teenage runaways (5sos fanfic)

Hailey and Charity your average crazy blonde teens have gotten into enough shit to last a life time. When there mother gets fed up with their bad habits she ships them off on tour with their older brother Michael Clifford, this tour will be full of love, drama, romance, betrayal and hurt Which leaves them heartbroken and MAYBE runaways


2. chapter 2

Charity's pov

i sighed the hundredth time this morning as Hailey and i waited for our stupid flight to L,A.

"flight 621 to Los Angles now boarding,"the intercom person thing said and we grabbed our carry on looking at our parents one more time before heading to the gate.


"Do you seriously believe that our brother lives here? Like c'mon! Its WAY to fancy for him!" Hailey exaggerated and I laughed.She laughed along with me.

"No fucking way! He probably doesn't even pay the rent!"I giggled.She nodded her head along with me.We sighed and walked to the door.We rang the doorbell and waited patiently for someone to open it.Finally a skunk haired douche bag opened the door.The three of us stared at each other for what felt like hours,but it was probably only half a minute.

"Who the fuck are you two?"He asked.We gave him a blank look.

"Nice to see you too bro."I rolled my eyes at him.He went wide eyed.

"Hailey? Charity? What? But-you-what?!"He yelled totally and utterly confused.We rolled our eyes and walked into the house.

"So,where are our rooms?"I asked him with a bitchy tone.

"Uh,one of you has to share with one of the boys."Michael said awkwardly and rubbed the back of his neck.And I knew that Hailey would instantly accept his proposition.

"I'll share with someone I guess."Hailey shrugged.But I knew for a fact that she was smirking on the inside.

"I mean,apparently,she's the innocent one."Hailey said while pointing at me.

"Hahahahaa,hun,I'm nowhere near innocent."I smirked.

"Oh trust me,I know."She shuddered.I started laughing and blushing slightly.She once walked in on Derek and I doing the nasty.

"Do I wanna know what happened?"Michael asked.

"Um,no.You really don't wanna know."I explained and he looked away strangely.

"MIKEYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!"A guy with a bandana said running up to Michael with two other guys behind him.

"Who the hot chicks?"The guy with dark brown hair said winking at us.Hailey rolled her eyes while I winked back.

"Those are my sister's you idiot."Michael growled 

"Oops."The guy said raising his hands in defence. 

"Well,are you gonna show us our room or just stand there like a dipshit."I said 

"Oh, yeah, okay follow me."Michael said awkwardly.It's not a surprise,we haven't seen him in forever.When we were still innocent little girls.

"Charity this is your room."Michael said and I nodded and put my carry on and one of my bags as the rest were still outside.

"Uhm, Hailey you're gonna have to share with Luke cause i don't trust Calum or Ashton."Michael said.

"HEY!"The one with the bandana and the one with dark brown hair yelled. Hailey just smirked before following Michael and who I assume was Luke.

"So you must be Charity."The one with dark brown hair said.

"No shit, and you are?"I asked.

"Calum, Calum Hood."He smirked and looked so cute.No! Charity snap out of it! You don't get crushes,you don't date,you just fuck! I walked closer to him until we were centimeters apart and I slowly ran my fingers down his chest and I felt his abb's.


"Mhmm."I mumbled looking at my finger before looking back into his eyes and i could tell he was slightly nervous. "Do I make you nervous,Calum?"I whispered softly in his ear,my lips slightly brushing the tip of his ear.

"N-no."He stuttered and I smirked inwardly before facing him.

"Really?"I asked and he nodded "Then why do you seem so nervous?"I said and he didn't say anything for a few seconds so I leaned in as if I was going to kiss him but quickly moved my head at the last minute to kiss his right cheek leaving my lipstick stain.

"I'd love to stay and chat but I really need a change."I said.

"Sure thing love.See you soon."He snapped out of his daze smirking at me.He winked at me before he headed down the hall and I watched him as he went down the stairs.I sighed before going back into the room and grabbed a Explicit Content, Advisory shirt thats arm holes were really big so you'd see the sides of my bra and a little bit of the side of my stomach. I grabbed white skinny jeans to match and black underwear and bra before walking into the bathroom connected to my room and took a shower.


Hailey's POV

We got to know the boys and finally knew their names.We were just sitting in the living room doing nothing.

"I miss Derek."Charity whined and pouted.I nodded my head.

"I miss Dylan."I pouted.

"So,are they your boyfriends?"Ashton asked.Charity and I burst out laughing.

"I-I can't breathe."I laughed harder and tried to calm myself down.Charity held onto me to not fall off of the couch.

"N-no,they aren't our boyfriends.They're our best friends."Charity finally said after calming down.

"More like friends with benefits in your case."I whispered to her.She went wide eyed and slapped my arm.

"I wanna go back home."I mumbled to Charity and sighed.Charity nodded in agreement and sighed.

"Can we play truth or dare?"Charity asked.The boys looked at each other before shrugging.We sat down in a circle and Ashton was first.

"Hailey,truth or dare."

"Dare."I replied.He smirked slightly.

"I dare you to give Luke a lap dance."He smirked.I chuckled.

"I'd rather eat dirt.No offense though Luke."I looked over at Luke and smiled at him slightly.

"You'd be mad to think I'd let her give anyone a lap dance.She's my little sister."Michael told them.

"Littlest.She's a few minutes younger than me."Charity smirked slightly.I rolled my eyes.

"Yes,and you never let me forget it! Yeah I'm the youngest! And I'm proud!"I exaggerated a bit.

"So this is what happens when you don't have alcohol for longer than 24 hours."Charity said.I sighed and nodded my head. 

"So, are you gonna give him a lap dance or not?"Ashton said 

"Fine."I huffed and strutted over to Luke.I got a chair from the dining table and had him sit down.

"Do the basic invert, that doesn't take long!"Charity yelled.

"A basic what-wait how do you know this."I heard Michael say. 

"What."Charity said back to him pretending to be dumb.I ignored them and looked at luke as he sat down.

"Arms to your sides."I said and he did as told and I put my hands on his knee and kind of front flipped.My bootie was against his chest and my legs were in a straight line facing the door.Does that make sense?

I got of off him and we walked back into the living room were Michael and Charity were bickering.

"How do you know that?Are you a stripper or something?"Michael said to charity. 

"What the hell no.I'm not a freaking stripper!"Charity yelled at him.

"Okay enough fighting children."I said as Luke sat between Michael and Charity and I sat between Luke and Charity.

"Okay Calum truth or dare?"I asked him.

"Truth."He said 

"Boo.Anyway out of everyone in this room who would you kiss if you had the opportunity?"I asked

"Um."He said looking at Michael before rubbing the back off his neck. "Charity."He said and Charity started blushing slightly.I looked over at her and winked.She hit my arm lightly and we went back to the game.The game dragged on and on until we eventually got bored.But the dares were pretty funny really.

"Well,I'm going to bed."I sighed and trudged upstairs to Luke and I's room.I changed into an oversized PINK Varsity crewneck top and climbed into bed.After a while,I felt Luke get into bed as well.

"Night Luke."I mumbled.

"Night Hailey."He mumbled back.I felt his arms slowly wrap around my waist.He then unwrapped his arms and cleared his throat.I turned to him and grabbed his arms.I wrapped his arms around my waist and rested my head on his chest.I guess the lack of sleep I have has made me sappy.And a few seconds later,I was out like a light.

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