Caring means Sharing

A girl named Jessica is the popular girl and she wants to keep it that way. Will one direction coming effect her rep? Will they change her?


2. Bring it on

 Once me and Les got out the car we could see almost what looks like hundreds of girl with One Direction posters. Some of them didn't even go to Lake High! I rolled my eyes at them and got my schedule with Les.

  "What classes do you have?" I asked Les

    "Ugh. I have Mr,Aron! This sucks. Consider me already failing," she groaned.

I couldn't help but laugh. "I got Mrs. Green. Yay! Consider me already passing." I gloated

"You know I hate you right?" she questioned.

"How could i forget. " I said sarcastically 

The bell rang and we had to separate. I saw all the girls saving seats hoping one of the the boys would come and sit by them. I didn't even know which came to this class and i could care less. I went to go sit in my regular seat. I felt my phone buzz so i went to check it.


I rolled my eyes.

Jessica- Yup, this was always what i dreamed of -.-

Once Nial walked in the whole class gasped. I stared at him. He wasn't so bad looking. Actually, he looked pretty cute. He walked over and sat by me. He must have say me staring because then he asked "Like what you see?" I blushed and my rely was "Oh, you mean that spoiled brat? Then no i don't like what i see." I said coldly. "Harsh chica i didn't mean to go on your bad side." I rolled my eyes. "Lets start over," he said. "My names Nial, and yours?"  "Up your ass and around your big ass ego." I said coldly. I must have said this loudly because the whole entire class gasped. "Feisty" he replied. "I like you chica." I rolled my eyes. Thank god the bell ranged. I grabbed my stuff and left.


Hoped ya like it ^-^


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