Caring means Sharing

A girl named Jessica is the popular girl and she wants to keep it that way. Will one direction coming effect her rep? Will they change her?


1. My Life, Stay out of it

       One Direction this. One direction that. Who do they think they are coming into my school. It took me very long to control it! They think they can barge in and snatch my reputation. No way in bloody hell am I going to let that happen.  

          My thoughts were interrupted by my mom. "Jessica it's your first day back to school I don't think you want to be late." When did she start caring? After my dad died she didn't think of anything else, but her work. It's as if me and Ayleen died with him. Ever since, i practically raised Ayleen.  Ayleens' my younger sister. Ever since my dad died we felt no one cared about us. Once i became popular i felt loved and cared. It's not like i enjoy watching  those jocks bully those nerds. Its just that i haven't felt this loved in a while and i wanna kept it that way. "Jessica get ready this instance." She yelled. I groaned.

  If i wanna keep my school I need to where something extra sexy so i can get one of those boys to fall for me and my rep is safe.  I decided on wearing a hot pink tank top and skinny jeans.  I smacked some makeup on and I was ready to go. All i needed was for Lesley to pick me up.

Jessica- Hey les when are you ganna pick me up

Lesley- In a sec Im straightening my hair. Aren't you exited 1D is coming to our school?!!?!? I cant wait!!!

Great. Now my best friend is falling for them too!

Jessica- I could care less about those gay spoil jerks coming to our school -.-

Lesley- Don't you think that's alittle bit harsh considering you don't even know them

Don't even know them? I know they are going to steal my school and that's enough information for me to hate them.

Jessica- Forget it. Pick me up. I'm waiting

I didn't have the time nor energy to fight with her about this. All I knew is that those spoil brats are stealing whats mine! And I'm not going down without a war.


I would appreciate it if someone told their friends about this movella. c:


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