Life As We Know It (The Beginning)

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  • Published: 7 Feb 2014
  • Updated: 28 Feb 2014
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Life As We Know It(The Beginning) is the beginning of how everyone met, and how it all began(without One Direction). How Kim and Randy met, and how Randy is crazy about Kim and forgets all about Stacy until his his first year in college(Life As We Know It 2). How John and Randy started to hate eachother and how everything just went.


2. First Day Of School

(Back To School/Freshman Year) 

Randy: *walks onto campus* 

John: *sees randy* 

Randy: John. 

John: You don't want to be friends. 

Randy: Listen, I was wrong, I am stupid. 

John: Took you all summer to realized it? 

Randy: *makes a serious face* 

John: Ok, what's up? 

Randy: She lied. 

John: Ok, what happened? 

Randy: She has a boyfriend, and she wants me to stay as far as I can from her. 

John: That's why she moved? 

Randy: Yeah. 

John: Slut. 

Randy: No, she even claimed to be my slut. 

John: Are you sure she was a virgin? 

Randy: Yeah? 

John: Well, the bell just ranged, I have to get to class. *walks off* 

Randy: *sees kim* 

Kim: *walks to Aaron* 

Aaron: Hey, I had a great summer with you. *smiles* 

Kim: *smiles* Aw, did you? *puts her hand on aaron's cheek* I did too. *stops smiling* But let's not talk of it again ok. 

Aaron: Why? 

Kim: You weren't that great. *walks off* 

Zack: Kim! 

Kim: *stops* Do I know you? 

Zack: It's me Zack? We had sex like in the seventh grade and then I moved. 

Kim: Oh? Yeah, you, um, nice seeing you, but I have to go. 

Zack: *heartbroken* You look great. 

Kim: *smiles* I know. *walks off* 

Mike: Hey. 

Kim: Hey. *smiles* 

Mike: I had a great summer sleeping with you. 

Kim: *smiles* I did too. You were amazing Mike, I wish we were more serious. 

Mike: *smiles*  

Kim: *kisses mike* 

Randy: Who is she? 

Mike: *pushes kim away* Kim, we have to break up. 

Kim: Why? 

Mike: I have a girlfriend now. 

Kim: You what?! 

Mike: I found someone new in the last two weeks. 

Kim: *rolls her eyes* Whatever, I wasn't even serious with you anyways. *walks off* 

Mike: Ok? 

Kim: *walking to class* 

Randy: Hey. *smiles* 

Kim: *crosses her arms and smiles* Can I help you with something? 

Randy: Randy. 

Kim: Kim. 

Randy: I heard a lot about you, would you want to maybe get to know eachother? 

Kim: *chuckles* Get to know eachother? 

Randy: I'm new here. 

Kim: New? 

Randy: I'm a freshman. 

Kim: Me too. *smiles* 

Randy: I heard you're addicted to... 

Kim: Sex?  

Randy: Um, yeah? *scratches his head and chuckles softly* 

Kim: I have my own place, what time would you like to meet? 

Randy: Your own place? 

Kim: It's my mom's, but she's flight attendance, she's never home, so, it's basically mine. 

Randy: Who pays the bills? 

Kim: My dad. 

Randy: I thought you lived alone? 

Kim: My parents' are separated, he's living on his own for now. 

Randy: Great, I'll meet you at seven? 

Kim: Five. 

Randy: *chuckles* Five? *licks his lips* Wish I can kiss those lips of yours. 

Kim: *smiles and moves closer to randys face* It can't wait to meet a newbie.  

Randy: *about to kiss kim* 

Kim: *backs up* Anyways, I have to get to class, don't want to be late on the first day. *walks off* 

Randy: *stares at kim* Wow, she is hot. 

Michelle: *bumps into randy* Oops, sorry. 

Randy: Oh? Hey. 

Michelle: Do I know you? 

Randy: I'm Randy, freshman. 

Michelle: Me too, but get to class kid. *walks off* 

Randy: Kid? 

Layla: Chelle! 

Michelle: Layla! *runs and hugs layla* 

Layla: You look flawless! 

Michelle: No, you look flawless! *smiels* 

Layla: *smiles back* No, we both look flawless! 

Michelle: Yay! 

Randy: Would expect high school to be more mature. *walks to class*  

Mr. Ross: Name? 

Randy: Randy Orton. 

Mr. Ross: Next to Kim Frank. 

Randy: *walks to his seat* Whoa? Hey. 

Kim: Well hello friend. *smiles* 

Randy: Hey. *chuckles and sits down* 

Kim: Don't worry, I don't bite. 

Randy: I hope not. *smiles* 

Mr. Ross: *lecturing and teaching* 

Kim: *looking at the teacher* 

Randy: *looks at kim from the corner of his eyes* 

Kim: *looks at randy* 

Randy: *quickly looks away* 

Kim: *puts her hand on randys thighs and bites her lips* 

Randy: *looks at kim and down* 

Mr. Ross: Kim, Randy, what is the factor of 12. 

Randy: Uh? 

Kim: 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 12? 

Mr. Ross: Look at the board please. 

Randy: *embarrassed* Got it. 

(After Class) 

Kim: *walks out of class first* 

Randy: Hey. 

Kim: *chuckles* Why are you following me? 

Randy: I'm sorry, you're just so beautiful. You're the most beautiful thing I've seen in my life. 

Kim: Really? So you do have a girlfriend? 

Randy: No, but I lost my virginity to my best friend. 

Kim: You're gay? 

Randy: No, she was a girl, but she moved, and she now has a boyfriend. 

Kim: Was she your girlfriend? 

Randy: No, I just had a really huge crush on her that was it, but with you. Wow, you are drop dead gorgeous Kim. 

Kim: *smiles* Well thank you Randy. What class, do you have next? 

Randy: I have English. 

Kim: Me too, what room? 

Randy: E-20. 

Kim: *laughs* I do too. 

Randy: See, see, we're meant to be. *smiles* 

Kim: Whatever. *smiles and walks off*

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