The Chronicles of Fate: Book 1

My name's Fate. I can see the future. My best friend, Ari can travel through time. You think I'm lying? Of course you would, you're mortal, what do you know? When I get visions of wrong doing, Ari and I have to try and stop them from whatever time period they may be in.


8. The Wedding Guests Have Arrived!

"He is a man of courage, who does not run away, but remains at his post and fights against the enemy."


"This is such a beautiful dress!" Tamsyn exclaims. She is wrapped in a traditional Egyptian wedding dress(Creamy white, with golden fabric lacing the belt) with a women assisting Tami with her laces and strings in the back.

"We. . . Must get this. . .fitted for you on the. . . Wedding day," She speaks in halting English, which I'm not sure is the language she actually spoke--maybe my visions are trying to get me to understand what's going on a little better.

"Ah yes." Tami exclaims, with her eyes dreamy. "The wedding day! King Tut. . . And me and. . . Oh gosh, it'll be perfect!"

The woman smiles widely. Her tan skin glistens with the light pouring through the window and her dark hair is pulled away from her face. "Are you. . . Excited?"

"Absolutely!" She squeals, nodding and smoothing out the bell of her dress. "Just a few short days, then I'll be the bride of a Pharaoh!"


I jerk awake. "Tut!" I gasp out. "King Tut--3 days and Tami will be married to King Tut!"

"Married?" Ari exclaims.

Tamsyn didn't seem like she wanted to come home. She seemed like she was brain-washed, like she didn't know what was going on.

"Come on, come on, we have to go." She grabs my arm and wrenches me out of my bed.

"Wait!" I plant my feet on the ground. "Brent has to come with us."
She looked at me like I just grew a second head. "Why?"

"He helps in a way," I try to fit the right words in my mouth. "He would--I can't explain it--I saw it in a vision! He plays a part in all of this."

She throws her head back in exasperation. "Okay, let's go then."

She leaves, while I change my clothes in like 3 seconds flat, then slip on my shoes, and meet Ari(Who has a packed backpack) and Brent in the living room.

I close my eyes and take a deep breath as a hand laces through mine. I open my eyes and Brent has his fingers entwined with mine. He smiles a little at me, and grabs Ari's hand, and she grabs mine.

Ari closes her eyes to focus, and I follow in suit.

Brent squeezes my hand and mumbles, "Egypt, here we come."

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