The Marvelous Misadventures Of Prez and Girlie

Tons of short stories of the Appleshine sisters, Prez and Girlie. Everything from the dead-serious to the crazy silly. (This takes place in an Alternate Universe where the girls are orphans.)


1. Flashbacks and Mama Bears

Prez couldn't comprehend what had just happened. One second Papa and Mama were laughing and joking. And then there was a blinding light and her side hurt and the train was on its side.

She was nine years old. Her sister was two.

Panicking, Prez looked around. "Mama? Papa?"

She stepped in something squishy. Looking down, she saw a gray chunk. She knew exactly what it was, and when she looked to the unmoving mass in front of her, her suspicions were confirmed.

She had just stepped in Papa's brains.

She let out an earsplitting shriek and fought the urge to throw up. She backed away from the chunks of brain, only to trip over something big and wet and still warm. She looked at it to see her mother's eyes staring at her... though the big piece of metal sticking through her abdomen proved that she saw nothing.

This time, she couldn't hold back...


She blinked twice and met her sister's eyes, tears streaming down her cheeks.


She looked around, confused. She was fourteen. In the back of Bill's car, next to her seven year old sister.

"You had another flashback." The worry was evident in Girlie's voice.

Now she remembered. They had driven up to the railroad crossing. And the train passed in front. She wasn't back on that field. "Oh."

It was apparent to her now that her slightly older boyfriend was looking at her from the front as well with his good eye. "You okay?"

Prez just hugged her sister close. She couldn't let anything happen to her, ever. Not even a playground bully. Girlie was all she had left from before that fateful crash.


"Mama bear." Girlie smirked, relief evident in her voice.


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