEED TO REMIND ME!"She yelled at me.I laughed harder.Calum and Luke raised their eyebrows at her.Luke grabbed the laptop and opened it.

"You were a cheerleader?"He asked looking at Hailey.I laughed even harder as she buried her head into a pillow.

"Don't remind me."She groaned as I took the pillow away from her.

"And remember how your first boyfriend was Ian."I laughed at her.She rolled her eyes at me.

"Mhmm I remember.I also remember how he cheated on me with that blonde on the cheerleading squad.Taught her a lesson or two."She smirked probably remembering how she humiliated her.I pretended to wipe away a proud tear.

"Thats my girl."I said.She rolled her eyes and giggled.

"Oh and remember that time you and Ian were-"She went wide eyed and covered my mouth with my hand.

"Not one word."She said nodding her head to Luke.She uncovered my mouth and I smiled at her innocently.

"Oops."I said innocently.She glared at me and if looks could kill,I would have died,come back to life,and died again.

"That time what?"Luke asked.

"Uh..."Hailey trailed off.Her eyes trailed off to the door and she jumped over the couch.I jumped off as well and dragged her back to the couch.

"You're still in your pyjamas Hailes."I stated.She pouted as Luke dragged her away.I looked back at Calum and he threw me over his shoulder,taking me back to his room.


Hailey's POV 

"Luke c'mon,Ian's in my past.And he's an asshole." I told him as he sat on the bed seeming pissed.

"Did you loose your virginity to him?" He blurted out. I stayed quite and he scoffed.

"Luke,it meant nothing. We were at a party and we got drunk. It meant nothing, I swear. It wasn't like what we have." That might have been a lie. Ian and I weren't drunk when it happened. And he had candles burning and rose petals on the bed. But I can't tell Luke that. He'll just be more pissed. He just stayed quite and didn't look at me.

"At least he wanted people to know we were together." I said pissed. I walked out of the room before he said anything and slammed the door closed to Charity's room. I grabbed one of her tank tops and skinny jeans. I walked into her bathroom and did my hair. I slipped on the outfit and applied on my makeup. I walked out and grabbed one of Charity's high tops. I walked into my room and ignored Luke who was trying to get my attention. I got my purse, my phone and some money before walking out of my room.

"I'm going out. I'll meet you guys later at the concert." I said bluntly and walked to the door.

"Are those my skinny jeans? And my tank top?" Charity asked. I gave her a look that said I'll-tell-you-later and she nodded her head. I walked out, slamming the door behind me.

"He pissed her off didn't he. LUKE HEMMINGS I WILL CUT YOU!" I heard Charity yell. I grabbed my phone out of my purse and dialed Marcus' number.

"Hey Marcus, you and Sam busy today?" I asked. He told me that I should meet them at Starbucks.


-A Few Hours Later-


I hugged Marcus and Sam goodbye and climbed into a cab. I finally got to the concert and walked backstage. Luke walked over to me leaning in for a kiss. I stopped him and pretended to lean into his neck. I then stepped onto his foot and he bit his lips to stop from screaming. I smiled innocently and walked away to Charity.

"Yep,you really did piss her off." Michael said patting Luke's back.

"Yeah,you did.HEY HAILEY! IF YOU BREAK UP WITH LUKE,I'M AVAILABLE!"Ashton yelled at me with a wink.

"Well, you are cutter than Luke." I stated. Charity held back her laugh. Soon they had to be on stage and Luke walked over.

"Can I at least get my good luck kiss?" He asked. I shook my head not facing him.

"Babe c'mon please." He begged.

"Oh look,the boys are on stage. You should go join them." I said pushing him on stage. A few songs later, Michael came over to the side of the stage and threw me over his shoulder.

"Nononononono Michael put me down! Michael!" I yelled as he started to walk on the stage.

"Okay." He said and put me down. I looked to my right and saw Luke. I tried to run backstage but Ashton turned me around. I sighed and just stood there.

"So,you guys don't know something about Hailey and I, and I don't think that's fair to her.Hailey and I are together." He said into the mic.I blushed and hid my head in my hands. Luke laughed and held my hands. He pulled me into him and gave me a sweet kiss. I smiled through the kiss. We pulled away too soon and the crowd was cheering. Some boos here and there but what else was I expecting? I walked off stage and Charity laughed at me. 

"Am I still blushing?" I asked her. She nodded her head and pinched my cheek. I glared at her and walked into the dressing room. She walked in behind me and saw all the shopping bags I had lying around. She raised her eyebrow at me. 

"I was mad, so I called up Marcus and Sam. We then found ourselves in the mall and well..." I  trailed off, smiling innocently. She shook her head at me with a smile. I grabbed one of the bags and gave her an outfit. She smiled and started to change. I grabbed myself an outfit and started to change. My phone dropped as I was pulling the dress on and I sighed. I took the dress off of my head and leaned down to grab my phone. As I was still on the floor, the dressing room door opened.

"Holy shit." I heard Ashton say. I stood up quickly as the rest of the boys walked in. Michael and Calum turned away, but Luke and Ashton just stared at me. I slipped my dress on quickly and saw that Ashton's pants were getting tighter. I ignored everyone and looked at Charity with a look that said Get-Me-Out-Of-Here. She nodded her head and slipped on a pair of heels. I slipped on a pair of heels 'swell and we hurried to grab all of the bags. We tried to get past them at the door, but Luke stopped me. I leaned up to give him a kiss, but at the last minute I kicked him in the balls. 

"Run." Charity said and the both of us ran to the doors.

"SORRY BABY!!" I yelled back at Luke.

"Club?" Charity asked me. I shook my head with a sigh.

"I'm not in the partying mood." I sighed.

"You? Not in the mood to party? Who are you and what have you done to my sister?" Charity laughed. I smiled slightly back.

"Hey, you okay?" She asked me as we were walking. I sighed.

"Its just that I lied to Luke about Ian. And I know I shouldn't be this sad about it, but Luke's so sweet, and he doesn't deserve to be lied to." I sighed as we walked into the flat. Charity pulled me into a hug and I hugged her back. 

"Maybe you shouldn't tell him today. Tell him tomorrow or whenever you feel like it." Charity advised. I nodded my head.

"Okay. Night Char." I said walking into my room. I changed into one of Luke's shirts and climbed into bed. A few minutes later, I felt arms wrap around my waist.

"Baby?" I heard Luke ask. I then felt his lips on my forehead. I snuggled into him and rested my head on his chest.

"I'm sorry I kicked you in the balls." I said chuckling. Luke chuckled and pulled me closer.

"There is a way you can apologise for it..." Luke trailed off, slowly lifting the shirt off of me. I helped him with taking the shirt off and he threw it on the floor. He took off his shirt and I pulled his jeans down. You know the rest.          

Charity's POV

I sighed as i pulled one of Calums shirt on, I yawned loudly before heading out of my room and downstairs into the kitchen and grabbing a banana, i walked into the living room and got a blanket that was dropped on the floor and snuggled up as i got my laptop out and typed in the vampire diaries, i hd missed the latest episodes and i wanted to catch up, I heard the door open and the boys walked in and Luke immediately went upstairs, Calum came and sat down  next to me kissing the top of my head and i laid my head on his chest, Michael went into the kitchen and Ashton awkwardly left upstairs, something was wrong with ashton, what was that with him getting a boner when Hailey whispered in his ear or when they accidentally walked i on her changing, why didn't he turn away? was it just a normal single guy thing or was there something else?

"what are you thinking about?"Calum whispered in my ear.

"why?"i asked snapping out of my trance.

"well you zoned out and the episode finished  5 minutes ago,"he said and i noticed that the episode in fact did finish.

"it's nothing important i'll tell you later,"I said answering him and he nodded.

"are you tired?"I asked him as i notice him silently yawn.

"no,"he mumbled shaking his head.

"yes you are, go to sleep,"I said.

"no, i'm not tire-"he was cut off by him yawning, and i gave him a look.

"Calum go to sleep, you just preformed, we can talk in the morning,"I said and he was about to argue when he sighed his eyes drooping. He kissed my forehead before mumbling a goodnight, 

"goodnight,"I said as he walked upstairs, i sighed as i looked at my laptop, there was no use of watching the episode again because I know i wouldn't focus i had too much on my mind at the moment. 

Michael walked back into the living room eating a banana and i laughed hey maybe it's a Clifford thing to eat bananas at midnight. Michael flopped down next to me before he grabbed my computer and went on my iPhoto, 

"what are you doing?"I asked 

"well i remembered how you love photography so i wanna see the stuff i missed out on in your life,"He said as he went to the very first of my photos which were old baby photos i found, he scrolled through them until he stopped at one specific photo which honestly has to be my favorite photo of us as children, it was me, Michael, Hailey and our dad sitting on the beach goofing off and there was the sunset behind us.

"I remember this,"He mumbled looking at the big smiles on all of our faces.

"this is none of my favorite photos of us as kids,"I mumbled.

"this was the first time we went to the beach all of us together,"he said and i nodded and he smiled, He scrolled through the rest of the photos until he reached the pictures of when we drifted off from him, 

"when'd you go jet skiing,"he asked.

"that was in the summer of 2011, we had gone with dylan, derek, Naomi and her brother James, you were hanging out with Luke, Calum and Ash the whole summer,"I said and he nodded.

We went through the rest of the photos and he saw the latest 20 photos was of our time here, there were pictures of the guys on stage, of the guys and us hanging out and some picture just of the landscape and there were 2 photos of their fans at the concerts or and waiting outside the arena.

"ok it's getting late we better head off to bed,"michael said looking at the time, it was 3 am, wow time flies,

"is that Calum's shirt?"Michael asked as I got up and i just shrugged.

"it's comfortable,"I said and Michael just shrugged,  we closed all the lights before heading off to bed, I walked into my room and saw Calum fast asleep in my bed and I laughed quietly before slipping in bed next to him, snuggling up to him and I fell asleep smiling.

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