Life As We Know It (The Beginning)

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  • Published: 7 Feb 2014
  • Updated: 28 Feb 2014
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Life As We Know It(The Beginning) is the beginning of how everyone met, and how it all began(without One Direction). How Kim and Randy met, and how Randy is crazy about Kim and forgets all about Stacy until his his first year in college(Life As We Know It 2). How John and Randy started to hate eachother and how everything just went.


12. Rivary Love

(Later That Summer) 

Stacy: *calls randy* 

Randy: *sees stacy's name* Stacy? 

Stacy: Hi Randy, it's been a while, I just wanted to call and check up with you. How have you been? 

Randy: You lied and left me. 

Stacy: I know, I'm sorry, but I'm coming back to town. 

Randy: What for? 

Stacy: To visit for the Summer. 

Randy: Oh? Who are you coming to see? 

Stacy: You? 

Randy: Right, you're my slut, I forgot, but I found a new friend, and she's my best friend, and girlfriend. 

Stacy: A new slut you said? 

Randy: No, not any kind, just mine. 

Stacy: *hurt* Well, I just wanted to call and told you that I broked up with my boyfriend because he was cheating on me, I wanted someone to talk to, so I called you and thought you would like to meet since, it's been a while too. 

Randy: No, I have a girlfriend, I love her, and that's how it's gonna be.  

Stacy: Wow, ok, well, goodbye then Randy, guess I won't be coming. 

Randy: *hurt* No, don't waste your time or money on coming because I won't even know you anymore. 

Stacy: *gets more hurt* Oh, ok, well bye, take care then. Bye. *hangs up* 

Randy: *hangs up* 

(Beginning Of Sophomore Year) 

Eve: *walking to class* 

Randy: Hi, are you a freshman? 

Eve: Yeah. 

Randy: I'm Randy, I'll be glad to show you around. *smiles* 

Eve: *smiles* Are you trying to hit on me? *crosses her arms* 

Randy: Maybe. *smiles flirty* 

John: Randy, we gotta go, we can't be late to P.E. on first day, we know this place too well now. *walks off* 

Randy: Alright, well I'm Randy, it was nice to meet you... what's your name again? 

Eve: *smiles* Eve. 

Randy: Eve, the beautiful Eve, I'll see you around, catch you later. *runs after john* 

Kim: *bumps into eve* Oh, I'm sorry. 

Eve: Hey, isn't your father Samuel? 

Kim: *crosses her arms* Yeah, and who are you? 

Eve: I'm Eve Torres, your father and my father is good friends.  

Kim: How do you know of me? 

Eve: Your father was showing me a picture of you on his wallet, he says he misses you a lot.  

Kim: Really? 

Eve: Yeah, since you're mother's back home, why don't you try connecting them again. *smiles and leaves* 

Kim: Who was she again? 

Maryse: Well if it isn't Kim Frank. 

Kim: Maryse how was summer? Any good chances with Mike hmm? 

Maryse: Mike is amazing; I can't believe you would only use him for sex. I'm glad he found me, someone who can love him, and give him what he needs and wants. 

Kim: *chuckles* I don't care about Mike anymore ok, I found someone new. 

Maryse: Someone new or a new sex partner. 

Kim: *smiles evil* Doesn't matter does it, it's not you, so get out my way. *pushes Maryse and walks pass her* 

Maryse: *gasp* How dare you touch me! 

Kim: *smiles* I would slap you, but then that little pretty face of yours might not be wanted anymore. *blows a kiss and walks off* 

Maryse: *gets pissed* 

Mike: Hey? What's wrong? Why are you talking to trouble for? 

Maryse: *slaps the hell out of mike and leaves mad* 

Mike: *caught off guard* What the hell just happened. Maryse?! *runs after her* 

(End of Sophomore Year) 

Kim: Hey mom. 

Paola: Yes? 

Kim: I know we haven't talked much since you came home, but can we talk... like for a minute or so. 

Paola: Honey, I'm your mother, I will sit and listen to whatever you have to say. 

Kim: Ok, then. *sits down* 

Paola: Oh, you sat down? Is everything ok? 

Kim: Did you know I was arrested. 

Paola: What?! When!? 

Kim: Freshman year, I kinda lied about something, and then I turned the tables and it was me that was arrested. 

Paola: Who set you free baby?! 

Kim: Randy. 

Paola: You're boyfriend?  

Kim: Yeah, I accused him of stalking and raping me and at the end, I came clean. 

Paola: Honey!  

Kim: I know, I'm sorry, but that's not what I wanted to talk to you about. 

Paola: Yes, can we talk about this later. 

Kim: Or never. 

Paola: *gives kim a look* 

Kim: Mom, can you get back with dad please. 

Paola: What?! Why? 

Kim: I miss him, and I would really love it if you and dad got back. 

Paola: No. 

Kim: It'll make me a better person mom. I just... I need someone to love me, and I want to see a good example, and that's from you and dad. I can't be a good person if you and dad don't show or tell me how. 

Paola: You really want us to get back? To fight and argue all over again under the same roof, no! 

Kim: I heard dad misses us. 

Paola: Us? 

Kim: Ok me. 

Paola: You can go visit him. 

Samuel: *rings the doorbell* 

Kim: To bad. 

Paola: Kim! 

Kim: *smiles* You'll thank me someday. *opens the door* Hey dad. *smiles and hugs Samuel* 

Samuel: Hey honey. *hugs kim back* Wow, you're pretty much grown now. 

Kim: All grown up now dad. *smiles* 

Samuel: May I come in? 

Kim: It's your house still. 

Samuel: Right. *walks in* 

Paola: Who invited you over. 

Samuel: *looks at kim* You didn't tell her? 

Kim: Oh, trust me, I tried. *slams the door slightly* I'll be in the room. 

Paola: *sighs* 

Samuel: You look great. 

Paola: Thanks.  

Samuel: May I sit down? 

Paola: Yeah. *sits down* 

Samuel: *sits down* I brought your favorite wine. 

Paola: Oh, thanks, it's been a while. 

Samuel: I bet. *cont. talking* 

(A Few Hours Later) 

Kim: *working on her homework* It got quiet. *gets out of bed and peek at the corner* 

Paola: *laughs out loud* 

Kim: *gets startled* 

Samuel: *laughs* 

Paola: *laughing* Stop it Samuel. 

Samuel: *kissing paola* 

Kim: *disgusted* Ew. *goes back to her room and changes* Mom, dad, I'm gonna go to Randy's, I'll be home in a bit. 

Paola: *laughing* Ok honey. 

Samuel: Don't be out to late. 

Kim: *rises her eyebrow* I'll try not to, I mean, you two are kinda having a great night. *smiles and leaves* 

Samuel: *looks at paola* 

Paola: *laughs and kisses Samuel* 

Randy: What are you doing here? 

Kim: My parent's reunited, so I'm gonna hang out here, I didn't feel like hearing "them" you know. 

Randy: Why not? Don't you do it too? *smiles* 

Kim: Shut up. *smiles and kisses randy into the house* 

Bob: No kissing this hour. 

Kim: Mr. Orton, I'm sorry. I didn't know you were still up, I just came over because... 

Bob: Yes, I heard, come in and close the door. 

Kim: Ok. *closes the door* 

Randy: So, did you do your homework? 

Kim: Finished it already. 

Randy: Help me? 

Kim: Help you? 

Randy: *gives kim the look* 

Kim: Oh yeah. 

Randy: Dad, Kim's gonna help me in my room. 

Bob: Leave the door open. 

Randy: Ok. *smiles at kim* 

Kim: *walks to the room with randy* 

Samuel: Paola. *gets on his knees* Will you marry me. 

Paola: *chuckles* Are you serious? We still are married, I haven't filed for divorce yet, I've been too busy. 

Samuel: Or did you know this was going to happen. 

Paola: Both. *smiles and kisses Samuel* 

Kim: *kissing randy* 

Randy: *kissing kim back* 

Bob: *walks to randys room* 

Randy: *stops kissing kim* 

Bob: I'm gonna go grocery shopping, I should be back in an hour. 

Randy: Ok. 

Bob: *leaves* 

Randy: *looks through the window* 

Kim: Is he gone yet? 

Randy: Yeah. 

Kim: *takes off her shirt* 

Randy: *stares at kim and then kisses her* 

Kim: *pushes randy onto the bed and climbs on top of him* 

Randy: *flips kim over and gets between her* 

Paola: Oh my gosh, what time is it? Kim should be home by now. 

Samuel: Call her to come home, I'm gonna go too. 

Paola: Ok. 

Samuel: *smiles* Take care Paola. 

Paola: You too Samuel. *smiles* 

Samuel: *leaves* 

Paola: *calls kim* 

Kim: *kissing randy* 

Bob: *honks* 

Randy: That's my dad, I have to go carry some stuff. 

Kim: Ok, I'll get dress. 

Randy: *kisses kim hard once more and then leaves* 

Kim: *smiles and falls back onto the bed/phone rings* 

Randy: *walks back to the room* 

Kim: *putting her shirt on* I have to go now. 

Randy: Already? 

Kim: My mom called. *kisses randy* I'll see you tomorrow ok. 

Randy: *kisses kim* Ok. *smiles* 

Kim: *leaves* 

Paola: *sitting at the kitchen table* 

Kim: Mom? Where's dad? 

Paola: *stands up and cleans* He left. 

Kim: What happened? 

Paola: What do you mean? 

Kim: Why did he leave?  

Paola: He has a home Kim. 

Kim: Did something bad happen? 

Paola: I don't know, you tell me. 

Kim: Well when I left you two were... 

Paola: *smiles* He asked me to get back. 

Kim: *kind of smiles* Is that good or bad? 

Paola: I don't know, you tell me Kim because I agreed to get back with your father. *smiles* 

Kim: *smiles happy and hugs paola* Oh mom, thank you so much! You don't know how happy I am to hear that. 

Paola: *smiles* He'll be moving his stuff back in tomorrow morning. 

Kim: *screams in excitement* This is great news, thank you so much mom, I owe you one. 

Paola: No need to. *smiles and cont. cleaning* 

Kim: *goes to her room/lays down* My parents' are getting back together. *smiles happy* Thank you for answering my prayers. *smiles and goes to sleep*

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