Forever and Always 2~Sequel~Complete~

Abbigale and Niall get married. Abbigale gets a new singing career from her performance at the award show. Will her career take off? Will Aaron come back to ruin everything?


18. Meeting with Simon!

(Phoebes POV)

I stand by the open area by the register to get the drinks. "Phoebe!"the woman said. I grabbed the drinks. I walked back to the table. Abbi just hung up from a call.

"Yay!" She exclaimed and clapped her hands. "Damn, someone's excited about their frappé...are you tired and need energy or something?" I asked. "I just got a record deal offer with Simon Cowell!!!!" She exclaimed.

"But I have to meet up with him and I can only bring Niall." She said the last two sentences a little too loud. "Is that... Abbigale Horan?!? And Phoebe Burns!!!! OMG!!!!!" A girl screamed to her friend. "Run, Now!!!" I yelled at Abbi. We left our drinks and ran out of Starbucks.

"Apparently those girls tweeted." I said. A tweet read: I SAW@abbigalerivera AND @phoebeburns AT STARBUCKS IN LONDON!!!! Abbi looked at my phone. "Oh shit we better run to the flat! LIKE RIGHT NOW!" Abbi yelled as she pointed to the huge mob.

We ran as fast as we could. "Just a few more blocks!" Abbi yelled. We made it to the flat. Abbi went to the front door. Her shaky hands were fumbling with the keys. "I FOUND THEM!" A girl yelled. I took the keys from Abbi and unlocked the door. We ran in and locked it.

We turned around to see the boys. They're confused. I walked over and opened the curtains slightly. Louis walked over,then Zayn,then Liam,then Harry,then Niall. "Holy shit." Zayn said. "Anyways I have exciting news!" Abbi exclaimed. "I have a record deal offer with Simon!!!" Abbi shouted.

"And I have to meet up with him today." She said. "Well I have to get going! C'mon Niall!" Abbi exclaimed excitedly. And they went into the garage,got into their car, and drove by all of the fans running after them.


(Abbi's POV)

We pull up to the SYCO building and park the car. We walk inside to the front counter. "Do you have an appointment?" The woman asked. "Yes for Mrs.Horan meeting with Mr.Cowell." I said professionally. "Yep! To get to Mr.Cowell's office you need to go to the 12th floor, and room 231A."she said. (I'm making all of this up lol) I go to the elevator and press the number 12.

"Are you excited?" Niall asked. "A little bit too much though." I said. The doors opened and we walked to the directory. Then I went down a series of hallways and found office 231A. The door is open and Simon can see us. "Come in!" He said. We walked in and took a seat infront of his desk. "So, Mrs.Horan-" he started. "Please,call me Abbi." I said. "Abbi,"he said with a smile.

"Ed Sheeran is here to talk with you about song ideas for your first album but we have to make a hit single first like your husband and the boys did." Simon said. Ed Sheeran walked in. "Hello Abbi! Nice to meet you." Ed said and he shook my hand. "That song you sang at the Grammys was beautiful! I think that should be your first hit!" Ed said.

"Maybe we can record tomorrow? Yeah Simon?" Ed said. "You can go to the studio tomorrow and record." Simon said. "Niall,you know where it is right?" Simon said. "Yes I do!" Niall said. "We'll thank you for coming and we'll see you tomorrow!" Simon said. "Thanks! Bye!" I said and we walked out of the SYCO building hand in hand and smiling.

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