Midnight Memories

Kalli and Harry used to have a relationship together, but once Harry became famous, things didn't work out because of the distance. Now, that Harry has visited his hometown, Britain.. He runs into her and falls in love all over again. Will the two be able to handle a relationship together again, or just part ways?
∞ A Harry Styles fan fiction ∞


6. 5. Surprise suprise

Kalli's P.O.V

When I woke up it was 11:30 a.m, and I couldn't remember anything that happened last night.. Oh yeah, I saw Harry. He was drunk, so he wasn't himself.. But he just seemed too different.

*ding dong*, the doorbell suddenly rang.

Who the hell could it be? At 11:30 in the morning too?

I walked to the door and opened it to see Harry standing right in front of it.

"Har.. Harr.. Harry..?" I stuttered.

"Uh, yeah.. Hi." He said in a raspy morning voice.

"How did you know I lived here?!"

"I followed you last night.."

"Oh.. Creep."

"Only because I needed to talk to you.."

"Oh, why didn't you just talk to me last night then?"

"I was really tired.. And I didn't want to say something stupid." He laughed off.

Seeing him in the morning, not drunk, was actually REALLY attractive. He was wearing a white see through shirt revealing some of his dark tattoos, black skinny jeans, and white converses. He also had his wear held back in a black beanie. Gawsh, he was hot.


"May I come in?" He asked polietly.

"Um, sure."

What did he wanna talk about?..

I shut the door behind him, and led him to the living room. He sat down on the couch, and I sat on the recliner across from him.

"Nice place you got here.. You have this big place to yourself?"

"Yeah, i'm a model so I get paid a lot."

"Cool.." He said while gazing around the room.

"Sooo, what did you wanna talk about?" I asked curiously.

"I wanted to apologize about last night Kalli.. I'm really really sorry."

"You were drunk, it's understandable." I chuckled.

"Still, I should've tried to restrain myself.. I guess seeing you all over again in what you were wearing, drove me kinda crazy."

I felt the redness warm up my cheeks and the smile grow on my face.

"It's alright Harry! I forgive you."

"Good.. So, how've you been all of these past years?"

"I've been good.. How about you?"

"Same old, same old.. Just your average teenage boy in a teenage boy band." He chuckled.

"Oh please, your SO famous now! You started off being the local baker boy and now.. Your a world sensation. I'm pretty proud of you Styles."

I could see a smile appear on his face and it just reminded me of all of our good memories.

"Well, without you.. I wouldn't be a 'world sensation', since your the one who made me audition in the first place!"

I giggled, but it was kind of true. Harry never had ANY intentions on showing his talent.. I gave him the boost to.

We just sat there, for about an hour talking about the good old days we remembered.

"Paul just texted me, he said I have a meeting to go to in half an hour.." He pouted.

"Well, you should get going!"

"But I don't wanna!" He yelled while picking me up, off the couch.

"Harry, put me down!"

"Make meee!"

I started tickling his neck and he quickly dropped me back on the couch. But this time.. He fell on top of me.

We stood staring at each other for a while and I wanted so badly to kiss him.

"Your so gorgeous Kalli.. Your eyes, your smile, your personality.. Everything about you is just.. Flawless."

"Thanks Harry.."

He slowly started to lean his face closer to mines. I bit my lip, and pushed closer to him as well. Finally, our lips crashed onto one another and I felt absolutely nothing but butterflies and flashbacks of when we were a couple. And damn, did it feel good.

He slowly started to move his hands underneath my shirt, and tried to unclip the back of my bra.

"Don't you have a meeting to be at?" I smirked at him.

"Ugh, fuck it." He said while winking at me and biting his lip.

"I don't think so!"

I pushed him off and pulled him up to his feet.

"I wish I didn't have to go.."

"I wish you didn't either, but your a pop star now. It's your life." I laughed.

"Well, I had an amazing time with you today Kalli."

"Same here."

"Call me sometime? So we can hang out again!" He said excitedly.

"I will. Put your number in my phone."

"You too."

We entered our numbers into each others phones and handed them back.

"See you again soon Kallz, love you."

He gently kissed me on the lips, and hugged me tight.

"See you too! Love ya."

And I did, I loved that boy with absolutely every ounce of blood in my body.

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