The Chronicles of Fate: Book 1

My name's Fate. I can see the future. My best friend, Ari can travel through time. You think I'm lying? Of course you would, you're mortal, what do you know? When I get visions of wrong doing, Ari and I have to try and stop them from whatever time period they may be in.


6. Whispers

"Where there is no struggle, there is no strength."

~~Oprah Winfrey


Mrs. Knight is a LI-AR.

As soon as she tried to clean the heel of my foot, I flinched so hard I punched Brent in the arm.

He shrieked and gingerly rubbed his arm, which I would've found funny if we were in a different situation. "Jeez, Fate," He scowls at me.

"Sorry honey." Mrs. Knight mumbles as she wraps it again, careful not to wrap it too tight. "I might have to stitch it up later, but other than that, you should be good to go."

"Thanks," I mumble.

Mrs. Knight nods to me, and gathers her stuff and walks out the door again. I don't think she likes me very much--she never has that much to say to me, yet she's a total mag-pie right up until I walk into the room.

"Are you okay?" Brent asks, resting his hand on my shoulder.

As soon as his icy cool fingers touch my skin, whispers fill my head.

"You want to be normal? Normal is so overrated!"

"Normal is all I've ever known!"

I shiver under his touch and force a strained smile. "Yup, just peachy."

I stand and kind of hobble my way toward the kitchen to put my empty bowl of oatmeal away, careful not to put much weight on the cut, but still using my foot.

I stumble and grab the kitchen counter for balance. Brent reaches out to steady me but I smack his hand away. "Don't touch me." I snap.

Ari comes up behind him and whispers something in his ear. I catch only bits and pieces of it, "Back away. . . You do not want to piss her off. . ."

So Brent drops his hand back to his side.

I am being unfair, but at that moment, I couldn't care less. Tamsyn is the only family I have left, and if she's gone, then I have nothing. Nothing at all.

Lost in my train of thought, I take another step and slip and crash into the hard floor tiles.

I wince and Brent and Ari rush over to help me. Brent grabs my hand, and sends chills through me, and I hear the whispers again, clouding my thoughts.

"What is that light? It looks like the light I saw before Tamsyn was taken." I hear my voice.

"Don't walk closer to it!" Why is this voice so familiar?

"I have too! It will lead me to Tamsyn!" I exclaim.

"Then I'm coming with you!" The voice belongs to Brent.

Brent. Brent wouldn't show up in my visions and murmurs(That's what I call the whispers) for no reason at all! He is the key!

Brent is the key to finding my sister!

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