teenage runaways (5sos fanfic)

Hailey and Charity your average crazy blonde teens have gotten into enough shit to last a life time. When there mother gets fed up with their bad habits she ships them off on tour with their older brother Michael Clifford, this tour will be full of love, drama, romance, betrayal and hurt Which leaves them heartbroken and MAYBE runaways


21. Chapter 21

Hailey's POV 



My breath was knocked out of me as he kicked me in the stomach. 

"Stop," was all I managed to say. But he didn't, he just continued to kick me without even flinching. He said he loved me. But what kind of love is this? I knew I was going to die today. He just kept kicking me on and on, "Stop!" I managed to yell. And he did, he stopped, but it wasn't because of me. I heard a loud 'BANG!' and then a 'thud'. I looked over and screamed at the lifeless body of my abusive boyfriend.

Nightmare over

I woke up screaming my lungs out. Katherine and Logan ran into the room since their room was right next to Damon's. Damon pulled me into him as I cried into his chest. Damon handed me off to Katherine who hugged me tight.

"Are the nightmares back?" She asked me softly. I nodded my head and wiped away my tears. 

"Logan, go get Charity please." Katherine told him and Logan hurried out of the room. Charity trudged into the room a minute later and looked over at me. Damon kissed the side of my head and left the room with Logan.

"fuck are you okay?" Charity asked wide awake now as she sat down next to me, Charity laid my head on her shoulder and Katherine rubbed my back soothingly. I hiccuped and nodded.

"Hailey, this is not good for you," Charity said and i could already tell what she meant, she thought i should talk to someone about this.

I nod my head and sigh. 

"What time is it?" I manage to ask. 

"Its about 10 am," Katherine told me. I nodded my head and stood up.

"Where are you going?" Damon asked as I opened the door. 

"I need a change. A big one." I stated and walked into my room. I threw on a random outfit and grabbed my phone.

"I'll be out for a bit, see you guys later." I mumbled and left the apartment.


"WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR HAIR?!" Charity yelled as soon as I walked into the apartment. I sighed and set all the shopping bags down onto the floor. I shrugged at her and she sighed.

"I don't have time for this, we'll be right back. Damon, look after her for me." She explained as she left the apartment. I turned to Damon who said, "Drink?" I nodded my head with a smile. He chuckled and walked over to the liquor cabinet.      

Charity's POV

I got out of the cab and looked at the hotel before walking in and going up to the third floor. I knocked on the door waiting patiently when Michael opened the door. He smiled brightly and hugged me, I wrapped my arms around his neck hugging him tightly.

"it's weird being on tour without you and hailey,"Michael said as we broke the hug and i laughed and walked in and saw Ashton watching TV. 

"Ashton!"I said and he got up and laughed and came and hugged me.

"Charity!"He said and i laughed.

"Where's Calum?"I asked once we broke the hug and just on time Calum walked out of the bathroom, I smiled brightly and ran up to him hugging him tightly and he hugged me back immediately. He kissed me softly and i kissed him back but we broke it off before it went to far.

"I missed you,"I said looking up at him.

"I missed you so much,"He said and he kissed my forehead. 

"How's luke?"I asked the guys and they all sighed.

"he's not doing well at all, he's miserable,"Ashton said and i sighed.

"what about Hailey?"Michael asked.

"she's pushed the thought to the back of her head, she refuses to think about it, she acts like she's fine but i can tell she's not fine at all,"I said and they sighed.

"Can i see luke?"I asked after the awkward silence.

"He's in our room, he won't talk to any of us but you can try,"Cal said and i nodded and he lead me to his and Luke's room where i saw Luke curled up in bed, it was heartbreaking seeing one of my best friends like this. I walked over to Luke I could tell he was awake, i've been in that position many times.

"I'll give you some time alone,"Calum said pecking my cheek and leaving the room. I sat down on the edge of the bed and place my hand on Luke's shoulder shaking him softly.

"Luke, i know you're awake,"I said softly but he didn't budge. "Luke please, talk to me!"I said pleadingly and he sighed but sat up looking at me and i saw him clearly, his bloodshot eyes ,his tear stained cheeks.

"oh luke,"I said hugging him and he hesitated but hugged me back. I felt his tears on my shoulder and my heart broke at that moment. 

"I know it hurts luke but trust me everything will turn out okay in the end, and if it's not okay then it's not the end,"I said looking him in the eye and he whimpered and it hurt just seeing him like that. I have to get her here like right now, this is too painful to bare, going along knowing what state he's in.

"I'm going to help you luke, just trust me."I said and he nodded his head sniffling. "Hang in there Luke,"I said and gave him one more hug before leaving the room, I stormed into Michael's room and grabbed my purse. 

"Where you going?" Calum asked me, pouting.

"I'm getting Hailey i can't stand seeing luke like that,"I said and he nodded pecking my cheek before i left.

Hailey's POV

I was dancing and drinking with Damon (but not enough to get me drunk) when Charity burst into the apartment grabbed my hand and dragged me away.

"what are you doing?"I asked as she dragged me into a cab.

"Fixing something,"She said bluntly and i looked at her confused, what was she talking about? We got to a hotel and she dragged me into the elevator, Once we got onto the right floor she dragged me into a room unlocked it and pushed me in closing the door and locking it, that little bitch.

"Charity! what the actual fuck are you doing!?"I yell at the door when i saw something or should i say someone stir from one of the beds. The person sat up and looked at me and my heart shattered into a gazillion pieces as i saw a tearstained Luke in front of me looking horrible.

"I-," before i could say anything else i burst into tears and Luke quickly got out of the bed and rushed to me hugging me tightly.

"I-I I'm so s-s-sorry,"I said crying into his chest.

"shh, baby I'm sorry i should've never accused you of that,"He said sitting on the edge of the bed and pulling me onto his lap.

"no, I shouldn't have burst out on you like that,"I said still fucking crying, he hugged me tightly as he buried his head in the crook of my neck.

"i fucking missed you so much,"He mumbled against my neck.

"i missed you even more,"I said softly wrapping my arms around his neck. He caressed my cheek before kissing me softly. It's been forever since I felt his lips on mine. 

"I still fucking love you, I always will," he mumbles when we pull away.

"I still love you too, Luke, i always have and i always will,"I said, looking into his eyes. I caressed his tearstained cheeks and my heart broke at the sight of him. How could I have done this to him?

"I'm so sorry for doing this to you," I whispered softly as a few tears rolled down my cheeks.

"Don't ever leave me again, please," he pleaded me with teary eyes. I nodded my head and pulled him into a hug. "I'll never leave you again, I promise." I whispered as I felt a few tears on the crook of my neck. Luke eventually lied down and pulled me to his side. He wrapped his arms around my waist and I rested my head on his chest, listening to his heartbeat as I drew circles on his chest. He pulled me closer and I eventually found myself drifting off to sleep. 


Charity's POV

We decided to check up on Luke and Hailey and we found them sleeping in each others arms. They looked absolutely adorable. We were about to leave them to get some sleep, but Hailey started to stir in her sleep. 

"Stop," she begged in her sleep. Oh shit. I walked closer.

"Hailey," I said shaking her to wake her up. She started to breath heavily, "stop," she repeated over and over again. She then screamed, "STOP!" before screaming at the top of her lungs, still asleep. 

"HAILEY!" I yelled shaking her awake. Luke woke up and looked at a screaming Hailey. Hailey finally woke up still screaming. I pulled her into a hug and her screams turned into cries as she hugged me tighter.   

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