teenage runaways (5sos fanfic)

Hailey and Charity your average crazy blonde teens have gotten into enough shit to last a life time. When there mother gets fed up with their bad habits she ships them off on tour with their older brother Michael Clifford, this tour will be full of love, drama, romance, betrayal and hurt Which leaves them heartbroken and MAYBE runaways


19. chapter 19

-Two Months Later-

Charity's POV

I sighed not paying attention to what my professor was saying, I got my phone out just in time to get a text from Calum.

Hey princess x ~Cal

I quickly typed in a response, the professor would't catch me as i was sitting at the very back.

Hey xx~Char

whats up~Cal

Nothing bored out of my mind in class ~Char

Won't you get in trouble for texting me?~Cal

I'm in the back the professor can't see me very well cuz the room's dark as he's showing us a slideshow~Char

Okay, but i don't want you not doing good in your studies, text me when you're done~Cal

​I already know most of the stuff he's saying~Char

but he already went off, i sighed and put my phone back and payed attention to the slideshow.


Finally it was lunch. "can we get McDonald's i'm craving some McNuggets,"I said to Logan as we walked around campus.

"Yeah let's pick up katherine first though,"He said and I nodded and got my phone out.

Classes are finished for now, Lunch, can we talk now please, i miss you ~Char

i typed on my phone and sent it to Calum, a few minutes later my phone rang.

"Hello?"I asked not looking at the caller ID

"hey,"I heard Michael say and i couldn't help but be a little disappointed.

"Oh, hey, what's up?"I asked.

"Not much, we're all really tired we played a concert a while ago and we have to wake up really early tomorrow to head on the road,"He said.

"then why are you talking to me, go sleep,"I said.

"I just wanted to say goodnight,"He said chuckling "and don't get disappointed, Calum wanted to text you but he fell asleep waiting,"He said and i sighed.

"I miss you guys,"I said,"now go to sleep you need it,"

"Okay, goodnight,"He said and i hung up. I put my phone in my pocket and looked up and noticed we were already at Katherine's class.We saw her and went up to her.

"hey babe, hey Charity"she said.

"hey baby,"Logan said pecking her lips.

"Hey, Katherine,"i said

"we're heading off to McDonalds for lunch, you want to come?"Logan asked

"Sure,"She said. and we headed off.

I was eating my McNuggets while Logan and Katherine were talking about something i wasn't paying attention to, i looked down at my phone and texted Hailey.

Come pick me up? skipping the rest of the day~Char

sure, were are you~Hailes

the McDonalds that's like a street down from the UNI~Char

oh yeah i know that, i'll be there in 10~Hailes

I finished my McNuggets and sighed.

"i'm going to stand outside for a bit,"I said and they nodded, I got up and walked outside breathing in the fresh air.

"excuse me, are you Charity Clifford?"A girl who looked about 16 asked me.

"yeah that's me, are you a fan of my brother?"I asked smiling at the girl and her friend.

"Yeah, we love them they are our idols,"her friend said.

"if you want i could give your twitter names to them and ask them to follow you,"i said

"Really!? that'd be great,"She said and i typed their twitter names in my notes so i could send them to michael later.

"Charity if you don't mind me asking, are you and Calum still broken up?"she asked shyly.

"we got back together a week before they had to leave new york, i guess we were both miserable without each other, well i know i was, but they're on tour now so it's really hard but i'm really hoping it will all work out this time,"I said honestly and she smiled at me.

"that's great, Cality is my OTP,"she said and i laughed.

"is that what you guys call us?"i laughed and they nodded.

"can we get a photo?"her friend asked and i nodded and they smiled and stood next to me as we took a couple of weird selfies before they left.

"Hey charity!"I heard Hailey call out and i waved her over.

"Hey,"she said coming over to me. As she got closer, I saw the bags under her eyes. 

"Have you gotten any sleep?" I asked her as we walked to her car. She shrugged and got into the drivers side. 

"When does your summer start again?" She asked changing the subject. I sighed and rested my head on the window.

"The end of the week. Why?" I said as she drove off. I looked over at her and saw her smiling.

"Well, how do you feel about going to LA with me? My summer collection comes out next week." She said looking at me as we stopped at a red light. My eyes lit up and I smiled at her.

"LA?" I asked her. She smiled and nodded her head. I started to jump up and down in my seat and she laughed.

"How about we bring Logan, Damon and Katherine along as well? It'll be more fun." Hailey stated as she parked outside of a mall. 

"Yeah that'd be cool. But why are we at the mall?" I asked her with a confused look. She climbed out of the car and I followed behind her.

"Because we need to shop. We need more bikinis. We are going to LA after all." Hailey smiled as she walked into the mall. We shopped for a few hours before stopping at StarBucks and getting some drinks. 

"Hailes, I'm worried. Have you slept at all for the past few weeks?" I asked as we walked into the apartment. Hailey sighed and dropped her shopping bags near her bedroom door.

"I'm fine Charity. Really. You don't have to worry about me." She smiled at me reassuringly. I sighed and decided to drop the subject. I smiled at her a bit and walked into my room. 


-A Few Hours Later-

Hailey's POV

It was pretty late at night but I just couldn't sleep. I knew if I closed my eyes, the nightmares would just come back. I sighed and walked into Damon's room. He was just sitting on his bed -shirtless - on my laptop.

"You seriously need to get your own laptop." I chuckled and joined him on the bed. 

"Nightmares?" He asked looking at me for a second. I sighed and nodded my head. Damon pulled me into his side and squeezed me. Damon soon put the laptop on the nightstand and lied down. I lied down next to him and stared at the ceiling. 

"You need to get some sleep Hailey." Damon stated after a few minutes of silence. I sighed and nodded my head.

"It's just that, whenever I close my eyes, all I see is him standing there. I can't even take a nap without having him pop up." I sighed. Damon sighed and closed his eyes. I grabbed my laptop as I saw Luke calling me on Skype. I smiled and answered. I smiled at him and he smiled back.

"Hey baby." Luke said smiling at me. Damon then laid his head on my lap and closed his eyes. 

"Get off." I whined trying to push him off.

"My bedroom. My bed. You leave." Damon mumbled.

"You're the one who took my laptop." I stated. Damon looked up at me and flipped me off before walking out into the living room. I turned back to Luke and smiled.

"Hi babe." I smiled.

"What time is it there?" He asked me since he probably saw the window behind me.

"Uh, about midnight." I mumbled. 

"You look exhausted. Go get some sleep baby." Luke told me. I sighed and looked down at my hands.

"Hey, are you okay?" Luke asked me softly. I looked up from my fingers and nodded my head.

"Yeah, yeah I'm fine. I just really miss you." I said, smiling weakly.      

"I miss you too baby,"Luke said pouting.

"now go to sleep you seem exhausted,"He said  and i nodded.

"I love you,"I said.

"I love you too,"He said with a smile. 

"I'll call you tomorrow. Bye." I smiled at him. He told me goodnight before we ened the call. I closed my laptop and sighed. I walked out to the living room and found Damon passed out on the couch. I smiled and pulled a blanket over him. I walked into my bedroom and grabbed my purse. I sighed and grabbed the pills. I promised Charity a year ago that'd I'd stop if she did, but I just can't go to sleep. I sighed and popped the pills into my mouth. 


-1 Week Later-


"IT"S FINALLY SUMMER!" Charity yelled as she ran out the university with Logan and Katherine right behind her, I laughed at her and hugged her.

"I can't believe we're going to LA," Katherine said " Thank you so much for inviting me," She said.

"No problem,"I said and smiled at her.

"Ok you guys better finish packing we leave tonight," I said.

"Katherine we'll pick you up around 7 is that okay?"I asked.

"Yeah," She said smiling brightly.

Charity got into the car and i got into the passenger seat - as damon was driving- and Logan went to his car to drop off katherine.

Once we got home Charity rushed into her room to start packing, I laughed and went to my room and double checked i had everything i needed and then triple checked, you can never be to safe. I hid my pills between my clothes and threw in more shoes and bikinis. I zipped up my suitcase and went to the kitchen grabbing a chocolate bar and going to the living room.

"HAILEY!" Charity yelled from her room.

"WHAT?" I yelled back


"YOU STUFFED IT AT THE BACK OF YOUR BIKINI DRAWER!" I yelled back and heard some rustling and a thud.

"FOUND IT!" She yelled and i laughed and went back to watching the latest episode of teen wolf.

Just as the episode finished i got a skypecall from Luke. I answered it and I saw Luke, Calum, Michael an Ashton sitting on the floor somewhere.

"CHARITY!" I yelled waving at them hi.

"WHAT!" She yelled

"COME HERE!" I yelled back and a few seconds later i heard another thud and then some rustling before Charity appeared rubbing her ass.

"I swear if you only called me here to see that picture of Calum naked with a funny post with it i will slap you," She said plopping down to me and her eyes widened.

"you didn't hear that did you?" She said sheepishly but the laughs from Ashton, Luke and Michael answered her question.

"I love you too babe," Calum said sarcastically.

"I didn't mean it offensively but she keeps showing me these weird and funny edits and posts your fans make," Charity said and Calum rolled his eyes.

"Ok how can we help you," I said, finally recovering from laughing at Charity.

"what can't we just Skype you?" Mikey said and i laughed.

"no," Charity said before laughing. "ok now make it quick i need to go pack the rest of my clothes and find my red bikini,"

"Pack your clothes, bikini? where are you going?" Calum asked

"We're heading to LA!" Charity and I yelled. I saw Calum and Luke pout and i laughed.

"why are you guys pouting?" I asked.

"I want to see my girlfriend in a bikini," Luke said.

"Dude, that's my sister, i'd rather not have you dirty talk in front of me," Michael said.

"But we don't dirty talk, we get straight to it," Luke said cheekily.

"Luke!" Michael and Ashton yelled. Calum just laughed.

"Can you guys visit us later on in the summer!" Calum said.

"Of course we're coming," Charity said and Calum smiled goofily.

"Ok we have to go, i think Michael's going to kill Luke now," Ashton said indicating to michael and Luke who were having a deep discussion.

"Bye!" Calum and Ashton said before they ended the call. Charity hopped up and ran into her room.

~later on~

"Come on guys  it's time to head out!"I yelled pulling my two suitcases to the door. Damon came out with his suitcase the same time Logan did and they put their suitcases at the door and then Charity came out pulling her two suitcases, Logan laughed and took her suitcases to the door.

"Let's go,"I said and we grabbed all our suitcases and went downstairs to the waiting cab and got in. We stopped at Katherine's house first (causing damon to sit in the passenger feet to make space) and then headed off to the airport. 

We sat down waiting for our planes boarding time, Logan and Katherine were talking to each other, Damon had his headphones in listening to music and Charity had went to get us Starbucks meanwhile i was playing flappy bird on my phone. I groaned when i couldn't beat my highscore. Charity finally came back holding 5 Starbuck cups and she gave everyone theirs.

"I miss LA,"Charity said and i agreed.

Finally our plane began to board and we quickly went to the gate and to our seats.

"LA here we come,"I said.

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