6 months after the revolution and life seems to be just fixing back together for the star crossed lovers Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark but after all that they have been through can they against all odds survive there hardest challenge yet?


6. uninvited guest.

After a few minutes I'm being lifted but I can't open my eyes, there are 2 voices now, both deep and quiet. "Did she swallow it?" Says one boy, he sounds extremely upset.

"She's still breathing, I don't think she can have, she must have just smashed her head pretty bad".

there's anger in his voice as it raises.

"why the fuck did you let her go in to the woods in that state on her own Peeta, I thought you were supposed to love her", he says that a little too sarcastic for my liking.

"Your fucking useless, why is she even with you, she would be so much better off in 2 with me".

Peeta starts to cry and gets louder with every sob.

GALE, it's gales voice I can hear, my mind starts to wander as he starts to shout again, spilling abuse at Peeta.

"Leave him alone Gale, it's not his fault, please your going to set him off", I plead but the words just comes out at a gasp.

It must have been 3 days before I could string a sentence together and another 2 before Gale returned.

"Why are you here Gale?" I growl while Peeta sleeps at my side, "stay away from us".

There's a short silence them Gale sighs, "I needed to see you Katniss, I'm sorry".

I still blame Gale partly for my sisters death, they must have known the dangers when they let her enter the Capitol, when they lead her to her death, now he's come back, abusing my boyfriend, who does he think he is.

"It was her idea you know Katniss, she knew what she wanted to do, what she had to do, no one could stop her", he must have noticed the pained expression on my face.

"You could,you could have forced her to stay, locked her in a room if it came to that, anything to save her..". I'm hysterical by now, Peeta stirs and pulls me towards him, dragging me from my seated position on the sofa to land on his legs, it takes all the strength I have to pull myself back up, my chest tight and body rigid I calm myself and gain a little composure.

"Why did you come back", I say in my coldest voice, hoping he would feel the unwelcome.

"I came to see my mother and the children, I asked about you and Haymitch told me about your new housing arrangements, I had to see for myself and when I saw the light In the bedroom and 2 figures, well Katniss, I couldn't help it, the jealousy hit me and I ran".

"That still doesn't explain why you were in the wood", I grumble, leaving his gaze to snuggle closer to Peeta.

"That's the only place I can go when I'm upset, it calms me, I had just drifted off to sleep when I heard you crashing towards me, your usually so silent, I knew there was something wrong, then when you dived towards the berries".

He shakes his head and rests it in his huge dark palms, "I had already lost you once, I wasn't going to do it again".

"If you think you can come back and break us up you have another thing coming, I love Peeta and that's how it's going to stay", I say in a low voice, Peeta must have heard the last bit because he mumbles back in his half conscious state "I love you Katniss, always", this brings a smile to my face and Gale look at me with that dark seam look, sadness across his face.

There is no similarity between the two boys, Gale, more a man than a boy with his strong features and shaggy dark hair, handsome can't quite describe his face, it's more than that, he could have his pick of any woman for miles around.

I turn to face Peeta, his golden hair glinting in the fire light, he looks so childlike when he sleeps, his long eyelashes fluttering as he dreams, his baby pink lips slightly open taking in soft breaths and his strong muscular arms around me in the most comforting hold, Gale may be handsome, breathtaking even but I know who I need.

"Gale, you disappear for months on end and them come back expecting me to welcome you with open arms? That isn't how it works".

"That's what it was like for me during the games, hell, I even had to watch you devote your love to some little bread boy, watch him steal the kisses meant for me and then after all that I welcomed you back, because I love you".

"Well things have changed Gale, I'm sure you can find yourself a lady, I bet they wait lined around your house at your disposal, pick one and go have a family, I'm sure you'll forget about me easy enough".

Gale knows very well that I've been told about his and Madge's little fling but I don't feel it is the right time to bring it up.

It was a short time after the whipping that I asked Madge why her mother sacrificed her Medicine for Gale, Madge looked at me, I could see there was guilt in her eyes.

"It's only right that you know Katniss, when you left for the games, me and Gale, well we went to each other for comfort and..".

"Did he kiss you Madge?", I tried to keep my voice as stable as possible.

"Um..yeah, we used to meet and go in the woods, I'm so sorry Katniss, we we're just both so scared and needed one another, we didn't set out to have a physical relationship, it was just for comfort but Gale has this way of wording things".

I laugh loudly, "he always has been quite persuasive, did you have sex or what Madge?, you do know that illegal, what a good friend you are, keeping my cousin 'happy', aw". The rage made me feel about ready to explode.

"No, no it never went that far, As soon as you arrived back we stopped meeting and decided that would be the end of us, then when I found out he was hurt I was so upset, I took some of my mothers medicine and ran to yours, please don't be mad Katniss, I don't see him anymore and you have Peeta now".

I wasn't mad, I was numb, that was the last time I spoke to Madge properly.

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