Blood Widow

Have you wronged someone? Forced something upon them that they didn't want? Watch out. The Blood Widow is coming. She's watching, waiting for her time to come.


2. That's what you get

I watched from a park bench as a woman and a man with a child came into view.

"Here's your kid. I have to go now." The man told the woman and pushed the kid towards her.

She stared at him with love in her eyes but when the man turned away his eyes held no love. I could tell he didn't intend on anything he should be doing if they were together. I followed the man as he walked down town, leaving the woman. My hand touched the hatchet hidden on my back.

I walked inconspicuously after him. The man turned and walked into a club.

I waited. The sun was almost gone and the moon was coming out.

The man exited with a woman and they checked into a hotel. The woman was a stripper. I crinkled my nose with disgust and followed the man.

The two people walked into an alley, where I soon heard banging. Obviously the man couldn't wait, but I could.

They walked out of the alley looking satisfied and the man paid the woman before she walked back into the club. I smiled. The time was right.

I walked up to the man.

"Hey." I said in my most seductive voice. At 17, I wasn't too ugly. Perfect for luring the unwanted manipulating men into what they deserve.

The man soon was following me into the forest.

We stopped in a secluded clearing far from civilization.

I pulled out my hatchet.

"..wh-who are you?!" He screamed in horror. I shot his arm with a pistol that I hid on my hip. I smiled at his screaming. I shot him in several places, including his hands, arms, legs and head. He was still berthing and screaming.

My eyes burned into his.

"I am the Blood Widow." I cackled and chopped his limbs with my hatchet. His screams were wonderful. I maimed his stomach and at last it was time for silence.

I bashed his head with the back of my hatchet and ripped up his face until his gurgled screams were no longer filling the crisp night air.

I continued to laugh and walked towards my cabin, not too far away from my killing spot or the city.

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