teenage runaways (5sos fanfic)

Hailey and Charity your average crazy blonde teens have gotten into enough shit to last a life time. When there mother gets fed up with their bad habits she ships them off on tour with their older brother Michael Clifford, this tour will be full of love, drama, romance, betrayal and hurt Which leaves them heartbroken and MAYBE runaways


7. Chapter 7

Charity's POV

I woke up with a massive head ache and I groaned and rolled over but hit a body, I Looked to my side thinking of Calum but i almost screamed when I saw Derek. I quickly hit him with a pillow.

"Wake up!"I hissed and he woke up he was shirtless, i quickly looked down at myself and sighed in relief when i saw i was wearing yesterdays clothes.

"What?"he asked annoyed.

"What happened last night?"I asked

"i don't know the last thing i remember is dancing to blurred lines,"He said after a while.

"why are you only in your boxers?"i asked 

"I don't know!"he said 

"I need to know what happened,"I said "Oh my god what about calum!"I said and quickly got up and rushed to my closet and got the first thing i saw and got changed, I noticed i grabbed a taco crop top and denim jean shorts I put on my vans and rushed out and went to Calum's room and knocked on the door after a few minutes Calum opened the door only in his boxers and behind him a girl with blonde hair in her bra and underwear picking up her clothes, My breath hitched and tear welled up in my eyes. Calum's eyes widened and he was going to say something but I ran away to my room.

"hey you're ba-"Derek started but I ran into his arms and started crying.

"Hey shh, don't cry,"Derek said as he hugged me,rubbing circles on my back. After a while I calmed down a bit and my sobs became quitter.

"Do you want to talk about it?"he asked and i shook my head no and sobbed quietly as he hugged me tight. The door between mine and Hailey's room opened and Hailey and Luke walked in hand in hand smiling until they saw me, Hailey quickly let go of him and ran up to me.

"hey what's wrong?"She asked me and i just sobbed.

"h-h-he w-was w-w-with another g-g-girl,"I said in-between sobs

"that little bastard!"Derek yelled.

"Who, wait Calum?"Hailey asked and I nodded.

"i'll be back,"Luke said before leaving the room.

Luke's POV

I got out of the room and headed to mine and Calum's room, I went inside and saw Calum pacing around.He stopped to look at me and i walked up to him and pushed him on his shoulder,

"What the hell man!"I yelled at him "Why the fuck would you do that, didn't you say you fucking liked her!"I yelled at him pushing him again.

"I do!"he said

"Then why the fuck would you do that!"I yelled at him

"It was a fucking accident, I was drunk and I don't remember anything that happened!"Calum said.

"You don't,"I said "You are so lucky i didn't drink enough to get drunk,"I said

"what happened?"he asked me and I sighed.

"after ashton gave us the round of shots you were still jealous of Charity dancing with Derek so you wouldn't let her go around with Derek, she got angry because you weren't letting her talk to her best friend so she got up and went dancing with Derek again, you started drinking more and more and then you went dancing with this girl and that's the last time I saw you that night,"I said and he sighed,falling back onto the bed.

"shit I fucked up,"Calum said

"yeah you did, now don't fucking sit there and feel fucking sorry about yourself and go fucking apologize,"I said and he nodded and he quickly put on some sweatpants and a sweatshirt and

we walked to Charity's room and I knocked on the door, a few minutes later Hailey opened the door and she smiled slightly at me until she saw Calum and she glared at him, "You, You little asswhole how dare you lead on my sister then go sleep around with some other bitch you little shit,"Hailey yelled at him slapping him hard on the cheek.

"Hailey, babe calm down,"I said wrapping an arm around her waist and kissing her forehead,

"I'm really sorry just please let me explain,"Calum said and Hailey looked back at Charity who was silently sobbing and Charity shook her head no.

"She doesn't want to fucking talk to you."Hailey said.  

"Charity please just hear me out."Calum said walking up to her.Charity just buried her head into Derek's chest and sobbed quietly.

"Just leave me alone."Charity sobbed out.

"Dude,just leave her alone for a while."I told Calum as I lead him out of the room.Calum sighed as I closed the door and turned back to Hailey and Charity.


Hailey's POV

"No okay no.You are not going to cry over a boy.C'mon,get up."I said pulling her off of the bed.I took her into the bathroom and closed the toilet lid.I sat her down and got some makeup wipes.I cleaned off all her makeup from last night.She sniffled and wiped away her tears.I grabbed her light pink lipstick,eyeliner,mascara and eyeshadow.I didn't want her eyes to be overly dramatic so I just put lighter colours on her eyes.I winged out her eyeliner and she applied on her mascara. I finished her off with her lipstick and then started to curl her hair.When we got out of the bathroom,I looked through her closet and picked out an outfit for her.I pushed her into the bathroom and a few minutes later she came out looking flawless.I gave her her heels and she slipped them on.

"Where are we going?"She asked as I handed her her purse.

"We are going to go shopping.You need to get your mind off of Calum,what better way than hitting on hot british guys?"I smiled at her.She smiled back slightly and giggled.

"What about me?! Your boyfriend?!"Luke asked.I smiled innocently at him.

"The occasion calls for it babe!"I smiled and pecked his lips.He pouted and crossed his arms like a five year old does when you don't give it candy.I rolled my eyes at him and grabbed my stuff.

"Bye Luke!"I yelled as I dragged Charity out the door. We rushed into a cab and the first place we went was obviously Harrods.

After several hours of shopping in harrods we went sight-seeing.

"to the london eye,"I said to the cab driver and we were off, the windows rolled down taking pictures and weird selfies. We quickly ran up to the queue and got a ticket, we got on and quickly went to the side looking at the river thames, I grabbed my phone out and opened instagram and pressed the video, 

"say hello to instagram,"I said to charity pointing the camera at her.

"hey insta,"she said blowing a fake kiss to the camera. I pointed the camera to the view.

"so we are being tourist today and going all over london, come find us,"I said before turning the camera to me and blowing a kiss and ending the video and uploading it getting likes from 5sos fans and people asking if the boys were with us.

we quickly ran off and went to the cab and we drove off to buckingham palace and took photos of those guards that don't move. "hey!"I yelled to the guards wondering if they would wave back but they didn't. "helloooo,"Charity said sticking her tongue out at them.

"i wonder if we can make them laugh?"I said 

"worth a shot,"Charity said and we started making weird faces at them, and when i say weird i mean like really weird. After tons of weird faces that our faces started to hurt we gave up. 

"Hot guy alert,"I said spotting a hot guy with messy blonde hair and a slight stubble and was a little bit taller then luke, he was wearing a black V-neck and black skinny jeans. Charity spotted him and nodded before walking up to him.

"excuse me,"She said tapping his shoulder.

"oh hello love,"The guy said his british accent ringing in my ears, hot and has a british accent could he get any better.

"would you mind taking a picture of me and my sister in front of the buckingham palace,please,"She said biting her lip looking up at him.

"sure,"He said and she smiled grabbed his arms and playfully pulled him to me and gave him her phone, and she stood next to me and we took a couple of cute and a couple of silly selfies. We ran up to him and looked at the photos.

"they're great thank you so much,"Charity said kissing him on the cheek.

"No problem love,"He said.

"Marcus,"a girl who looked about 16 came up to him

"Marcus, Sam's here,"She said until she saw us and her eyes widened.

"Oh my god, are you Charity and Hailey Clifford?"She asked and i smiled at her

"yeah, your a fan of our brother?"I asked and she nodded.

"They are amazing i'm a huge fan they are so amazing and are such an inspiration, they helped me way too many times without even knowing,"She said and we smiled awe she's so sweet.

"hey what's your twitter, we'll follow you and we'll get the guys to follow you,"Charity said getting out her phone and putting it on the twitter app and the girl put her twitter name and I did the same.

"Hey babe,"A guy said kissing Marcus's cheek, Oh my god he's gay! I glanced at Charity and she was already glancing at me.

"hey babe, guys this is my boyfriend Sam,"Marcus said and i looked at the handsome tall hunk with black hair in a quiff.

"hey why don't we meet up later for coffee? you guys seem great we'd love to get to know you,"I said and marcus looked at Sam who just shrugged.

"sure why not,"Marcus said and we all exchanged numbers.

We walked into the flat and saw all the boys watching the football game while playing on their phones. All their heads turned around and Luke smiled and came up to me and pecked me on the lips and i smiled, Once charity saw Calum her small smile fell and she quickly left to her room. Calum was going to go follow her when Michael shot up and beat him to it. I wonder what Michael's going to do.

Charity's POV

when I saw Calum memories of what happened earlier today and tears flooded my eyes and I rushed into my room, I curled up in my bed hugging my pillow, there was a knock on my door I turned around to see Michael, he came up to me and just hugged me. I sobbed softly I hostly didn't care about what happened before, i really need my big brother right now. I snuggled up to him as I sobbed quietly.

"It's ok Chare Bear,"He said using my nickname he gave me as kid when i was obsessed with the care bears. 

"I'm sorry,"I said once my sobs died down.

"what?"He asked.

"I'm sorry for being such a bitch lately,"I said 

"You're not a bitch, you were just hurt and angry at me, i mean i would be too for ignoring my baby sisters,"He said and i just hugged him and we stayed there for who know how long until i slowly fell asleep.


​Booo Calum why'd you have to cheat on her, haha

So there's a Cake moment, a Harity moments and a Marity moment.

So who's happy Charity and Michael sort of forgave each other? Do you guys think Charity will Forgive Calum? or will she ignore him and hate him and cry because of him for a long time? haha comment bellow what you think

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