teenage runaways (5sos fanfic)

Hailey and Charity your average crazy blonde teens have gotten into enough shit to last a life time. When there mother gets fed up with their bad habits she ships them off on tour with their older brother Michael Clifford, this tour will be full of love, drama, romance, betrayal and hurt Which leaves them heartbroken and MAYBE runaways


4. Chapter 4

Hailey's POV

I woke up with a small hangover and i groaned, i turned around and saw the bed was empty, what time is it? I got up and trudged into the kitchen where charity was eating scrambled eggs while scrolling through her twitter profile. She handed me some aspirin and a glass of water and i thanked her before popping the pill in my mouth and drinking the water. "why is it so quite?"I asked.

"The boys left to go to a writing and recording session,"she mumbled not looking up from her laptop.

"Holy Shit!"she said 

"what?"I asked

"I just gained 50 new followers and they're all 5 seconds of summer fan accounts,"she said

"do you think they know who we are?"i asked 

"one sec,"she said as she clicked on one of the fan accounts {A/N sorry if this is your twitter name i chose this at random}

HiOrHey: so apparently Mikey has two younger sisters that are twins

HiOrHey: And they're staying with him till the end of their tour

and then there was a link with a picture of us and Michael as kids and then next to it a picture of us at this age.

"how the hell do they know that, and how'd they get that picture, oh god what if they get that picture of me on our 7th birthday where i fell into the cake,"i said horrified 

"i don't know actually,"Charity mumbled.

"you just got four new followers,"i said and she checked.

"Michael5SOS and three others just followed you,"she mumbled "shit i need to delete some tweets now,"she said and quickly started deleting 'some' tweets and by some i mean about 200 tweets because they weren't appropriate.

"oh shit i need to do that as well,"i said getting out my phone and logging onto twitter and quickly deleting 'some' tweets.

"ok all clear,"I said we had just gone through every social website we have and deleted things just incase michael found them.

"so...."Charity said.

"what do you need to tell me?"i said as i noticed she was hiding something,

"nothing,"she said.

"cut the crap and tell me,"i said and she sighed.

"imayormaynothavekissedcalumyesterdayafterhesaidareallysweetandcheesypickuplinebutwhat'sworseisthatilikeditandilikeditalot,"she mumbled quickly 

"what?"i asked

"i may or may not have kissed calum yesterday after he said a really sweet and cheesy pickup line but what's worse is that i liked it and i liked it a lot,"she said again and i looked at her shocked my eyes widened.

"was it the same as when you kiss Derek?"i asked 

"no this felt better, nicer in a way,"she mumbled 

"AWE my little Char is having her first actual CRUSH CRUSH,"I gushed.

"Shut up i don't like him,"she said 

"mhmm sure you don't,"i said.

"oh shut up and don't think i see the way you are with Luke,"she said 

"yeah cause i'm sluttin it up, i have made him my victim,"i said the last part jokingly

"yeah why Luke then why not ashton,"she said

"because it's easier with luke cause we share a room,"i said 

"sure,"she said and i rolled my eyes at her.

"ugh i'm bored let's do something,"I whined

"well i think they have a pool in the backyard maybe we can go swimming,"Char said and i nodded and i went to the doors that lead to backyard and there was a pool, I grabbed Charity and dragged her to her room.

"hey can i borrow that red bikini that you bought last summer?"i asked and she threw it at me "thanks!"i yelled as i went to luke's and mine's room and went into the bathroom and stripped from my clothes and into the bikini and i grabbed a towel and slipped on my flip-flops and walked out of my room the same time Charity walked out of her room in a black bikini and her towel and her flip flops on and she was holding the tanning cream and sunglasses. We walked outside and put on the tanning cream and lay down on the sun bed and Charity handed me one of the sunglasses and my ipod and we put our sunglasses on and then our headphones.The song Timber by pitbull and Kesha played and i hummed along.

I don't know how long later but i felt the sun being blocked by something.i took off my sunglasses and put my headphones around my neck as i saw Luke standing there.

"can i help you with something,"i said 

"you could take off your swimsuit,"he said jokingly and i rolled my eyes.

"if you're going to be an asshole go be an asshole somewhere else now move you're blocking my sun,"i said and lightly pushed him away and he started chuckling before he went back inside.

a few minutes later i felt someone throwing me on their shoulder and i let out a shriek.

"Let go of me!"i yelled 

"never,"i heard luke say and then i heard another shriek and saw Charity being thrown onto Calums shoulder before i was thrown into the pool, I quickly resurfaced glaring at luke who was laughing at me, i saw to the side just as charity was thrown into the pool but she managed to grab Calum making him fall with her. 

"help me out,"i said sticking my handout for him to lift me out, he looked unsure wether to help me or not.

"i promise i won't pull you in,"i said and he grabbed my hand and pulled me out.Once i was standing on the ground again,i pushed Luke into the pool but the little shit grabbed my wrist pulling me into the water with him.When we resurfaced Luke glared at me.

"You lied,"he said 

"No I said I wouldn't pull you in,I never said anything about pushing."I said. 

"You're gonna get it now,"he said and my eyes widened and i splashed him with water before swimming away from him.But he grabbed my waist and pulled me to him and went under the water.I could open my eyes underwater it was a trick i mastered as a kid and i guess he could to because he was looking at me.I kicked him in the shin when i only had a little air left which cause him to let go off me and let me resurface.I took a deep breathe and saw that Luke had resurfaced as well.I splashed him and glared at him.He pulled me closer to him by the waist and I tried to get out of his grip.

"Let go of me."I glared.

"Never."He smirked and pulled me even closer if that was possible.

"LET GO OF MY SISTER!"Michael yelled walking out to us.I rolled my eyes and pushed Luke by the chest.I got out of the pool and so did Char.

"You totally like him."Char said under her breath and smirked.

"No,I don't.And I'll prove it.ASHTON!!"I yelled.Charity raised her eyebrow at me.Ashton walked up to me and I pulled him by his collar.I smashed my lips onto his and he kissed me back.I pulled away and looked over at Charity.She shrugged.

"You still like Luke."She told me.

"NO I DON'T!"I groaned.She nodded her head.

"Yes,you do."She told me.

"YOU LIKE CALUM!"I yelled at her.

"NO I DON'T!"She yelled back.Calum,Luke and Michael walked in but we didn't seem to notice.




"YES.YOU.DO!"She yelled back.I groaned.


"MAYBE I DO! IS THAT SUCH A CRIME?!"She yelled at me.We heard someone clear their throat. The both of us went wide eyed when we saw Luke,Calum and Michael standing there.

"Ah shit."I cursed and ran upstairs.Charity and I ran into her room and locked ourselves in.The both of us burst into laughter.

"God,that was so fucking embarrassing!"Charity groaned and laughed at the same time.I nodded my head and laughed.We sighed and sat down on the bed.

"So,you like Calum hmm?"I smirked and nudged her.She chuckled and shrugged.

"Maybe..."She trailed off.I wiggled my eyebrows at her.She laughed and nudged me slightly.

"What about you? Someone's got a crusshhh."Charity said in a sing-song voice.I grabbed a pillow and hit her with it.

"Maybe..."I trailed off and looked down at the floor.She nudged me.

"Use protection please.I really do not need more of you or him running around."She told me.I laughed and nodded my head.

"Same with you.No need for more bitches or weirdos."I told her.She laughed and shook her head.

"Now,get out."She said and pushed me out of her room.

"RUDE!"I yelled with a smile.

"FUCK YOU!"She yelled back.I laughed and walked to Luke and I's room.Luke grabbed me by the waist and closed the bedroom door with me against it.

"So,you like me huh?"He smirked and pulled me closer.I rolled my eyes at him.

"Oh get over yourself."I breathed trying to pull away.He held onto me tighter and leaned into my neck.He started to kiss my collarbone and moved up to my jawline slowly.I bit my lip as he started to bite on the skin on my jawline.

"DON'T HAVE SEX!"Charity yelled from outside of the door.

"WE WON'T!"I yelled back and pushed Luke off of me.I walked over to the closet and grabbed a pair of shorts and a black crop top.I grabbed a black lace bra and matching underwear.Luke grabbed me and smashed his lips onto mine.His lips were just so fucking soft.FUCK IT! I yelled to myself and kissed him back.I jumped slightly and wrapped my legs around him.He laid me down on the bed and took his shirt off.He went back to kissing my neck and I pulled his pants down.I think you know the rest...



Charity's POV

"You know you like it."Calum smirked against my neck as he continued to bite on the skin.In all honesty I did.But I wasn't gonna let him know that.

"No I don't."It came out less confident than I wanted it to be.I could just tell he was smirking.He continued to kiss up my neck and he slowly slipped his hands under my shirt.Well shit. I told myself.A soft moan escaped my lips as he bit my weak spot lightly.I bit my lip to stop myself from moaning again.He started to lift my shirt off but I stopped him.

"I'm not that easy."I smirked pulling his hands off of me.He groaned.

"Tease."He glared.I smirked and sat down on my bed.I grabbed my phone and went onto Twitter. I looked up and saw that he was just standing there.

"The door is right there."I told him and pointed at the door.I looked down at my phone before it was taken away.He pulled me up and smashed his lips onto mine.Fuck it.I wrapped my arms around his neck and he laid me down on the bed.I helped him pull my shirt off and I pulled his off of him.He buried his head in the crook of my neck and lightly bit on the skin.I pulled his pants off and he pulled my shorts off.I think you know what happend next...



Hailey's POV 

I rolled over on the bed and opened my eyes slowly.The bed was empty again.Yesterdays events replayed in my head and I smiled slightly.God I'm such a girl.I got out of bed and grabbed a random outfit.I walked into the bathroom and washed my face.I applied my make up and brushed my hair out before slipping my outfit on.I walked downstairs to the kitchen and saw Charity on her laptop as usual.She threw me an apple and I thanked her.

"You and Luke have fun last night?"She asked me as I opened the fridge.I blushed slightly.

"What about you and Calum?"I smirked.I looked over at her and saw her blushing.

"Thank god we used protection."She chuckled.I went wide eyed and turned to her.

"Charity."I said.She looked over at me and furrowed her eyebrows.She went wide eyed.

"Oh my god."She mumbled.I started to pace back and forth.

"Hailes,calm down."Charity tried to calm me down.I couldn't breathe anymore.

"CALM DOWN?! HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO BE CALM WHEN I MIGHT BE PR-"I cut myself off when I heard the front door open.Charity looked over at me and saw that I was breathing heavily. 

"Calm down.It'll all be alright."She told me holding me by my shoulders.I took deep breathes and started to regain my breath.

"WE'RE H-Is she okay?"Ashton asked as the four of them walked into the kitchen.I started to breath heavily again.

"HAILEY GOD DAMNIT YOU ARE NOT DYING ON MY OKAY I WILL FUCKING KILL YOU IF YOU DIE!"Charity yelled and slapped me across the face.

"OW YOU BITCH!"I yelled and slapped her.

"YAY YOU'RE BACK!"She yelled.I rolled my eyes at her.

"YOU COULDN'T HAVE SLAPPED ME SOMEWHERE ELSE?! MY BOOB MAYBE?!"I yelled while rubbing my cheek.She shrugged and we turned to the boys.

"Okay then..."Michael trailed off.

"Uh,I'll just be upstairs."I mumbled and rushed upstairs not even glancing at Luke.Charity trailed behind me and the both of us walked into Luke and I's room.She locked the door and I started to pace.

"What am I gonna do Char?"I asked holding my head in my hands.

"We'll wait it out.I'll get you tests next week.You just have to wait okay?"She told me.I nodded my head and took a deep breath.

"What would I do without you?"I asked.

"Crash and burn."She chuckled.I chuckled and nodded my head.

 "So what now?"I asked 

"Have you thought of any names,I mean if it's a girl you'd totally name her Charity right?"Charity said looking really serious.

​"No! god she'd turn out messed up like you if i did."I said smirking.

"Shut up."She said and pushed me lightly

"God, you always know how to turn something so serious into something jokeable."I said.

"It's one of my many traits, see if you named your daughter Charity she'll have my traits."She said and I laughed.

"Wait you'll name your daughter Hailey though right?"I asked 

"Sureee."She said sarcastically.

"And you expect me to name my daughter Charity, really?"I said and she laughed.

"Fine you don't have to name her Charity, but like what if it was a boy?"She said.

"I don't know.I actually never thought of it."I said

"I would say let's go party but you know."She said and I smiled.

"So we're going to London tomorrow before the tour, god I can't wait to go to London,I mean think of all the places we could go shopping."I said.

​"And we can take pictures with those guard things that never move."Charity squealed and I laughed.

"I guess we're going to the travel the world after all."I said remembering how me and Charity's biggest dream is to travel the world.

"I guess it is."Charity said and it became quiet until I yawned.

"Hey go to sleep you need the rest."Charity said and I got in bed and she tucked me in.

"Goodnight Char."I mumbled as I snuggled up into the comfy bed.

"Goodnight Hails."I heard her say before I dozed off.

Charity's POV

I walked downstairs and into the living room where all the guys were.

"Hey is she alright?"Luke asked as soon as he saw me, awe he really cares about her.

"Yeah she was just having a panic attack because she forgot to pack for London, yeah she's weird, she's asleep now."I said lying and it was really believable.

"Oh ok."Luke said looking back at the tv.

"Hey Charity can I speak to you,in private?"Michael said and I rolled my eyes before sighing and agreeing.We walked into the kitchen and I sat down where I was earlier today and looked at him.

"You wanted to speak."I said and he was quite and he didn't look me in the eye.

"You can't date Calum."Michael blurted out suddenly and I looked at him shocked and giving him my what-the-actual-fuck look.

"What."I said even if I heard him as clear as day.

"You can't date Calum."He said. 

"And who the fuck are you to tell me what to do.It's my life! I'm going to do what I want to and I'm gonna fucking date whoever I want to!"I yelled before storming out. I stormed into my room frustrated. I heard the door open and the familiar arms I woke up to this morning wrapped around my waist.He laid his head on my shoulder.

"Wat's wrong."He whispered huskily in my ear.His breath fanning over my neck causing goosbumps to rise. I turned around in his arms and looked him in the eye before I smashed my lips against his. All my emotions filled into the kiss,it was a rough yet passionate kiss.

Before anything could happen we broke the kiss and we just stood there staring at each other.He grabbed my hand and dragged me out of my room and down the hall where his room was I guess? We got inside and it was surprisingly clean.A few candy wrappers and clothes on the floor and an unmade bed but other then that it was clean-cleaner then my room-.He dragged me to the bed, he sat down and patted the seat next to him and I sat down.He covered us with the blanket and he grabbed his laptop from the nightstand.He opened it and before I knew it we were snuggled up laughing as we watched the anchor man 2.

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