Will You Marry Me?

Harry is a nobleman who needs to marry quickly before he's 21 or else won't inherit his father's money and estate. Niall is just a normal lad strolling along..... ok, so he has a girlish appearance, he's still manly, right? Well he thinks he is. Harry is attracted towards Niall and asks him to marry him, to get his mother to shut up. Only problem, Niall's a guy. Harry is willing to pay Niall to be his "fiance", but he's also going to have to dress the part. They seem to despise each other when they aren't in front of his family. So why was Harry so jealous when someone started hitting on Niall? Will a little jealousy cause for true feelings to arise? What if one of them was already in love? How about the new guy? Why is he so touchy with Harry's fake bride?


4. Author's Note 2

Sorry this isn't a chapter...... but I need you're guys's HELP!!!

so i need a HUGE favor from you guys!! its simple.... so I entered a contest on a radio station website.  and the top 5 pictures with the most votes by July 13 gets a jersey signed by the boys.  and i really really really wanna win.... so if you guys will help me out and vote for mine.... i would appreciate it very much!! the link is below.  If you vote i thank you a million times!!! I love you all... and please i would love for you guys to vote for mine c: :*

link is below:



I'll try to update soon tho!! thanks!! and I will give an imagine to the first 10 people that vote and comment that they did!! LOVE YOU ALL!!! *MUAH*

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