Midnight Memories

Kalli and Harry used to have a relationship together, but once Harry became famous, things didn't work out because of the distance. Now, that Harry has visited his hometown, Britain.. He runs into her and falls in love all over again. Will the two be able to handle a relationship together again, or just part ways?
∞ A Harry Styles fan fiction ∞


5. 4. Missing you

Kalli's P.O.V

We stood there.. Just staring into each others eyes.

"Come with me.." He whispered in my ear while grabbing my hand and leading me somewhere.

He stopped once we got to the back exit of the club. He suddenly pushed me against the wall.

"I want you Kalli.. right here, right now." He whispered while moving his hand to my thigh area.

"Harry, your drunk.. Get off of me."

"C'mon babe! Let's have some funnn.."

"Harry, stop! Get off!"

"Fine, be a party pooper." He said while pouting his lips.

Don't get me wrong.. I still like Harry. Not as much as usual since he's acting like this, but I would be lying if I were to say I wasn't starstruck by him.

"I should really get back, I was with a friend.." I said while Harry was wiping his eyes.. Almost as if he was tearing up or something.


We both walked back, and once I found Amaya, me and Harry separated.

"Sorry girl! That guy was so sweet and we kissed and he gave me his number!"

"Aw, what's his name?"


"I'm happy for you girly.. " I half smiled and shrugged.

"Are you alright?.."

"Yeah, i'm just really tired." I lied.

"Let's go home and get some rest then."


The car ride was silent, and everything turned awkward. Once I was in front of Amaya's house, it had already been 10:30.

"Listen, you know you can trust me.. Right?" Amaya asked.

"Yeah.. Of course."

"So your SURE your fine?"

"Yeah, just tired." I tried laughing it off, but by the look on Amaya's face.. She wasn't buying it.

"Listen, i'll just call you in the a.m babes!" I said trying to play everything out.

"Okay.. Goodnight bestie, love ya.. And happy birthday.. Again." She chuckled.

"Night, love you too! And thanks!"

She closed the car door and left. I drove home, and couldn't stop stop thinking about Harry.. I.. I.. Missed him.

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