Forever and Always 2~Sequel~Complete~

Abbigale and Niall get married. Abbigale gets a new singing career from her performance at the award show. Will her career take off? Will Aaron come back to ruin everything?


21. My single is out!

(Nialls POV)

Im taking Abbi out for a coffee at a cyte corner café here in London. Abbis in a baby blue dress that goes to her knees, a white sweater, and white flats. She asked me if she should wear heels but I said flats because they look better. And I maybe like to be taller than her so I can protect her from fans.

We get in the car and I turn on the radio. Then I hear the radio host talking. "Up next is a song by a rising star by the name of Abbigale Horan, Niall Horan's wife. Her single is called, Dont let me go!" She said. The song started playing. "OH MY GOD!!! IM ON THE RADIO!" Abbi exclaimed. "Im so proud of you babe!!!! We sang the song and we got oht of the car when it ended to get a nice cup of coffee.

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