Little Me

"She's holding on but her fingers are slipping"

Kristens best friend died three weeks ago, and it seems like since then everything is going down hill. Her parents are getting a divorce, her Nana's in the hospital, and her only friend, her sister, is moving all the way to England with her fiance. She's left alone, and she starts to build up these impenetrable walls.
So, the walls are impossible to break down, but one boy finds another way.
He climbs over them.


1. Introduction

Kristen's Pov

           What is the purpose of life? Is it to die? Because we all die eventually, do we not? And in between being born and dying we suffer through pain and losing loved ones. Sometimes there are happy points, but after those happy times, life decides to screw it all up.

          Take this for example. A few months ago, I was on top of the world. I had the best friend a girl could ever ask for, an amazing family, and a healthy life style. But in just a few weeks, my best friend decided to end her life. Then, a few days after that, mom and dad mentioned a divorce. A divorce. Do they not understand that once you make a commitment to someone to stay together forever, you have to stay together forever? And to top it off, I have to decide who I want to live with by Friday. Who gives a decision like that to a 17 year old girl? Idiots, that's who. Oh and the best part -- note the sarcasm -- is that Nana is in the hospital. Guess whose fault it is? Mine. I told her about mom and dad getting a divorce with a text. She checked it at a red light but some jerk rammed her in the back of her car not even five seconds after the light turned green. Now Erica decides to drop this whole bomb on our family and say she is moving to somewhere in England with her stupid fiancé, Norman. Norman. His name is Norman. Who would do that to their child? So now I'm alone. Friendless, almost family-less, sad, and ready to just let go of whatever the hell I am holding on to because what ever it is, it sure as hell isn't worth all this. But I am still holding on.

          So what is the point of living? To die? To suffer? I don't want to die, nor suffer. But right now, I have to stick with suffering because I'm not going to die anytime soon







Hey guys, I'm back with a -- hopefully -- way better structured fanfiction about the boys. I've had this written for I don't even know how long and I logged on and the intro was already written and it was pretty bad... so, like, if you read Forgotten when it was that bad, first I wanna say I'm honestly so sorry and that's definitely going to be edited soon, and second, thank you for tolerating it. 

If you didn't read Forgotten, then, honestly, I wouldn't if I were you. At least not yet.


Tab isn't working so I'm just holding the spacebar down for a certain amount of time so I don't know if they're equal or not.


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