Life As We Know It (The Beginning)

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  • Published: 7 Feb 2014
  • Updated: 28 Feb 2014
  • Status: Complete
Life As We Know It(The Beginning) is the beginning of how everyone met, and how it all began(without One Direction). How Kim and Randy met, and how Randy is crazy about Kim and forgets all about Stacy until his his first year in college(Life As We Know It 2). How John and Randy started to hate eachother and how everything just went.


9. Flying Rumors Or...

(The Next Day) 

Kim: *walking to the cafeteria* 

Randy: Kim! 

Mrs. Lane: Randy Orton. 

Randy: *turns and looks at mrs. Lane* 

Kim: *quickly walks off* 

Mrs. Lane: My office, now. 

Randy: *gets annoyed* 

Samantha: Randy. 

Randy: I'll explain later. *walks off* 

Mrs. Lane: Have a seat Randy. 

Randy: *sits down* I'm suspended right? 

Mrs. Lane: I was going to, yes, but I decided not to. 

Randy: Why? 

Mrs. Lane: Because Kim hasn't come back to confirm. 

Randy: I didn't rape her Mrs. Lane! 

Mrs. Lane: You didn't? 

Randy: *stands up* No! I don't even know her. 

Mrs. Lane: Not what she told me. 

Randy: *scared* What? 

Mrs. Lane: She said she doesn't feel safe on campus because you are stalking her. 

Randy: I'm stalking her? *laughs and sits down* Why am I stalking her again? Oh right because I'm a relationship and she's trying to ruin it, yeah, totally me stalking her. 

Mrs. Lane: So you're not stalking her? 

Randy: Been to her place twice when she invited me over and that was it. 

(Bell Rings) 

Mrs. Lane: Go to class, I'll call her in. 

Randy: Ok. *gets up and leaves* 

Samantha: Can you explain what's going on?! Everyone is talking about you! 

Randy: It's nothing babe. 

John: Randy! *pulls randy to the side* What the hell happened?! 

Randy: What do you mean? *crosses his arms and looks at Samantha* 

John: Kim said that you stalked and raped her. 

Randy: I what?! *gets mad* That is not true, John you know me! 

John: I don't know, I mean, you were pretty obsessed with her. 

Randy: I have a girlfriend! *looks at Samantha* 

Samantha: *shakes her head and runs off to class* 

Randy: Ok, maybe had. 

John: You're in deep shit, Mrs. Lane is gonna call the cops and when they get here... 

Randy: I already told her what happened! She even said Kim never went back to confirm! Therefore, there's a chance she's lying. 

John: Well... I just hope, I mean, I'll pray Randy, I'll pray. *walks off* 

Randy: *calls bob* 

Bob: Hello. 

Randy: Can you come sign me out of school; I don't want to be here. 

Bob: Why? 

Randy: *silently* Cause people are talking about me here. 

Bob: I'm on my way. 

Randy: *walks into the attendance office* 

Worker 1: Can I help you? 

Randy: Yeah, my dad's gonna come sign me out. 

Worker 1: Ok, well you can go to class and when he gets here, we can call you back. 

Randy: No! I don't want to go back and forth, he's already here probably. 

Worker 1: We can't let you... 

Bob: Randy! 

Randy: Told you. 

Bob: What is going on? 

Randy: Just sign me out first. 

Bob: I'm here to check my son out for today. 

Worker 1: Ok, just sign here for me. 

Bob: *signs* Let's go. 

Randy: *gets in the passenger side* 

Bob: So? 

Randy: *tries to not cry* 

Bob: Randy? Son, I'm your father, I will be on your side, just tell me what happened? 

Randy: *cries* Kim accused me of stalking and raping her. 

Bob: *slams his breaks* What?! 

Randy: I think the cops are after me, I don't know. 

Bob: Why didn't you tell me? 

Randy: I just knew about it today, John told me before I called you. 

Bob: Did you tell anyone you didn't do it!? *cont. driving* 

Randy: I told Mrs. Lane. 

Bob: Did she believe you? 

Randy: I don't know, she said Kim hasn't gone back to confirm. 

Bob: *pulls over and hugs randy* It's gonna be ok son, I'm here, I will fight and defend you.

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