6 months after the revolution and life seems to be just fixing back together for the star crossed lovers Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark but after all that they have been through can they against all odds survive there hardest challenge yet?


2. Nikki Odair.

As the doors open the smell of sea air burns my lungs, its been so long I forgot the beautiful sea that borders here, but also the salty scent which transports me back to the clock arena, I shudder at the thought of that ghastly place.

Flattening my hair and wiping my face we walk towards Haymitch, he is already hanging over a wall that encases the harbour. "Isn't the sea breeze nice sweetheart" he sings happily, swinging his arms in the air then gesturing towards the deep blue veins that run under the planks of wood that lead to a small yellow house. His personality has flipped so much since he has been sober, he really is a changed man.

"I think we should go inside" Peeta mumbles, pulling his coat around his neck, he never was too fond of water.

Before we can reach the door I hear a loud scream, a familiar scream.."KATNISS" my mother cries, running down the planks to meet me, her tight embrace feels so welcoming after all these months.

"Come in, come in" she bubbled, "There's someone who would like to meet you all" she points towards towards a small room, there sits Annie rocking backwards and forwards in a rocking chair clutching baby Nikki.

"Oh isn't he just perfect" whispers Peeta, Annie hands him the bundle and He lets out a quiet cooing sound before he softly places himself in a big chair, cradling the baby, the smile on his face shows in this moment, he is completely content.

"Would it be ok for me to get drink?"I say, swallowing the tears I am holding back.

Annie smiles happily and gestures to my mother who guides me to kitchen. As we reach the door I whisper, "how is she coping, she looks tired". Mother sighs.

"She is getting better, the hallucinations don't come as much but when they do, if we're not here, she will run, we've found her hiding under the docks before, just as the tide was coming in, if I didn't stay to look after her well I dread to think."

"At least your here for her" I agree, half smiling, I know she is in the safest hands.

Turning back to the living room I see Peeta is no longer on the chair but on the sofa between Annie and Haymitch.

"Peeta you need to share!" I exclaim smiling at Annie and she gives a small laugh he hands the baby back, "I'm sorry Annie he's just so cute" he beams.

"You want to, um, hold?" Annie says, stuttering her words, "he doesn't cry".

"Thank you but I'm not very good with babies, they don't like me" I say, squeezing in between Haymitch and Peeta, Peeta sighs, "pass him here Annie, she just thinks she'll drop him" he laughs and gently lays Nikkis head on my lap, supporting the rest of his body.

"Hello" I whisper as two sea green eyes meet my gaze, he lets out a small gurgle and smiles.

"I think he likes you" Peeta grins, his face in total adoration.

Haymitch chimes in for the first time since we entered the house, "he knows how to charm the lady's, just like his father". This brings a sad smile to Annie's face and she giggles.

"Every body says that,'s his eyes" she agrees.

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