6 months after the revolution and life seems to be just fixing back together for the star crossed lovers Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark but after all that they have been through can they against all odds survive there hardest challenge yet?


9. Perfect.

Peeta reluctantly steps into the water, stopping when it reaches his hips.

The slick liquid illuminates his strong features as he looks down. "Katniss i think this is as far as I can go", he stumbles slightly and then grasps a large rock, " I think there's weed stuck to my leg!".

"Oh don't be such a baby" I shout to him, "I've shown you the basics before, don't blame the leg", I bob up and down mocking him, it's been so long since I could have a joke like this.

"Fair enough, I'm coming" he sighs before stomping through the water and reach to his hand before we both slip and fall against the bank, his weight pinning me in front of him, the skin on skin contact making me loose my breath.

"You love me, real or not real?, I just manage to breath out, he crunches his face for a moment and sinks into my neck, "real sweetheart".

His hands rest on my hips as he pulls me closer in to his arms, they seem to have expanded since the last time we had been in this position, my hands can hardly fit around his broad chest so instead I clutch at his skin while he unclasps my bra and slides down the rest of my underwear.

The thought of him seeing my bare structure worries me for a moment until I can see the smile on his lips as he runs his thumb up my left rib onto my breast, stroking me tenderly with every kiss, Gently we grind in perfect synchronisation with one another until we can have no more and break In to a harder pace.

Our breathing slows to a slight hum as we lay resting against the bank, still intertwined in each others arms when I hear a rustle of leaves to our right.

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