Will You Marry Me?

Harry is a nobleman who needs to marry quickly before he's 21 or else won't inherit his father's money and estate. Niall is just a normal lad strolling along..... ok, so he has a girlish appearance, he's still manly, right? Well he thinks he is. Harry is attracted towards Niall and asks him to marry him, to get his mother to shut up. Only problem, Niall's a guy. Harry is willing to pay Niall to be his "fiance", but he's also going to have to dress the part. They seem to despise each other when they aren't in front of his family. So why was Harry so jealous when someone started hitting on Niall? Will a little jealousy cause for true feelings to arise? What if one of them was already in love? How about the new guy? Why is he so touchy with Harry's fake bride?


2. Author's Note

I was thinking of changing how this story was gonna go... meaning starting all over..... i was thinking about how i want the story... and I changed how the beginning was gonna be..... but what do you guys want??? I'll most what I have so far of the other one will sound like and you tell me which one you want me to keep.


(Harry's POV)

She was beautiful.  She had dyed blond hair, with her brown roots showing; it kinda reminded me of Miley Cyrus, but of course she wore it better.  Her teeth used to be crooked, which I thought was cute, now she has braces on them, making them straight. She was curvy, didn't really have a chest, or atleast you weren't able to tell with the loose shirts she always wore.  She had a beautiful smile, and brightest, deepest blue eyes that I have ever seen.  Her blue eyes always sparkled with happiness.  She had the best personality.  She was easy to make laugh, considering she was always laughing.  She had the biggest most caring heart.  She was friendly and kind to everyone, even me on some occasions.  And her voice.  She had the softest, kindest, sweetest, most angelic voice with an Irish accent I have ever heard.  I loved her.  For a while actually.  Only problem, she despised me. It hurt that she did, but I wouldn't her.  By the way I always treat her, I would too if I were her.  Which I do hate myself for hurting her, but it's just difficult expressing my feelings.  Especially feeling that I've never felt for anyone but her.


(Niall's POV)

I hate him.  He always thinks he's better than me... than everyone actually.  He's such a cocky bastard. ugh! just because he's fucking royalty doesn't mean he's all that.  well.... kinda.... but still!! he should atleast try to be less cocky! Ignorant bastard prince! oh look.... another how hanging off him.  I heard he's suppose to be looking for a bride so he can get his crown, or some shit like that.  I feel sorry for whoever has to marry him.  Now don't get me wrong, he's attractive, maybe too attractive... but his personality just kills it.  He's a cold, heartless bastard.  And just to me too! I've noticed! What did I ever do to him?? Nothing! that's right! i did nothing!... I just hate him....



Funny how their relationship works.  Niall has no idea on Harry's feeling for him.  And Harry still doesn't know Niall is a guy, so he thinks he is actually a she.  Harry has to marry to be a ble to get he crown and become king.  Harry has always been in love with Niall (even though he is a guy) but never really knew how to deal with his feeling, so he set in bullying her, but to an extent.  But other than that, he's just a popular prince everyone hangs off of.  He's openly bi (at school) so both girls and boys want him... well all except... Niall....  So one day, Harry finally manages to man-up and tells niall that he want to speak to him ( he still doesn't know that he's a  guy).  Niall reluctantly accepts cautious of harry.  Harry ends up taking Niall on a "date" where he ends up confessing and asking him to marry him.  Niall not knowing that Harry is bi, even though he's open about it, states that he's a guy.  that just makes it more easier and harder for harry considering her's more attracted to men that women, but harder because his parents don't know he goes for both sexes.  Harry offers him a place to stay and money to be able to continue his schooling and for other necessities.  Niall's parents had passed away in a car crash.  He doesn't really have time or the money to be able to attend uni after they graduate he agrees after a long time thinking about it.  Now the problem is, that harry's parents don't know he's bi, so Niall kinda has to play a role that of a female.  meaning, he gonna have to "dress" the part.


well.... that's all I got so far.... so what do you guys think??? keep the old one.... continue with the new version?? what do you guys want??? comment please.... i want to know....

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