The Marvelous Misadventures Of Prez and Girlie

Tons of short stories of the Appleshine sisters, Prez and Girlie. Everything from the dead-serious to the crazy silly. (This takes place in an Alternate Universe where the girls are orphans.)


9. Facing the Fears Part 4

     Girlie was getting tired of sitting. She had been sitting on a train for three days, ready to throw up, and now, she was in a taxi, getting driven to 777 Gopher Road by a gross man in his late forties, who accidentally swerved every ten minutes when he took a hand off the wheel to scratch his butt.

     Ugh. I hate this. I want to run around already!

     She looked at her iPod, checking the time. 11:32 PM.

     Of course. As soon as we get there, I'll be sent to bed.

     The taxi pulled to a stop in front of a cabin that was obviously newly built. The seemed uncomfortably quaint, but the small pond was a plus, as was the tree with the swing.

     Girlie hurried out the cab, leaving her bags for her sister to lug around. She ventured inside. Her new home was dark, so Girlie flipped on the lights.

     Wow, lights that don't flicker!

     She was surprised to see the house was already furnished. In the living room, there was a loveseat and a recliner that were both sitting in the perfect spot to watch the medium-sized television.

     There was a hall one way, and a kitchen-slash-dining-room the other way. Girlie peered at the kitchen. It had marble countertops and a dishwasher, not to mention the top-of-the-line stove and refrigerator. One of the countertops extended into a bar of sorts, with four chairs that would make it perfect for eating at. Girlie found herself grinning at the idea of eating at an actual table top with an actual chair beneath her, as opposed to on the floor with her paper plate balancing on her boney knees. The cabinets and drawers were chock full of silverware, fancy glass plates, and tall cups that were so clean, they were precious gems,sparkling in the light.

     Girlie took explored the corridor. There were three doors. The one straight ahead lead to the bathroom, with its large whirlpool tub and  a shower, toilet, and sink.

     On the other sides of the hallway, there were doors that lead to two equal sized bedroom, both with plush double beds and walk-in closets that would seem way too spacious even with all of Girlie, Prez, and Bill's items combined stuffed in. The only difference in the rooms was the windows. One was considerably vaster than the other, and it faced west, so it would be perfect for watching sunsets, or even sketching them on a spare napkin. She decided that this room would be hers.

      Prez walked in, dragging three bags with her. "Whoa!" she whispered in awe.

     "I know, right! That room is mine, by the way." Girlie pointed at the room to the left.

     "Bill, are you sure we can afford this?"

     "Check out the flyer," Bill answered, thrusting a brochure in her hands. "All expenses paid."


     "Everything. Mortgages, electricity, water. The whole shebang. Think of the money extra money we'll have now!"

     "Well," Girlie pointed out. "we didn't exactly pay for lights and stuff before either. We were in an abandoned, government-owned warehouse."

     "Oh. Right. I forgot."

     "This place is still great, Bill. We have actual beds. Look. And new mattresses. We are set... and this room, this one here, it's mine. Prez and I can share it, but only if I have it too."

     Prez looked in. "That's a big window compared to the other one."

     "I know! It's great!"

     "Wouldn't this be a master bed room, Bill?"

     "Looks like it to me."

     "Girlie. I don't think-"

     "I know it's better than the other one, and I know that could make it a master bedroom, and the head of the house gets it normally, but we don't really have a head of the hose, and we're not exactly a normal family, and I'm just rambling, aren't I, and you probably stopped listening ten seconds ago."

     Prez laughed. "If you want it that bad, we'll take it. You and me."

     "Yes!" Girlie shouted. "I mean, okay, if you want."

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