Forever and Always 2~Sequel~Complete~

Abbigale and Niall get married. Abbigale gets a new singing career from her performance at the award show. Will her career take off? Will Aaron come back to ruin everything?


3. Say something...

(Phoebes POV)

"Abbi? Abbi!?"Niall said shaking Abbi's unconcious body. "Please! Please wake up!"he demanded. I started crying. Police ran in and handcuffed Aaron. "He's going to be in court."They informed. I nodded. "Move aside please."said a paramedic. I tapped Niall on the shoulder and he looked up. "Please, do anything you can to save her." Niall pleaded. "We will."she said.

They put Abbi on a gurney and Niall and I climbed into the back of the ambulance. **skip ride to the hospital** we ran in after the paramedics. "She needs surgery! Three bullet wounds in her stomach. Get her to the OR now!" A doctor said as he finished his quick evaluation. "She's still in her beautiful wedding dress." I mumbled to myself. "Shh Niall she's gonna be okay." I calmed. He is sobbing.

The boys and girls (little mix) ran in. "Where is he? I she awake?"Liam and Louis asked at the same time. "She's having surgery done." I replied. Everyone sighed. Then we waited…

***4 hours later***

"Anyone here for Mrs.Horan?"the doctor said. Niall practically ran to the doctors side. "I-Is she awake? Is she okay?" Niall asked. "She is in a very deep coma.... her heart rate is very unstable and she is on life support. She is very fragile right now. If her heart rate doesn't get any better she may die." He said. Niall fell to his knees and broke out sobbing.

We are all still in our fancy wedding gowns and suits but I don't care. I ran to Niall and dropped to my knees beside him and hugged him. "Shhh" I comforted. "Can I see her?" Niall asked. "Yes, but only 1 person can be with her in the room." The doctor said. Niall followed the doctor to her room.


(Niall's POV)

I walked into Abbi's room and ran to her side. I sat in the chair next to her bed. Nobody else is in the room. I started singing. "Say something I'm giving up on you. I'll be the one if you want me to. Anywhere I, would've followed you. Say something I'm giving up on you. And I, am feeling so small. It was over my head, I know nothing at all. And I, will stumble and fall. I'm still learning to love, just starting to crawl. Say something I'm giving up on you. And I'm sorry that I couldn't get to you. And anywhere I, would've followed you. Say something I'm giving up on you...." I started to cry. "Say something..."

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