teenage runaways (5sos fanfic)

Hailey and Charity your average crazy blonde teens have gotten into enough shit to last a life time. When there mother gets fed up with their bad habits she ships them off on tour with their older brother Michael Clifford, this tour will be full of love, drama, romance, betrayal and hurt Which leaves them heartbroken and MAYBE runaways


3. Chapter 3

Hailey's POV


I tried to get out of Luke's grip but he just held on tighter.I huffed and decided to give up.I then got an idea and smirked to myself.I leaned over to his neck and started to bite at it softly.He started to moan as I found his weak spot.I then moved my hand down from his chest to his crotch and moved it up and down.He opened his eyes immediately and sat up.I laughed as he turned his head to me with wide eyes.

"What? I needed to wake you up somehow."I smiled innocently and climbed out of bed.

"Lets go out today."I suggested as I walked into the kitchen where everyone was.

"But its Valentines day.Let me eat ice cream and go on tumblr. all day please."Charity whined.

"Boo you whore."I quoted from Mean Girls.She did the face that Karen did after Regina told her that.The both of us laughed slightly.

"Wait,is it really valentines d-oh yeah it is.Dylan spammed me with a bunch of valentines day cards.Great."I sighed as I looked down at my phone.Charity chuckled.

"Derek spammed me too.They must really miss us."Charity chuckled.

"Well I know why Derek misses you..."I trailed off in a mumble but she heard me.She hit my arm and stuck her tongue out at me.Luke then walked into the kitchen with his eyes still wide.

"Oh you've gotta be kidding me."I face palmed.Charity looked at me,then at Luke,then at me again.

"Please tell me you didn't..."She trailed off.

"Well how else was I gonna wake him up?!"I asked her.She face palmed.

"You can't just do that to a guy when he's asleep!"She laughed.I shrugged.

"It isn't like you haven't done worse..."I trailed off.She glared at me and I smiled innocently back.

"What do you mean by worse?"Michael asked.

"What."Charity and I pretended to be dumb.

"You said charity has done worse.What do you mean?"he asked

"What are you talking about?"Charity said and I bit my lip,something I always do when I'm guilty.

"You know what I'm talking about."Michael said and I eyed Luke and Ashton who were witnessing everything,I don't know where Calum was probably still asleep. I think they got the message and left the room.

"Michael we didn't say anything,"I said trying to help.

"Yes you did hailey now tell me what's going on,"He said looking angry.

"Th-"I was about to say something when Charity explained.

"It's ok Hailes, he wants to know I'll tell him,"she said smirking and i nervously looked at michael what is she doing. "Michael oh Michael, you should know already we're not those innocent girls you left behind two years ago,"she said, what the hell is she doing.

"if you really want to know then i'll tell you, i'm a slut,"she said saying slut with venom dripping off of it. "we're those girls our parents always told us to stay away from, to never do what they do, i'm no little innocent virgin saint,"she spat at him as she walked closer to him and i saw him clench his hands his knuckles, he raised his hand as if he was going to slap her and her eyes widened and my heartbeat raced he wasn't going to slap her was he? as if he just noticed what he was doing his eyes widened as he stopped his hand inches away from her cheek and put it back down, she looked at him for a few seconds before she stormed out and i heard the front door slam shut and i just stared at michael in shock, he was seriously going to hit her!


Charity's POV


I ran out the front door, i ran down the street not caring where i was going. was he seriously going to slap me. I saw a small cafe and i went inside and sat down in a table at the corner and i shivered as i thought of him physically hurting me.


I was in our back yard playing tag with hailey and michael, i was 6 back then, i was running away from Michael who was 'it' when i tripped over a rock and fell down scraping my knee and i started crying. 

"are you ok?"Michael said sitting down next to me when he saw my bleeding knee, it wasn't that bad but i was a kid and i was terrified that i was bleeding.

"Hailey go get mommy,"Michael said and Hailey ran inside the house yelling for mom.

"Mikey it hurts,"i said 

"don't worry charity I'll give you my lolly pop,"he said and reached in his back pocket and gave me his lolly pop which he got from the market earlier today, i had already eaten mine.

"really?"i asked looking up at him and he nodded and took off the wrapper and gave me the lolly pop and I grinned widely before i put it in my mouth and hugged him.

"you're the best big brother in the whole wide world!"I said and Hailey and Mommy came over. Hailey looking really worried.

"are you ok Charity?"my mom asked.

"i am now, Mikey gave me his lolly pop but my knee hurts a little,"i said and she smiled 

"ok lets get you washed up then bandage your knee,"she said and we spent the rest of the day watching movies,eating candy and laughing at jokes.

end of flashback

I looked down at my right knee where there was still a small scar and i sighed. My phone rang and i looked at it noticing i had three miss calls from Hailey.

"hey,"i said as i picked up when Hailey called me again.

"Charity where are you? are you ok?"she asked.

"i'm fine and don't worry i'll be home later,"i said and hung up.

"hey are you ok,"the waitress asked i looked up at her she looked about my age, she had brown hair and blue eyes and a few freckles on her cheeks.

"yeah,"i said.

"i know that's a lie, what's wrong?"she asked sitting down in front of me.

"i just had a fight with my brother and me and my sister have only been here less then a week and we haven't seen him in a really long time,"i said sighing.

"well i'm pretty sure your brother's a dick, here have a cupcake,"she said giving me one from the plate on her tray.

"i can't i didn't bring any money with me,"i said.

"hey don't worry it's on the house, nobody deserves to be sad especially on the day of love,"she said and i smiled at her as i accepted the valentine day themed cupcake.

"thankyou,"i said.

"i have to get back to working or my boss will fire me, i hope i see you again,"she said before she left and went behind the counter.

I finished my cupcake and looked around i saw tons of couples, i saw friends enjoying valentines day together i even saw family's celebrating valentines day i sighed before i got up and left the cafe and started walking back to the house. I stopped in front of the house, i didn't want to go back. I sighed but instead of going inside i sat down on the curb. I saw a couple walking holding hands and the guy whispered something to the girl and she smiled brightly before stopping walking and hugged him tightly. I felt someone sit down next to me, I looked to my right and saw Calum. I leaned into him and laid my head on his shoulder.

"hey,"he said softly.

"hey,"i said back.

"are you ok?"he asked

"yeah,"i said and he wrapped his arms around me.

"no you're not,"he said.

"this has got to be the worst valentine's day ever,"i mumbled after a few minutes of silence.

"it's not that bad,"he said 

"how?"i asked

"i'm spending it with you,"he said and i lifted my head up from his shoulder looking at him in the eyes. He slowly leaned in and i did as well.Our lips met and i couldn't help love the feeling of his soft lips pressed against mine. Before the kiss could go any further Calum's phone started blaring making us jump apart and i quickly looked away hiding behind a curtain of hair. Although it was merely a peck it was an amazing kiss.

"yeah okay,"calum said into the phone.

"yeah,"he said again "okay,"

"yeah, yeah okay i'll see you then,"he said before hanging up and i glanced at him.

"uh,"he cleared his throat "we should get back inside,"He said and we got up and headed inside not saying another word.

"Charity is that you?"i heard Hailey shout from the kitchen.

"yeah,"i yelled back before heading to my room grabbing my Beats Headphones and plugged them in my phone and put it on shuffle and the first song to play was still into you by Paramore so i put the volume on the loudest and flopped onto my bed nodding my head to the beat of the song.

I felt someone take of my headphones, i opened my eyes to see the culprit and saw Hailey.

"what?"i asked 

"do you wanna go to a party?"she asked.

"sure,"i said.


The song MMM Yeah by Austin Mahone was playing and me and Hailey were dancing singing along, we were pretty tipsy.

"when i saw her walking down the street she looked so fine i just had to speak!"we sang along shaking our heads around, even if we weren't legal to drink yet in the US Hailey had managed to get us fake ID's already so everything was cool.

As the song ended we headed off to bar again and got some beer.

"ok everybody as you all now tonight is Karaoke Night so sign up over here!"the DJ said.

"Char we should sign up!"Hailey said 

"why not,"i said and we stumbled over to the DJ.

"hey we'd like to sign up,"Hailey said 

"great here you go,"he said handing us the sign up sheet.Hailey wrote our names.

"whats song?"she asked me 

"Ain't it fun by Paramore,"i said and she wrote it down and we headed back to the bar as some girl sang Royals by Lorde.

"ok up next we have Hailey and Charity singing Ain't it Fun by Paramore!"the Dj said and we headed of to the stage and the DJ handed us the microphones.

"I don't mind letting down easy but give me time, if it don't hurt now then just wait ,wait a little while,you're not the big fish in the pond no more, you are what they're feeding on,"I sang

"so what are you going to do when the world don't orbit around you no more,so what are you going to do when the world don't orbit around you no more,"we both sang 

"ain't it fun living in the real world, ain't it good being all alone, where you're from, you might be the one who's running things, well you can ring anybody's bell to get what you want,"Hailey sang and we started dancing to the beat while singing the rest of the song.Everyone clapped when we finished singing.The both of us giggled and got off of the stage.This place was basically filled with couples.I rolled my eyes and downed my shot.Hailey ordered Pina coladas for the both of us and I downed that in less than a minute.

"Ugh,not one single or hot guy in this place."Hailey groaned.I chuckled.

"To valentines day."I said raising my new glass of Pina Colada.She raised her glass.

"To valentines day."And the both of us drank.We got bored so we decided to head home.Hailey stumbled into the house and giggled like an idiot.She had always been the lightweight.She stumbled again but this time she fell on her ass.She giggled like an idiot.

"My ass."She giggled lying down on the floor.I shook my head at her.

"Lightweight."I sighed and tried to help her up.

"Mikeyyyyyyy!"She yelled in a baby voice pointing at Michael.

"Oh my god Charity! Remember when you two got along?! And and remember that time he gave you his lolly pop when you fell?! You two were like the bestest friends in the world!"She giggled.I sighed and so did Michael.

"C'mon Hailey,lets get you to bed."I breathed leading her to the stairs.

"Wait,do you hear that?"She asked stopping me.

"Hear what?"I asked her confusedly.She shushed me and I heard something.It was my laptop.I furrowed my eyebrows.

"Is that my laptop?"I asked.She shrugged and ran upstairs.She came back downstairs with my laptop in her hands.We sat down on the couch,Hailey next to Luke,and me next to Calum.Hailey brightened the screen and we saw Dylan calling us on Skype.We answered the call and saw them,holding giant stuffed bears.

"HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!!!"They yelled before they ended the call.

"I thought we told them to stop getting us giant stuffed bears for valentines day?"Hailey asked.I shrugged.

"You sobered up?"I asked her.

"A bit."She told me.She gave me my laptop and turned to Luke.She smiled and stood up.She grabbed his hand and dragged him upstairs.


"NO!"Hailey yelled.

"YES!"Luke yelled with Hailey.

"WE AREN'T GONNA HAVE SEX!"Hailey yelled and smacked Luke upside the head.Calum looked over at me with a cheeky smile.

"Don't even think about it."I told him while walking upstairs to my room.

"What do you guys not get about THEY'RE MY LITTLE SISTERS!"Michael yelled.Well at least he still cares.A little overprotective but at least he still cares.I sighed and climbed into bed. This is going to be one weird and long tour 

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