6 months after the revolution and life seems to be just fixing back together for the star crossed lovers Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark but after all that they have been through can they against all odds survive there hardest challenge yet?


16. The cat is out of the bag.

Pacing the stairs i try and contain my thoughts, Johanna is in my house, the loudest shit talking person i know is now going to be faced with a very large stomach of victor child, i see it all, Cameras, films, camping on the lawn, climbing up the drain pipe just for a look of the thing.

I empty the continence of my wardrobe on to the floor of my room, hopelessly trying to find something that will conceal the bulging Peeta fruit growing inside me.

the only thing i can find is a long flowing floral dress, the kind that shows off assets that arn't your face, hopefully it will draw the attention from my waist to my swollen breasts that i catch Peeta starring at throughout the days.

since i found out i was pregnant the most intimate Peeta has been with me is feeling his morning arousal when he spoons me at night, the thought of sex makes me feel sick to my stomach, how can something so beautiful and personal cause such a problem like this.

my foot hits the last step of the staircase heavier that i anticipated and the squeak rumbles through the whole house, damn my off center of gravity.

Johanna's face meets mine from the edge of the sofa and automatically scans down to my bulging chest, "WOAH Kat when did your tits come in?"..great.

i laugh and walk to the fridge, grab a cheese bun and sit at the dining table, making sure my stomach is covered from view and try and join in the conversation until Johanna pulls out a photo of baby Nikki. "so when did you plan to tell me about your little mistake?." my heart pounds and i stair at Peeta, he shakes his head, looking as bewildered as me.

"did you really think that your tits were going to distract from that massive bun in your oven?", Shit.


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