Caring means Sharing

A girl named Jessica is the popular girl and she wants to keep it that way. Will one direction coming effect her rep? Will they change her?


4. Look at me

I woke up and felt my phone vibrate so i went to check it. 

Unknown: Hey, I'm sorry about what I did to you yesterday. I know i was acting like a jerk. I was wondering if i could have another chance to just talk to you? Oh if you don't know its me Nial. :]

How did he get my number? He thinks I'm going to fall for this. I've been there and done that.  

Jessica: U think I'm stupid enough to fall for this? Just delete my number and dont talk to me at school. K

Okay, i know that's a little harsh but i don't want to talk to a self absorbent bitch.

I put on my favorite blue hoodie and dark jeans and went to school.

"Oh My God! Jes did you really kick Nial in the balls?" she gasped

"Well yeah." I said bluntly

"Why would you do that?" she practically screamed. 

"Because he was acting like a jerk. Can we drop this now." I said annoyed

"Yeah okay fine. Well i got to go to class. Text me. 

"Okay."  i said. 

I went to class and sat on my regular seat. As i was reading Breaking Dawn i heard gasped. Which meant the bitch was here. He sat right next to me.

"Oh you like Twilight?" he said trying to start a conversation.

I just kept reading my book

"You can't keep ignoring me Jessica. I said sorry already."

" Sorry isn't going to help me like a spoiled brat who thinks hes all that." I said coldly.

"Harsh." he replied.

We didn't talk the rest of class. After the bell rang I was gathering my stuff .

"Jessica please come to my desk for a minute." Mrs.Green said

Once everyone left I went to her.

"I have noticed you were alittle mean to Nial, and I was wondering if you could just make him feel alittle bit more welcomed."

"Oh sorry did i hurt your prince?" I replied

"Don't talk to me like that young lady. I need you to make him feel more welcomed. Can you do that."

"Nawh, sorry but i don't like spoiled brats. Ask someone else to help your little prince."

I walked out of class. Even the teacher is falling in this nonsense. I saw Harry which brightened up my mood a little.



"I was wondering if you wanted to go to a party with me."

"Umm i don't know."

"As friends of course."

I was feeling a little stressed lately and a party would be a great excuse for getting drunk.

"Well okay. "

"Great I'll pick you up at 7."

I went home and check the time. 6:40 shit. I went in my closet and found a green crop top and some white shorts. I smacked some makeup and went downstairs. The door knocked and I opened it. 

"You" Harry said amazed

This made me blush pinker than a pig. How pathetic Jes pull it together. 

"You don't look so bad yourself."

"You ready?" He held out hes hand

"Yup." I put my hand on his and our hands linked. 

I looked outside.

"Wheres the car?" i asked him.

"Oh the party isn't far and I prefer to walk."

"Me two."

As we were walking we started talking about our life. Surprisingly i told him about my dad dying and my mom basically forgetting us. He told me about how his father died too and his mother is all hes got. Also how hes mom goes to therapy for suicidal thoughts. "She tells me I'm the only thing keeping her from leaving this hell."

"I am so sorry."

"Shes all i got, i just hope she doesn't leave me." A tear feel from his eye

I went and hugged him. We stayed like that for about 5 minutes. "Harry, i really think we should get to the party." I laughed.

He stared at my eyes for what seemed like forever. I looked down. "Look at me." He said. 

I stared at his eyes. 

"Yeah we should go." He then replied grabbing my hand.

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