teenage runaways (5sos fanfic)

Hailey and Charity your average crazy blonde teens have gotten into enough shit to last a life time. When there mother gets fed up with their bad habits she ships them off on tour with their older brother Michael Clifford, this tour will be full of love, drama, romance, betrayal and hurt Which leaves them heartbroken and MAYBE runaways


11. chapter 11

Ashton's pov

I groaned as i fell onto my bed, i can't believe myself. Why the hell did i just have to go fall for my best mates girlfriend, God I fucked up. But when she came downstairs in that high short dress i just couldn't help but feel my pants tighten. NO Ashton snap out of it, you can't like your best mates girlfriend, god it's obvious Luke is deeply in love with Hailey and it's obvious she returns those feelings towards him. So i should seriously stop my stupid little school girl crush on her, if Luke found out not only will he hate me as his best friend this would ruin the band, and Hailey may hate me for this if anyone does find out, I mean i can already tell Charity suspects something but. God i'm a major fuck up not only did i almost kiss charity a while back but i have a crush on Hailey now. I sighed as i stared at the ceiling. I got up and went downstairs and grabbed an apple, it sort of sucked being the only single one out of the group, yup Michaels been seeing someone for quiet sometime now, yet only us boys know about it, not even Charity or Hailey know about it. A few minutes later Charity and Calum walked downstairs. they sat down on the couch cuddling.

"Can you guys not be all couply around me,"I said "god it sucks being the only single one,"I mumbled.

"What?"Charity asked and calms eyes were kind of wide, shit did she hear that.

"what?"I asked her back.

"you said it sucks being the only single one wha- OH MY GOD!"She said figuring it out.

"Shhhhh, you can't tell anybody,"I said quickly but she was already marching up stairs.

"well shit,"I said

"If michael asks i'm saying i had nothing to do with it,"Calum said and i shot him a look.

"what?!"Calum asks 

"anyway, is little ashton feeling unloved,"He said in a baby voice and i glared at him and he laughed.

"Don't worry we can have a Cashton day if you'd like,"he said and i smiled, Cal was just too sweet sometimes. Hailey then walked downstairs smiling at the both of us. 

"Hi asshole." She smiled at Calum. He chuckled and rolled his eyes at her.

"Hey Ash." She smiled at me before walking into the kitchen. 

"Wait uh Ash?" She asked popping her head out of the kitchen.

"Yeah?" I smiled at her.

"What time is it?" She asked sweetly.

"Uh about 2." I told her.

"Oh good I th-Wait 2? SHIT!!!!!!!!" She yelled running upstairs. Calum and I furrowed our eyebrows before she ran back downstairs,trying to slip on her converse. 


"WHAT?!" Luke yelled running downstairs.

"You're not leaving me right? Babe?" He asked her worriedly. I guess he really does love her. I guess he just hasn't admitted it to himself yet. I sighed to myself knowing that she probably will never be mine.

"You're such an idiot. I have to go get my friend from the airport." She stated. Luke sighed in relief and kissed her cheek. She smiled and pecked him on the lips before walking out. 

"Someone's in loooovvveeee." Calum teased Luke. He rolled his eyes and flipped Calum off.

"What about you huh? 'Charity babe, don't ever leave me'." Luke mocked Calum. Calum blushed slightly and flipped him off. A few minutes or so later Hailey walked in with suitcases in her hands.

"But what if they hate me?" I heard a voice say from behind the door.

"Then they're insane. C'mon they'll love you." Hailey smiled and dragged the girl in. She was beautiful. Stunning really. I stood up and walked over to the both of them. I tripped and fell to the floor. Everyone laughed at me.

"That's Ashton. He's an idiot." Hailey told her lovely friend. She giggled and smiled down at me. I stood up and held my hand out.

"Hi,I'm Ashton,the idiot." I chuckled. She giggled and shook my head.

"I'm Juliet. But just call me Jewels." She smiled at me. She whispered something into Hailey's ear and Hailey smirked at her slightly. Hailey whispered something into Jewels' ear and she raised her eyebrows. Michael then walked downstairs and looked over at Jewels.

"Jewels?" He asked looking surprised.

"Not that chubby kid you knew huh Mikey." Jewels giggled.

"You look great. God you really have grown up." Michael chuckled. Jewels smiled at him.

"Well don't just stand there awkwardly, HUG ME BROTHA!" She yelled running into his arms. 

"BABYYYYYY!!!!" Luke yelled running to Hailey and kissing her. Charity walked down stairs looking stressed.

"what the fuck is all the commotion abou-"she cut herself off when she saw Jewles and a look of pure hatred came on her face. "Oh, Juliet, I didn't know you were coming today,"She said a fake big smile on her face. what happened between her and jewels.

"Charity you can call me jewels, you know!"jewels said smiling brightly, Wow she had a beautiful smile.

"okay,"Charity said 

"Anyway this is Luke my boyfriend so he's off limits got it, and that's Calum the asshole,"Hailey said and Jewels smiled at Luke before she turned to Calum.

"hey,"she said shaking his hand.

"Hi,"He said smiling at her, I saw Charity giving Jewels like extremely murderous death glare, like if looks could kill anyone in 50 Kilometers would be 60 feet under by now. Charity must not like Jewels at all, why though she's so beautiful.

Charity's pov

That little attention seeking whore, i mean nobody's fucking voice is that sickly sweet like what the hell, and i could see the deathly glares she was giving me under her fake innocent cover.

"Okay babe i'm going back upstairs,"I said to Calum pecking him on the lips.

"Okay babe,"Calum said, oh wow yeah way to make me feel the love calm, i shot Jewels one more glare before stomping upstairs. I sighed before going back to my room and jumping back on my bed where my laptop was already open. I smiled slightly as i scrolled through the page. I was on a School website. Ok now you're all thinking why is she on a freaking School website didn't she drop out cause she didn't like didn't, yeah i don't like school, but  here's the thing it's a school for photography and filming, two things i love to do. If you want to apply for it you have to submit one video that lasts for 6 minutes(filmed and edited by you) and one photo (taken by you) wit a paragraph about why you chose this photo.

I had already started my video, it starts of with a video of Hailey smiling at me sticking her tongue out and then her start dancing (did I mention she was an amazing dancer), then it cuts off to two australian street dancers, then it cuts off to this girl painting an amazing portrait in 2 minutes for a customer on the side block. I still don't have it all but i know what i'm doing, My video is going to be about how you can do the thing you love without any support or going to a university/school or anything, you can do the thing you love without a studio or anything.

but i'm not really sure what i'm going to do for the picture. The only downside of this is that the school is in new york and i'm going to have to move all the way there. I'm not sure how Calum or Hailey or the rest are going to take it. I sighed escaped my lips, i have spent an hour editing the video making sure it cut off on the right second and everything, I closed my laptop and put it under my bed (don't ask why) and went downstairs, I walked downstairs and i instantly got pissed jewels was sitting in-between Calum and Ashton (which might i add is where I usually sit) as she showed Calum something on her phone and giggled over it and Calum was laughing too.

"Hey,"Jailey said noticing me standing there and everybody turned to  look at me.

"I'm going out,"I muttered grabbing my coat and stormed out and slamming the door shut behind me loudly. I got a cab and was about to give the driver Marcus and Sam's address when I remembered they were king on a date tonight. I told the driver to go to the nearest mall.Once we arrived i paid the driver and walked down the street and to the small park i found a few days ago, i walked deep inside and sat down by an old willow tree as I watched a couple of kids play football. I guess that answered the question about how Calum react, he probably won't miss me at all because he has jewels now. i glared down at my hands bitterly just the thought of her makes me angry. Nobody knows the actual reason of why I hate her, people just assume stuff or listen to rumors, they never bothered asking me why, anyway you won't get it if i did anyway.

I grabbed my phone and scrolled through my contacts and finally found the contact i've been looking for,

Hey ~Char

Hey ~Derek

Long time no chat eh?~Char

yeah :( that sucks ~Derek

God i miss you guys so much ~Char

i miss you too~ Derek

Having the worst day ever~Char

why so?~derek 

the devil in prada's here >:( ~Char

Don't say that about her ~Derek 

What? derek what's going on we always call her the devil in prada~Char

yeah will things changed Char, grow up would ya~Derek

well i can clearly see i'm not waned back home in aussie, and i'm clearly not wanted in london and i'm not wanted in your life, don't worry i won't bother you with my childishness anymore ~Char 

I sighed and turned my phone off, this sucks. everybody is turning away from me, Derek and i used to be best friends since we were in diapers and he's turned against me, Hailey prefers her over me, Calum's most likely going to end up ditching me for her, Michael has always considered her as another sister and considering how i acted towards him before he certainly loves jewels as a sister more then he loves me, Luke is going to do what Hailey is going to do and Ash has a crush on Hailey so he obviously is going to do what Hailey is going to do. I got it once i finish my assignment and send it in it takes only a few days for an email back saying if you're in or not. I'm going to wait until then and if i get accepted i'm packing my bags and getting a flight to new york.

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