Forever and Always 2~Sequel~Complete~

Abbigale and Niall get married. Abbigale gets a new singing career from her performance at the award show. Will her career take off? Will Aaron come back to ruin everything?


2. The Reception...

(Niall's POV)

Abbigale is finally mine! Nothing will ever hurt her again. If she gets hurt again, I will find that person and he/she will pay. We are in the limo and we are driving to the reception building. It has a huge ballroom. Abbi hasn't seen it yet so her face will be priceless.

We get out of the limo and I give her my hand and help her out. We are still in our wedding clothes. We walk into the ballroom and she sees it. A grand piano with Rose petals scattered on and around it. "It's beautiful Niall!"she said and kissed me passionately. She practically ran over to it and I followed. Everyone started walking in and taking their seats.

Abbi started playing Brave on the piano. It suddenly became quiet when she played. Everyone sat and watched like they were under a spell. "You can be amazin, you can turn a phrase into a weapon or a drug. You can be an outcast be the backflash or somebody's lack of love. Or you can start speaking up."

She continued singing. "And say, what you wanna say, and let the words, fall out. Honestly, I want to see you be brave! With what you want to say, and let the words fall out. Honestly, I want to see you be brave!" She finished. Everyone started clapping and cheering.


(Abbi's POV)

Then we heard the doors open loudly. Then walked in a face I never wanted to see again... Aaron Thompson. "Well well well, it's the 2 lovebirds."He started. "What the hell do you want!"Niall demanded pushing me behind him. "Revenge."he said. Aaron pulled out a gun and pointed it at Niall. As if in slow motion I pushed Niall off to the side and made him fall to the floor.

Aaron pulled the trigger 3 times and shot me in the stomach. I fell back but someone caught me. "ABBI!" Harry shouted. The boys ran at Aaron and beat him as hard as they could. Phoebe called 911. She ran up to me. "I called the police and the ambulance. They'll be here soon. Stay with me!" She cried.

Niall ran to my side. "I vowed that you'd never get hurt again today and I would protect you and I didn't..... Why'd you push me out of the way?" Niall asked. "I-I love you..."I trailed off into darkness.

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