Highschool Life

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It's Lali's first day of senior year in a new school when she meets the schools punk hottie Louis and his gang at first she thinks ill why do people like him so much he's alright but why?


1. Chapter 1

Lali's POV

*Alarm Rings*

"Ugh!" I get up and get ready for my first day of senior year in a new school since me and my mom moved. It was really hard for my because I left all my friends and most probably never again because I moved from America to United Kingdom. I rushed down stairs to eat breakfast when I was almost was finished I heard a "HONK!" it was the bus I hoped that today will be a good day in my old school I wasn't popular but I definitely wasn't an underdog I hope it stays the same. When I got on and looked for a seat all of then where taken but then I saw there was one seat that had a spot available I walked over and asked the girl sitting there if that spot was taken she told me I could sit there and she introduced herself "hi my name is Isabel" she said kindly "my names Lali" I told her then I started asking her about the the school she told me about a gang that everyone is crazy about thinks they're super hot

she told me she thinks they're hot but not to die for and also about how they're practically the schools bully's. The bus stops in the school then I ask her "how do I get to my first class" I told which class room it was then she screams "OMG I WE HAVE THE SAME CLASS!!" As we walked into the school there was a crowd of people Isabel whispered to me "that's the gang". I thought to myself why do people die over them I mean they're ok but they're way hotter people in the world they walk over to me the "leader" of the gang introduces them to me.

Louis POV

"Hi I'm Louis that's Niall, Zayn, Harry, and Liam I say and you must be new here well hopefully I see you around later" and I left.

Isabel POV

"Wow it looks that the schools bad boy likes someone" I said. "No he doesn't he is just one of those stupid jerks" Lali said. "Well he might be but I think he is crushing" I said "well let's go I don't want to be late on my first day" she said "Fine! lets just go then" I told her.


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