Forever and Always 2~Sequel~Complete~

Abbigale and Niall get married. Abbigale gets a new singing career from her performance at the award show. Will her career take off? Will Aaron come back to ruin everything?


10. Flights

(Abbi's POV)

My alarm wakes Ni and I up. We get up and get dressed. I put on grey sweatpants,a pink quarter length shirt,and a purple hoodie. I put on my black converse. I go to the bathroom and put my hair in a messy bun.

I put on blush, mascara, and pink Chapstick. I go back to the bedroom and I see Ni is dressed in grey sweatpants,his crazy mofos shirt, and a purple hoodie..."Why are you copying me Ni?" I said. "What the.... How did this even work out? We are even wearing the same shoes!"Niall exclaimed.

"Keep it! It looks cute that we are matching!" I said. "Your wish is my command princess." He says. I laugh. I grab a backpack and put it on the bed. I put my sketchbook,pencils(colored,graphite,mechanical,sketching,etc.) charger, iPad,and my Beats by Dre in there.

"You ready to head off babe? The lads are meeting us at the airport. Oh! And Louis and Eleanour broke up." He said. I felt bad for Lou but Eleanour sickens me...

"Ready!" I say and grab my backpack, sunglasses(disguise),and my purse and phone. We walk out to the car and put our stuff in the trunk. We drive off to the airport.

****skip drive*****

We park the car and get our stuff out. Security guys met us as we finished getting our stuff out. They were on a golf cart. We got in the back and they drive us out to the flight line to avoid fan problems.

We got off and walked up to the plane. Niall led me up the stairs and into the jet. "Woah..."I said amazed. It is fancy. The boys are sitting and chatting."Hey Nialler! Hey Abbs!" Zayn said. Zayn ,Harry, and Liam are like brothers to me. Louis is like my best friend! "Hey bro!" I said and gave him a hug.

I set my stuff down and sat in a seat. The seats face eachother so we can chat. "This is your captain speaking, we are about to take off so please buckle yourselves in. Please turn off all electronic devices. I will announce when we are at 10,000 feet and give you permission to turn them on. Enjoy your flight!" He said. We followed his instructions.

The plane started up and we took off. I get scared on flights so I held on Niall's hand. He held my hand back. I looked at him and he looked back. "It's ok princess, I'm right here." He said. I just don't like takeoffs and landings because of all of the TV shows that depict plane crashes.

"We are now at 10,000 feet and you are permitted to use your electronic devices. You may walk around the cabin."the captain announced. "My dad used to fly AV8-B Harriers."I said. "Really? He was a pilot?" Liam seemed interested. "Yes. In the Marine Corps. His call-sign was Freak. So he had fun with me and made me call him by his full title when I was little. Major Duane T. "FREAK" Rivera." I said.

"He sounds really cool! Does he still fly?"Harry asked. I broke down. "My whole family is dead..." I said. "Oh my... Abbi I-I'm so sorry, I didn't know." Harry said. He got up and hugged me. Niall was comforting me. "Hey princess, you are a Horan, my family is now yours! You have family, you have the boys, you have me." He said. I stop crying. "You're right, I just wish the Rivera family was still alive." I said. "But I need to learn to stop living in the past." I said.

I leaned my head against Niall and fell asleep.

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