Life As We Know It (The Beginning)

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  • Published: 7 Feb 2014
  • Updated: 28 Feb 2014
  • Status: Complete
Life As We Know It(The Beginning) is the beginning of how everyone met, and how it all began(without One Direction). How Kim and Randy met, and how Randy is crazy about Kim and forgets all about Stacy until his his first year in college(Life As We Know It 2). How John and Randy started to hate eachother and how everything just went.


7. Manipulative

Paola: Hey honey, how are you? 

Kim: I'm fine mom, where are you? 

Paola: I'm in Argentina right now, it's beautiful here. I hope someday we can come here together. *smiles* 

Kim: *hurt/angry* No. 

Paola: Why? Is something wrong honey? 

Kim: Is something wrong? I don't know mother, you should ask yourself that. Leaving a fourteen year old home alone for so long, you should ask if she's ok. 

Paola: Honey, you know I'm here if you need me. 

Kim: Yeah, in like what 10,000 miles away. Sure mom, just walk on over here to make it all better. 

Paola: Honey, you know this is my job. 

Kim: I know it is ok, but can't you find a new job that's closer to home? Closer to me? 

Paola: I wish, but I have to go now, we're about to check into our hotel rooms. *chuckles* 

Kim: *hangs up and tosses her phone onto her bed* 

Paola: That was rude Kim. *hangs up and gets concerned* 

Samantha: Is anyone home? 

Randy: Yeah, my dad's home, he's probably in the basement, I'll go get him. 

Samantha: Ok. *smiles softly* 

Bob: Oh? Who's this? 

Randy: Oh? I thought you would be in the basement, dad, this is Samantha, my girlfriend. 

Bob: *looks at Samantha/smiles* Bob, Randy's father, nice to meet you. 

Samantha: Nice to meet you Bob. 

Bob: So how long have you two known eachother? 

Samantha: Recently. *chuckles* 

Bob: Oh? I'll pray for you two then. *leaves to his room* 

Samantha: *looks at randy* 

Randy: He was kidding, but sit down, I'll give you some water. 

Samantha: *smiles an sits* Ok. 

Randy: *goes and gets water* 

Kim: *about to ring the doorbell/sees Samantha sitting* 

Randy: *walks to Samantha and give her the water* 

Samantha: *smiles* Thanks. 

Randy: *smiles* No problem. 

Kim: *gets mad and takes off* 

Michelle: Layla, what should we wear for the back to school dance? 

Layla: Duh Chelle, that's easy. 

Michelle: What? 

Layla: Flawless! 

Michelle: *smiles* Right, we're gonna look flawless at the school dance. 

Layla: *smiles* Yay, go flawless. *high fives michelle* 

Bob: Samantha, it's getting late, I'll take you home. 

Samantha: Oh? Ok. *looks at randy* 

Randy: I'll go with. 

Samantha: *smiles* 

Bob: I'll be in the car waiting. 

Kim: *texts randy* I miss you. 

Randy: *phone lights up* 

Samantha: *sees kims name on randy's phone* 

Randy: *quickly covers up his phone* 

Bob: Who's that texting you this late. 

Randy: Uh? 

Samantha: *smiles* Who's that friend? I come I never heard of him. 

Randy: Huh? 

Samantha: *gives randy the look* 

Randy: Oh John, um, he's a very good friend of mine. We've been friends since who knows when. 

Samantha: Well, I hope to get to know him sometimes. 

Randy: *smiles* You will Sam. 

Bob: What does he want this late? 

Randy: I don't know, I didn't read it. 

Bob: Well read it and tell me what it says. 

Randy: Dad. 

Bob: I'm listening. 

Randy: *looks at Samantha and feels bad/reads the text in his head* 

Samantha: *gets hurt* 

Randy: *clears his throat* He wants to know if I want to join next year's football. 

Bob: Are you? 

Randy: I'll have to think about it. 

Bob: Well let me know if you do. 

Randy: Ok. 

Samantha: *real hurt* You can stop right here. 

Bob: *pulls up to the driveway* 

Samantha: Thank you for the ride Mr. Orton. 

Bob: No problem sweetheart, hope to see you around again. 

Samantha: *smiles then looks at randy hurt* Bye. *leaves* 

Bob: *reverses and drives off* 

Samantha: *walks to her room and cries* 

Randy: *texts kim back* I miss you too. 

Kim: Can we meet tomorrow night. 

Randy: For what? 

Kim: I want to talk to you about something. 

Randy: Sure, what time? 

Kim: Six. 

Randy: Ok, I'll be there. 

Kim: *smiles evil* You are so great at manipulating guys Kim. *tosses her phone onto her bed and fixes herself in front of the mirror*

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