Forever and Always 2~Sequel~Complete~

Abbigale and Niall get married. Abbigale gets a new singing career from her performance at the award show. Will her career take off? Will Aaron come back to ruin everything?


12. The Grammys

(Abbi's POV)

Niall and I have been out all day! We went to a café for breakfast and coffee, we went to Nandos for lunch, and 3 hours before we have to get ready for the Grammys we went to Olive Garden(I love Italian food and pasta!).

I am currently getting ready. I have a tank top and shorts on just so I can get ready and not get makeup on my dress. I curled my hair to perfection, I put on blush,mascara,eyeliner, and blue eye shadow. And I look beautiful if I may say so myself!

I got into my blue sparkly dress and put on my blue sparkly converse. I look at Niall and he's wearing his tuxedo and matching blue tie. And his hair the way I like it(of course). "The boys are currently in a limo going to the Grammys and ours should be here in 5 minutes so get your stuff and let's go!" Niall said excitingly.

I grabbed my black coach clutch and put my phone I.D.(just in case), and the hotel room key card. "Ready!" I said. I wrapped my arm around Niall's and we walked out. We went to the entrance and security met us there. Paparazzi are snapping pictures and yelling hurtful things at me.

We finally got to the limo and drove off.***skip car ride*** We get out of the limo and walk into the building. It was kinda dark except for the lit up stage. We went to the celebrity seats up front and the Niall is on my right along with the other boys and Perrie is on my left with the rest of little mix.

"You look beautiful Perrie!" I compliment. "You look gorgeous Abbi!" She replied. "Thank you!" I said. Then Pharrell Williams walked on stage. I'm guessing he's the host. "Hello everyone! It's such and Honor to be standing on this stage infront of all of you! Let's kick off the night with a performance! Please welcome Katy Perry!" He said.

Katy started performing Dark Horse. I love that song! She finished and walked off stage. "Now, the first award of the night!"Pharrell started. "The Catagory is Rising Artist(I made it up)." He said. "And the Nominees are: Phoebe Burns..." He said. Phoebes here? Hmm...

"and Abbigale Horan. And the Grammy goes to................ Abbigale Horan!" He said. WAIT WHAT? I JUST FLIPPING WON A GRAMMY! I get up and walk to the stage. My face is red with nervousness. Pharrell hands me the trophy.

I walk to the mic. "Wow, thank you so much! It's a true honor to be standing on this stage. I would like to thank my wonderful husband Niall and the boys of One Direction for being there for me! Thank you!" I say and get off the stage.

"Your first Grammy! I'm so proud of you babe!" Niall says and gives me a quick kiss. Then a staff member comes by. "Hey boys time to go backstage!" He says and the boys get up. "You'll see me soon! Love you!" Niall says and kisses my cheek.

Anna Kendrick walks onstage. "Welcome to the stage, the one and only One Direction!" She says and walks off. The curtain lifts revealing the boys. They are sitting on stools and Niall has his guitar.

"We would like to dedicate this song to our girls!" Liam says into his mic. Niall starts playing. "So your friends been telling me, you've been sleeping with my sweater, and you can't stop missing me. Bet my friends been telling you, I'm not doing much better, cuz I'm missing half of me." Liam sings.

"And being here without you, is like I'm waking up to... Only half a blue sky, candid there but not quite, I'm walking round with just one shoe, I'm half a heart without you. I'm half an man, at best. With half an arrow in my chest, cuz I miss everything you do, I'm half a heart without you." Zayn sings.

They finish the song. They go backstage to come take their seats. "Mrs.Horan it's time to go backstage." a staff member said. I'm performing? "You're performing that song you sang to me." Niall said. I followed the guy backstage. Someone handed me a microphone.

They led me onstage to a piano. The curtains are covering the stage. I have a whole band behind me. He must've set up an arrangement. I put the microphone on the pianos microphone stand. "Now performing is the beautiful and talented Mrs.Abbigale Horan!" Pharrell said. The curtains drew and everyone is staring at me.

I start playing and the band following in suit."Now you were standing there, right infront of me, I hold on it's getting harder to breathe. All of a sudden these lights are blinding me. I never noticed how bright they would be... I saw in the corner there is a photograph, no doubt in my mind it's a picture of you, it lies there alone in its bed of broken glass. This bed was never made for two... I'll keep my eyes, wide, open, I'll keep my arms wide open. Don't let me, don't let me, don't let me go! Cuz I'm tired of feeling alone. Don't let me, don't let me go! Cause I'm tired of felling alone..." I finish the song. Everyone gives me a standing ovation. I stand up and wave at the crowd. Then the curtain draws and I go back to my seat and watch the rest of the Grammys with my wonderful husband.

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