teenage runaways (5sos fanfic)

Hailey and Charity your average crazy blonde teens have gotten into enough shit to last a life time. When there mother gets fed up with their bad habits she ships them off on tour with their older brother Michael Clifford, this tour will be full of love, drama, romance, betrayal and hurt Which leaves them heartbroken and MAYBE runaways


6. Chapter 6

Hailey's POV

I woke up smiling because i was in luke's arm, the fact that he wants to ask me to be his girlfriend made me so happy, i never felt like this about anyone before. I was looking at Luke when he muttered "Good morning,"

"good morning,"I smiled. Before he could say anything my phone made a noise indicating i had a text, i grabbed it and it was from Dylan.

Skype Call in 5 get Char xx ~ Dylan


I groaned before getting up,Luke's arms still wrapped tightly around my waist.

"Where are you going."He whined.

"I need to get Charity."I said.

"Or you could come back into bed and we could cuddle."Luke said with a lazy smile.

"I can't."I sighed getting out of his grip and putting on my slippers before going into Charity's room where her and Calum were cuddling.Awe they look so cute! I quickly snapped a picture of them with my phone before ripping the blanket off of them.

"Noooo!"Charity whined her eyes still closed as she moved her hand around trying to find the blanket.

Calum groaned before sitting up slightly.

"Goodmorning love birds."I said and Charity groaned 'swell before she got up.

"Get up Char Skype call with the boys in two minutes."I said and she groaned but got up and we walked to the couch in her room,grabbed her laptop and went on Skype just in time for them to call us.

"Heyyy."Their faces popped up on the screen.

"Shutup."Charity growled.

"Well isn't someone happy today."Derek said and Charity scowled at him

"We just wanted to remind you that we're coming over today to met you guys."Dylan said

"Yes we remember,"I said "you told us like 50 times already."

"Ok just a reminder."Derek said.

"Ok bye."Charity said. 

"Ok bye,LOVE YOU!"They both said at the same time before they logged off.

"Who was that?"Calum asked,jealousy clearly written all over his face.

"They're our two guy friends from back home.They're also twins."I explained to him.

"Since when where they coming over?"Calum asked clearly pissed.

"Hailers over here asked Michael and he was okay with it."Charity said as she got up and went to the closet,obviously not noticing how jealous Calum was.

"Hey what are we doing today?"she asked. 

"We have a day off today,"Calum answered and she nodded before getting out a loose fitting white sweater and faded denim skinny jean. She went to the bathroom connected to her room. 

"Well i'm gonna go back to my room."I said and left.I smiled when I saw that Luke had fallen asleep again.I walked up to him and pecked his lips.

"Wake up sleepyhead."I said my lips brushing his as I talked.

"mmm,"he said and opened his eyes.He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me closer to him making me fall and lay on top of him.He placed his lips against mine and I smiled into the kiss.

I broke the kiss and got up pulling him up as well.

"Come on we've been in London for a while now and we haven't had the chance to explore the city."I said.

"It's your first time in London?"Luke asked and I nodded.

"Well let's not keep you waiting."Luke said and I smiled.

"Now go change."I said pushing him out of my bedroom and shutting the door.I quickly got changed into a red sweater and black skinny jeans.I pulled on my black combat boots and then i took out my straightener and plugged it in.As I waited for it too heat up,I applied some light pink Lip Balm,mascara and eyeliner.While I was straightening my hair,there was a knock on the door. I got up and answered and saw Luke standing there in black skinny jeans,a black V-neck and a black beanie. Once I straightened my hair,I got my phone and some cash and put them in my pocket and we headed out. 


Charity's POV

Michael and Ashton had decided to join Calum and I in watching a movie.Michael obviously sat next to me,keeping Calum far away from me as possible.Calum and I kept looking at each other and barley paying attention to the movie.We all turned our attention to the door as Hailey and Luke walked in standing pretty close to each other.I looked down at their hands and saw them intertwined with each other.Awe,my sister actually likes a boy.They joined us in the living room and we watched the movie until the end.There was a knock on the door and all of us looked over at Ashton.He rolled his eyes and got up.

"Lazy asses."He mumbled as he opened the door.Two people walked in with bears covering their faces.They uncovered their faces and smiles broke out onto Hailey and I's faces.Hailey squealed and jumped out of Luke's arms.She threw her arms around Dylan's neck and hugged him tightly.I ran into Derek's arms and he lifted me off of the ground a bit.Derek kissed me on the forehead and I smiled down at the floor.I looked over at Hailey and Dylan,Dylan was about to kiss her on the lips but Hailey turned her head so that he would kiss her on the cheek.I pulled away from Derek and walked over to Dylan.

"Go away.I want to hug my best friend for forever."Hailey smiled and continued to hug Dylan.I rolled my eyes and pulled her off of him.She pouted.

"Feelin the love."Derek chuckled.

"You know I love you too non-biological brother."Hailey giggled and ran into Derek's arms.Dylan held me by the waist and spun me around as we hugged.

"Missed you too Dylan."I giggled and kissed his cheek.

"Wait,did you get them?"Hailey asked the both of them.Dylan smiled at her and nodded his head.

"They're in the car."He told her.I furrowed my eyebrows at her.

"Our babies."She told me.I smiled big and the both of us ran to the elevator.

"The stairs!"Hailey yelled and dragged me down the stairs.We ran outside and saw the taxi driver holding our guitar casses.We smiled and thanked him before taking them.We walked back up to our rooms and put of guitars on our beds.

"I can just feel the awkwardness."I said as I walked into the living room.Hailey chuckled and nodded her head in agreement. 

"We're gonna party tonight right? Because if we aren't,we're taking the next flight home."Derek told us.

"Of course we're gonna party."Hailey told them with a smile.

"Uh,no you're not."Michael told us.

"But Mikeyyyyy."Hailey whined and pouted at him.He sighed.

"Fine.But we're coming with you."Michael told us.

"I'll take it."She said and hugged him before walking into her room.Michael looked over at me.

"I'm not giving you a hug."I said with a blank face before walking into my room and closing the door.As I was looking for something to wear,Calum walked in.He grabbed me and pushed me onto the bed.He then crashed his lips onto mine and I ran my hands through his hair.


Hailey's POV

Luke walked into the room as I was on my phone.He grabbed it out of my hands and I gave him my what-the-fuck face.He pushed me against the wall and kissed down my neck.

"That bastard was going to kiss my girl.I'm gonna kill him."He growled into my ear and went back to kissing my neck.I pushed him off of me.

"Your girl? Since when was I your girl?"I asked him.He bit his lip and to be completely honset,he looked really really hot.He walked closer to me and I walked backwards until I hit the wall.He smirked and pulled me to him by the waist.He bit his lip again.

"You have to stop biting your lip.You look too fucking hot."I told him.He raised his eyebrow at me.

"What? I look really hot when I bite my lip? Like this?"He asked and bit his lip again.I groaned and crashed my lips onto his.

"I really hate you."I said pulling away.

"Mhmm,sure you do."He smirked slightly before bringing me back into another kiss.

"Hailes?"Dylan said knocking on the door.Luke rolled his eyes and tried to bring me back into another kiss but I stopped him.I pushed Luke aside and opened the door to Dylan.I smiled at him and he smiled back.

"We'll be in our rooms.We'll come over later?"He asked.I nodded my head with a smile.

"Yeah that'd be good.I'll see you in a few then?"I smiled.He nodded his head.

"See ya Hailes."He said and kissed me on the cheek,letting his lips linger there for a bit.I smiled and kissed his cheek before closing the door.I turned around only to be slammed against the door.

"I hate him.You're mine.Only mine."He growled before crashing his lips onto mine. 

"you know you look really sexy when you're possessive,"I mumbled when we broke the heated kiss.

"well you're mine and i'm not letting some douche take what's mine,"He said.

"since when was i yours?"I asked

"since the moment i laid eyes on you, Hailey Clifford I absolutely adore you will you please be my girlfriend?"he asked not looking me in the eye. I lifted his head up and looked in his eyes.

"You don't know how long i've been waiting for you to say that,"I said before crashing my lips against his and things trailed off from there.


Charity's POV 

I slipped on my tight black dress that reached mid thigh that had a low cut but not low enough to be considered slutty.I slipped on my black pumps before curling my hair.Once my hair were curled to perfection i put on bright red lipstick and mascara, i put on my eyeliner and same eyeshadow and i was done.I knocked on the door that lead to my sisters room.

"Come in,"she said and i walked in and i saw her finishing applying her lipstick.

"you done?"I asked and she nodded

"great oh and Hailes,"i said

"yeah?"she asked

"try not to bang too loud next time,"I said and she blushed crimson and i laughed and we headed to Calum and Luke's room where we said we'll meet up. we knocked on the door and Luke opened the door and he grabbed Hailey's hand and smiled, we walked in and saw Michael and Ashton sitting on the couch and Calum sitting on his bed. Luke sat down next to Ashton and dragged Hailey to sit on his lap, I sat down next to Calum.

"we all ready?"Ashton asked and we all nodded "well let's head off,"he said and we all got up and headed out, me and calum trailed behind the group a bit walking side by side our hands brushing each other hands.

We walked into the lobby and saw Dylan and Derek.

"Come on let go,"I said and we headed out into the streets of London.

~at the club~

Me, Ashton, Luke, Hailey, Michael,Derek, Dylan and Calum were sitting down at our table laughing at some lame joke Ashton told when blurred lines came on.

"hey Char, wanna dance?"Derek asked and I glanced at Calum for a second before looking at Derek.

"Sure,"I said and got up and we headed off to the dance floor. 

"You like Calum,"Derek said as we were dancing.

"what?"I asked 

"you like him,"He said.

"yeah i mean he is a cool guy-"

"not like that Char, you know what I mean,"Derek said and i sighed

"Is it that obvious?"I asked 

"no, i just know you too well,"Derek said "he likes you too, ya' know,"

"he does?"i asked

"yeah,"Derek said 

"how do you know?"i asked him

"Well maybe it's the fact that he's been shooting me daggers once i hugged you or the fact he's staring at us right now and giving me a death glare so bad that if looks could kill i'd be six feat under,"Derek said. Once the song ended we went back to the table and Calum pulled me to sit next to him and i noticed ashton wasn't here. Ashton came back with some shots and he gave each of us one. 

"to us,"Ashton said and we all drank our shots.

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