Blood Widow

Have you wronged someone? Forced something upon them that they didn't want? Watch out. The Blood Widow is coming. She's watching, waiting for her time to come.


1. A Brief History

Everyone says they want to be a princess, right? Well you won't anymore when you know what is expected of a princess. My name is Anne. Yes, I have to wear big glorious gowns and glittery jewels, but I'm expected to have perfect manners in. All situations. I'm not allowed to break down. I have to get undressed by maids. I get bathed by maids.

I literally have no time for myself. And it's awful.

One evening I came down for supper and my father was sitting on his throne next to King Elliot. Wow what a weird name. Beside King Elliot was guy about my age.

"Greetings, Princess Annabelle." He bowed

"Greetings your.....highness." I curtsied in my uncomfortable pink dress. I HATE pink.

"Annabelle, this is Prince Larson the 6th" my father told me.

"Do you like him?" He asked

I froze. I BARELY KNOW HIM. No I don't like him. He was ugly and looked really boring. But I had to give Dad positive answers, or else I knew I'd have a crap life for the next two months.

"Yes father."

Dad clapped his hands together and smiled. He laughed in an evil way, but to the others it came across as a good-natured one.

"Good! You're officially engaged!" He laughed again. I stared at him in horror. My eyes started to water and tears went down my face. I ran up the stairs into my room, slamming the door. I curled up in the corner of my room, crying. How could he do this? My chest heaved and I cried until I fell asleep.

*wedding day*

My maids struggled to put me in my wedding dress. I was crying and unwilling to cooperate. Worst of all, my gown was PINK. PINK. It's his family tradition that the gown be PINK. I don't care about his stupid family traditions, I thought.

Finally I had dressed and I had to go down the aisle. Dad grabbed my arm and said

"DON'T mess this up."

"Fuck you." I hissed. His grip tightened in anger. He violently pushed me onto the stage in front of Larson. Tears rolled down my face. The preacher said his things and we were told to kiss. I sat there, stone-faced while Larson kissed my lips. I didn't respond, just held my lips closed and had no expression.

We had a party, but I didn't attend.

*two months of a marriage that I hated*

Larson sat in his chair in the den, back toward the door. I hated him. He thought he was above women. I hated how boring he was. He only let me wear pink. I had to do everything. So, this night, when the clock struck twelve, I would do it. The clock was seconds away. Tik. Tik. Tik. I smiled. This was it.

The clock sounded and I appeared behind Larson.

"What are you doing?"




Larson's cries were silenced and a cold, bloody blade fell beside where his corpse has fallen in the floor. Awful noises of steel hitting flesh filled the room. Covered in blood, a "proper" lady walked out of the room, cackling cruelly. However, this lady was proper no longer. The sound of her eerie laughter filled the castle, and King Larson was no more.

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