Caring means Sharing

A girl named Jessica is the popular girl and she wants to keep it that way. Will one direction coming effect her rep? Will they change her?


5. Bros Before Hoes

        Once me and Harry got in the house i noticed it was full. Harry went straight to his friend. Thanks alot Harry you left me with some random people. I felt someone push me and I flinched at the pain.

"Looking good, Jes."

"Get off Nial!" I practically shouted, but no one really cared since almost all of them were drunk.

"Stop playing hard to get. You want me and I want you."He leaned to me and kissed me roughly. I have gotten kissed before but that one was by far the WORST!

I pushed him off and went to Harry who was talking to his friend.

"Hey, I'm going to home this party stinks!"

"Com'on Jes stay." He begged

"Okay fine!." I said giving up. I wasn't in the mood to argue. "I'll be at the drink table getting drunk." I told him bluntly and walked to the table.

One shot after another.

The rest of the day was a blur.  I think I got knocked out because i woke up on someones bed. Shit! Who the fuck is that next to me? Please don't say its Andrew. He always stalks me...Please don't say its him. I opened the covers of the bed. Holy shit! This can't be. The person in the bed with me was Nial! I put on my clothing and ran out. If I'm lucky enough he won't remember it either. Or maybe we just feel asleep by each other... 

Shit its already 8:01 and my teachers going to kill me if I'm late once I was at school I meet Harry at the hall. 

"Hey do you know where I was after the party?"

"No, I looked for you and i couldn't find you so i just figured you went to home."

"Oh, okay thanks through." I told him trying to hide my disappointment

"Whats wrong?"

"Nothing, just lady problems." Okay, I know that's a lame excuse but I wasn't going to explain to him how I slept with Nial. It's not that I don't trust him.....Well actually I don't. Don't they always say "Bros over hoes." 




Sorry I haven't posted much

Lemme say one thing that can explain my delay


Hate em....

Night my loves 

Stay Diva c:


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