Life As We Know It (The Beginning)

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  • Published: 7 Feb 2014
  • Updated: 28 Feb 2014
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Life As We Know It(The Beginning) is the beginning of how everyone met, and how it all began(without One Direction). How Kim and Randy met, and how Randy is crazy about Kim and forgets all about Stacy until his his first year in college(Life As We Know It 2). How John and Randy started to hate eachother and how everything just went.


8. More Than A Jealousy

Michelle: Hello Kim. 

Kim: *smiles evil* Well if it isn't Michelle and her dog. 

Layla: Excuse me! 

Kim: Listen, I don't have time to stop and talk to you guys ok/ 

Michelle: Guys? 

Kim: Whatever. *walks off* 

Randy: *sees kim* 

Kim: *smiles and waves hi to randy* 

Randy: *sees Samantha/runs towards kim* 

Kim: *smiling* 

Randy: Samantha! 

Kim: *turns around/chuckles* Excuse me? No one disses me like that. 

Randy: I'm sorry Kim, I love Samantha. Sam! *runs after her* 

Samantha: What do you still want from me Randy?! 

Randy: What? 

Samantha: Isn't she what you want?! Don't you miss her too! 

Randy: What? No! I don't, Sam, I love you, and only you. 

Samantha: She texted you that she missed you! 

Kim: *interrupts* What goes on between Randy and I doesn't involve you Samantha, so stay out of it. 

Samantha: *pushes kim* He's my boyfriend! You should know better not to steal another girls man because you know it hurts! 

Kim: I stole Randy? Honey, he was coming onto me until you came along. 

Randy: *sighs* Can we just stop all of this. Kim, you can clearly see that Samantha and I are together. You didn't want me, and what makes you want me now? 

Kim: I was scared. 

Samantha: Scared of what?! Not getting to have sex anymore! *looks at randy and rolls her eyes/walks off* 

Randy: Babe! 

Kim: *pulls randy arm back and smiles flirty* 

Randy: *smiles flirty back and then pushes kims hand off his* I'm sorry, you thought wrong of me Kim. *walks off* 

Kim: You said you'll always be here for me and you would never hurt me! 

Randy: That was when I was single, yeah. *smiles and cont. walking off* 

Kim: *wants to scream in anger* 

Randy: Sam, wait! 

Samantha: *crying* It's over Randy, it's over. 

Randy: What? No. *hugs Samantha* It's not over babe. I'm still here, I love you. 

Samantha: No, you don't, if you did, you would of never texted her back. 

Randy: I didn't babe. 

Samantha: How do I know that? 

Randy: *sighs* Ok, I did, but I only told her to stop texting me. 

Samantha: Are you sure? 

Randy: Yeah babe. 

Samantha: Ok then. 

Randy: *smiles* I love you ok. 

Samantha: I love you too. *hugs randy* 

Randy: *hugs Samantha back* 

Kim: *walks into class* 

Randy: Hey. 

Kim: Can't talk to you, you have a jealous girlfriend. 

Randy: Aren't you pretty much jealous too? 

Kim: Excuse me?  

Randy: Yeah, trying to get me back now that I'm in a real relationship. 

Kim: No one needs to be jealous of Samantha and no one! Wants to have you! You're not the most attractive guy on campus. I've seen better. *rolls her eyes and looks forward* 

Mr. Ross: Do we need to change seats. 

Kim: Yes! 

Randy: No! No, not at all Mr. Ross, nothing's wrong. 

Mr. Ross: Then I suggest you two pay attention to the board. 

Kim: You know, I don't even know why you got with me in the first place! If I knew what kind of guy you were! I would have... 

Mr. Ross: Kim Frank, up here, this desk right here. 

Kim: I am talking here! 

Mr. Ross: Or should we go to the office Miss Frank. 

Kim: *grabs her things and sits up in front* Asshole. 

Mr. Ross: Principal's office now! 

Kim: *gets more mad/grabs her things angrily and storms out* 

Randy: *slouches down and gets uncomfortable*  

Mr. Ross: *cont. teaching* 

Mrs. Lane: *calls mr. ross* 

Mr. Ross: Excuse me for a second. James Ross. 

Mrs. Lane: Hi, is Randy Orton in class today. 

Mr. Ross: *looks at randy* Yeah, yeah he is. 

Mrs. Lane: Can you send him down to the office please. 

Mr. Ross: I sure will Mrs. Lane. 

Mrs. Lane: Thank you. 

Randy: *gets his stuff* I heard, I'm going. *leaves* 

Mrs. Lane: So tell me from the top again Kim. 

Kim: *sits in silence* 

Randy: *slowly turns and looks at kim pissed* 

Kim: *caught in her own lies/scared* 

Mrs. Lane: Kim? 

Kim: *grabs her bag and storms out* 

Mrs. Lane: *looks at randy* Hello Randy.  

Randy: *fakes a smile*

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