The Marvelous Misadventures Of Prez and Girlie

Tons of short stories of the Appleshine sisters, Prez and Girlie. Everything from the dead-serious to the crazy silly. (This takes place in an Alternate Universe where the girls are orphans.)


2. Why Do You Play It?

(Prez's Note: It should be stated that the Bill in this story shares a name with and is based on Bill Cipher from Gravity Falls, but they are not the same person.)

Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap.


White Light.

Game Over.

Prez let out an exasperated "Uggggh!" and smacked her head against the screen of her Nook. "Damn bird! Why can't you fly through the goddamn pipes!"

She fought the urge to throw the Nook she had saved so much money for onto the concrete ground of the abandoned building she shared with Girlie and Bill. She settled for grabbing two locks of her long, curly brown hair and pulling until the pain in her scalp blocked out the frustration.

"Enjoy your tantrum?"

Prez glared at her younger sister. "I died again!" She whined.

Girlie looked over her shoulder at the infuriating sprite. "Why do you play that game if it makes you so mad?"

Prez was about to issue a snarky reply when she realized that, if she was honest with herself, she actually didn't like the game that much. It was boring . . . but addictive at the same time. She considered going cold turkey.


"Because it's fun." She replied simply tapping the screen to start again.

"Be honest."

Prez sighed. "I'll never be able to show my face in public with a high score lower than 30! I'm only at 17!"

"You rarely show your face anyway. Admit it, sister, you're addicted to an Internet sensation of a cheap game."

"Am not."

"Yeah you are. Everyone plays it. Because they get addicted."

Prez just ignored her and continued to play Flappy Bird.

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