Will You Marry Me?

Harry is a nobleman who needs to marry quickly before he's 21 or else won't inherit his father's money and estate. Niall is just a normal lad strolling along..... ok, so he has a girlish appearance, he's still manly, right? Well he thinks he is. Harry is attracted towards Niall and asks him to marry him, to get his mother to shut up. Only problem, Niall's a guy. Harry is willing to pay Niall to be his "fiance", but he's also going to have to dress the part. They seem to despise each other when they aren't in front of his family. So why was Harry so jealous when someone started hitting on Niall? Will a little jealousy cause for true feelings to arise? What if one of them was already in love? How about the new guy? Why is he so touchy with Harry's fake bride?


3. The Beginning: Four Years Ago

"Well...here goes nothing...." A blond spoke to himself as he entered the school.  The school was BIG compared to the last one he had attended.  He was confused as to where to go now, so he just picked a random direction and prayed for the best.  Luck seemed to be on his side, for the main office was a few classrooms ahead.  Arriving, he noticed that the door was already held open, so he just walked in and up to the reception desk.

"How may I help you?" The lady asked once Niall was able to get her attention.

"I'm new.... so I was wondering if I can get my schedule..." Niall explained.

"Then you must be Niall, correct?" The lady asked.  Niall nodded his head yes before he was handed a small packet of papers, to which he guess included his class schedule.  With the lady returning to what she had been doing, Niall mumbled a quick thank you before exiting the office.

"Now where to go....." Niall mumbled to himself as he looked back and forth between his schedule and the school map.  he just stared at both very confused.  'This school is a maze!' he thought to himself, growing frustrated.

"Hi!" Niall looked up at the voice that had spoken.  it was a guy, maybe somewhere around his age.... maybe a year older.

"Hi?" Niall returned, unsure if the boy had been talking to him.  He even looked back before, just to make sure.  But seeing as there was no one behind him, or around, it only made sense that he had spoken to him.

"yes, you, silly.  There's no one else but you" the boy teased, giggling a bit in the process.  "Do you need help?  You seem.... what's the word.... lost?" The boy offered, growing serious.

"Would you? This place looks like a maze! i seriously have no idea how anyone can find their way!" Niall exaggerated, handing his papers to the boy's awaiting hands.

"Oh! by the way.... I'm Louis!" The boy introduced himself, sticking his hand out for Niall to shake.

"I'm Niall.." he replied, shaking Louis' hand.

"Ok..... You have the first couple of classes with me.... so just follow me and I'll lead you" Louis stated, handing the papers back to Niall.  With that being said, both boys started their journey to their first hour, math, with Louis leading the way.  The walk to class took longer than niall expected, due to Louis stopping to talk with about everyone they saw.  They walked in right before the bell had rung, signaling the start of class.  Louis went to take a seat next to some friends, while Niall just stood at the door awkwardly, waiting for the teacher to notice him.

"Oh, you must be Niall, I'm Mrs. Johnson" she stated once she had noticed Niall.  "Don't be shy, come and introduce yourself" she motioned him over, which happened to be in the frint of the classroom.  Finally standing beside her, Niall felt himself blushing.  He wasn't used to all the attention he was receiving, and it was making him nervous.  "Go on..." she whispered, encouragingly.

"Ok... um.... I'm Niall... and I just moved here from Ireland..." he mumbled loud enough that he wouldn't have to repeat.  He was probably as red as a tomato by the time he had finished; he had a feeling he was because he felt the heat on his face.

"Ok, thank-you niall, you can take a seat next to Harry..... but considering he isn't here at the moment, it's the one in front of Zayn.  Zayn!"  The teacher instructed, calling out the guy Niall was suppose to sit in front of.  Spotting the guy, the teacher allowed for him to take a seat.  Glancing to the desk next to his, and seeing it empty, he figured that it belonged to Harry.  Niall just shrugged his shoulders before deciding to take out a notebook and a pencil so he could start taking notes.  A few minutes after the teacher had begun teaching the door opened, and in walked a guy with Curly brown hair, and a pair of shades that covered his eyes.  The girls squealed in excitement and Niall just stared at them confusingly.

"Don't mind them.... they do that every time he breathes..." a voice spoke from behind.  Turning around, Niall faced a boy with just black hair, with a blond streak in the front, and brown eyes, whom by which the teacher mentioned, must be Zayn.

"What do you mean?" Niall asked, still not understanding what exactly he was talking about.

"His name is Harry, Prince Of England.  The girls, and a few guys, worship the ground he walks on.  If I were you, I wouldn't get involved with him.  He acts kind, but really... all he is, is a player.  He sleeps around" Zayn explained.

"Wait...... did you say he was a PRINCE?!"  And the PRINCE OF ENGLAND?!" Niall questioned, making sure he had heard right.

"Are you sure you aren't a real blond? or are you just stupid? yes! he's a prince" Zayn retorted annoyingly, crossing his arms across his chest.

"hey! I was just making sure I heard right! You don't need to be so mean about it..." Niall angrily replied, before he settled in a frown and pout, with the addition of crossing his arms.  Zayn chuckled quietly before he responded.

"I'm Zayn" he held his hand out.

"Niall" he shook Zayn's awaiting hand.  Not a few seconds after the duo finished talking about the prince, Harry finally decided to take a seat, looking rather irritated.  Class went by quickly.  Walking out of the classroom, he was soon grabbed by none other than Louis, whom was dragging Niall along to their next class.

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