teenage runaways (5sos fanfic)

Hailey and Charity your average crazy blonde teens have gotten into enough shit to last a life time. When there mother gets fed up with their bad habits she ships them off on tour with their older brother Michael Clifford, this tour will be full of love, drama, romance, betrayal and hurt Which leaves them heartbroken and MAYBE runaways


13. Chapter 13

Calum's POV

I woke up feeling like absolute crap, I shuffled upstairs. As I passed charity's room I saw her door open. I pushed the door open and looked in and saw her bed untouched and a couple of things missing.

"no, No, NO, SHIT!"I yelled once I realised she was gone. I looked at her desk and saw an envelope that was adressed to Hailey and us. I put it in my pocket a horrible feeling growing in my chest, a big hole was growing in my heart by the second. Tears fell freely down my cheeks i didn't bother to keep them in, I just lost the most important thing in my life. I loved her no scratch that I love her, she's my everything, my whole world. I realised last night how much of a shitty boyfriend i am when she said she felt like our relationship was mostly sexual. God I didn't even take her on a date, what kind of boyfriend does that?! 

"FUCK!"I yelled at the top of my lungs not caring if i woke the others up, all I care about right now is Charity and she's not here. The rest woke up and came into the room "Hey what happened?"Ashton asked and I looked up at them and they saw my tear stained face.

"She left. She's fucking gone!"I said and their faces all dropped.

"She's gone, and i'm not sure i can ever get her back,"I whispered to myself more tears flowing down my eyes.

Hailey's POV

I woke up my heart aching. I wished i woke up in Luke's arm like every other day. My phone started to ring. I sighed and already knew that it was Tim.

"Hello Tim." I sighed into the phone, sitting up.

"Hello darling, change of plans, you're coming to New York today." Tim explained. 

"Alright. Is anyone coming to pick me up? I kinda left my brother and now I'm staying at The Dorchester Hotel." I sighed.

"Alright. The limo will come pick you up in a few hours. And the driver will take you to the private jet." Tim explained. I nodded my head.

"Okay. I'll see you soon then Tim." I smiled slightly before we ended the call. I sighed and got out of bed. I changed into a simple outfit and fixed up my makeup. I walked out of the elevator a few minutes later to the lobby. I was about to walk away to eat some breakfast, but I stopped when I saw Charity walking out of the elevator.

"Char?" I asked in disbelief. She looked over at me and sighed. 

"How'd you get here?" I asked her. 

"I might have stole Calum's car..." She trailed off smiling innocently at me. I face palmed and laughed at her.

"Are you serious? That is pretty badass. And that's coming from me!" I smiled. She giggled and shrugged.

"I'm going to New York in a few hours." I sighed, looking down at the floor.

"Can I tag along? I don't really have enough money to pay this room as it is..." Charity trailed off. I chuckled and nodded my head.

"Of course, the limo will be here in a few hours so, lets go eat." I smiled and dragged her to the restaurant. After eating waffles we went outside and saw the limo waiting out there. We were about to get in when Charity stopped.

"What?"I asked.

"What about Calum's car?"She asked and i chuckled.

"Leave it. Teach him a lesson or two." I winked and climbed into the limo. Charity giggled and climbed in behind me.   

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